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Modern Luciferianism, Its ideology and Goals

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posted on Jul, 13 2017 @ 09:54 AM
a reply to: Specimen

Ha Satan, Sah-Taan

posted on Jul, 13 2017 @ 10:01 AM

originally posted by: Specimen
Does anybody know how to day or pronounce Satan in Hewbrew?

Does anyone know how to spell Hebrew?

Or is there a such thing as a "Hew-brew?"

Regardless, what language are you talking about?

English it's Say-tun.

Arabic it's Shay-tun.

And I already said Hebrew-Aramaic is Hah- Sa-taan or Saw-taan.

Why are you asking? Such common knowledge it is that I am shocked you aren't aware of how to pronounce Satan.

I will guess you are asking about the language we are speaking, if not see above.

Have you LITERALLY never heard ANYONE say "Satan"? I find that impossible to believe almost. It's hypothetically possible for a person who speaks English to never have heard Satan spoken aloud.

But HIGHLY improbable.

So are you asking because you think you, of all of the participants in this thread, know the secret pronunciation of Satan?

I would love to hear about this!!! But in everyday English it is Say-tun.

Or Adversary if translated.
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posted on Jul, 13 2017 @ 11:04 AM
a reply to: Disturbinatti

I'm pretty sure Satan pronounced in hebrew sounds very much like Adversary...but I'm no translator.

Look I'm not really interested in the authenticity of Islam at all, and it nice an all that you like it, more power to you. However, I just don't care, and as different as all three try to prove themselves, they are really just the same. It why they can't stand each other. Even though every fin Jewish patirarch in the Koran as well.

Also, you should know being nit picky about suchs things not really health, might give you a splitting headache.
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posted on Jul, 13 2017 @ 12:38 PM
I forgot to mention "schachar" is associated with lying and confusion, according to the Zohar and possibly by definition, probably, because it is not given as the interpretation, "confusion" and I am almost positive because it says so in my notes, "lying" are given as definitions in brackets after the word '[lit. "confusion"].

This is not even in relation to Isaiah 14:12 or "Lucifer", Satan/Samael, the way it is used.

So it's fascinating that today so called Luciferians are associated with chaos/confusion, lying/secrets, and that the phrase "Helel ben Shachar" is TO THIS DAY, I have not the slightest doubt deliberately, mistranslated.

Helel(lucifer/shining one/light bringer) is translated to "Day Star'', which is actually "Schachar" or the "Day Star" goddess of Ugarit, Canaan. The planet Venus in the morning.

It refers directly to the person who Isaiah is talking to and who is a Babylonian King, unnamed.

Halel-ujah uses the same word as a praise to YHUH, here it is used mockingly to put the King in his place. It is just a word is my point and not a name at all, not even informally. It is here an adjective meaning "Shining One." It should have been translated that way but a lie to confuse must have been the reason seasoned scholars overlook this in about every translation.

"Helel/lucifer" is "ben Shachar" or SON OF the Day Star, Venus/Shachar, a goddess with a twin named Shalim who both have children with El/God in Canaanite mythology. I don't know about Venus' mythology, I know it as a planet.

"Shining One! Son of confusion, lies..."

Seems to me a more appropriate translation. Why would a King be the son of a Canaanite goddess or a planet, as it means the planet too in Hebrew-Aramaic just as Shemash the Babylonian sun-god means "sun", Egyptian god Ra "evil", Baal "Prince", Mot "Death", Yam "Sea." It's not surprising if it means the planet but "why?", is a good question.

Confusion makes much more sense.

And the verse itself is confused with Halal being translated "Day Star" and ben Shachar "son of dawn." Dawn is an alternate for Day as in Star of Dawn, and that's when Venus is the Day Star. At Dusk it's "Shalim" or in the evening.

The Day Star is the parent, "Shachar', not the son of Shachar/ben Shachar.

Halal is the son in "Halal ben Shachar" and NOT the "Day Star/Shachar/Venus."

"Day Star, son of Dawn..."

According to the modern New Revised Standard Version, NRSV, an otherwise excellent translation, is ''confusion, a lie."

"Lucifer/Halal/Shining One or Light Bringer" has been removed entirely.

It's a Catholic Bible too. They are among the groups said to worship "Lucifer." Like the Masons.

It just isn't about any fallen angel named Halal, not a thing in Judaism, just a word in Hebrew, or Lucifer, from Latin, again just a word (s), Lux ferro, or something, meaning Bringer of light.

It's chaos they worship, and with that comes all sorts of evil.

"Order out of Chaos."

Is the most absurd ideology ever. It is also a lie. The "Order" they speak of isn't order as in organized, order-ly. More along the lines of their "One World Order", called "New."

It's very old in fact and originates with the Tower of Babel society before the confusion of tongues/languages at Babel, which means "Gate to/of God/El." Not "Confusion" as is said commonly and in the Bible.

Bab means "Gate", El means "God", so...

And Nimrod said "Let us make ourselves a SHEM."

It means name but really "Renown."

It is also the word used in place of YHUH, "Hashem" or "The Name."

The Nephilim are "Men of renown/shem(name)", "Mighty Men/Gibborim."

The sons of Judah, half Cannanite, are also called Gibborim/Mighty Men.

King David "Renown/shem."

Anyway the Council of Europe used a painting in an ad of some kind that was of a famous rendering of the Tower of Babel.

"Many TONGUES, one voice."

It says, with 13(?) upside down 5 point stars.

Recently I believe that the Republican party inverted the stars on it's *logo*. If true it's interesting that few notice.

Parliament building in Strasbourg obviously modelled on the idea of the Tower of Babel, as it appears unfinished and they give the pathetic excuse it means "unfinished business", sort of like the uncapped pyramid.

But nobody buys that who isn't totally oblivious to... information that makes such assertions laughable and any person with a moderate amount of knowledge that is attentive and inquistive knows that the E.U. is in the spirit of the government the Biblical God decreed abolished, that one world, one language and people who work together and are so powerful it calls God into action, Who confuses the languages and divides the world, "scatters" the inhabitants.

It's more myth (probably) than anything real but the spirit of such a blatant statement of your intentions, that you envy the society that rebelled against the Creator and God of All, is disturbing.

Luciferian indeed.

Wherever you see war, revolution, behind it lurks creepy men who have done so much evil it is nothing to them, who play both sides, instigate and let one destroy the other.

It's for profit but also something bigger than that. They are evil but not totally atheist, they serve whatever 'god' they please but ultimately owe their soul to someone.

Call it Molech, Mammon, they all sacrifice someone on the alter of something or they don't get anywhere. Politicians, Celebrities, Pro Athletes, if you want to make it big apparently someone close to you has to die.

Just look at the amount of new celebrities or celebrities who want to make a comeback and have a close friend or relative die suspiciously.

Even this years #1 Draft pick in the NBA just had a relative die in a caught-on-film but unsolved hit-and-run. Someone is seen walking him to the middle of the street, he walks away and the guy gets hit and killed.

But there are so many more.

And they do a Masonic handshake when they get picked. Go to YouTube, it's so easy to spot. People call it the "Masonic-NBA contract."

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posted on Jul, 13 2017 @ 12:39 PM
a reply to: Specimen


Specifically, do you have a point that is supposed to be of interest to me because you are rambling.

I just answered a question YOU asked.

So what is your point? Not just now, in general and with every comment you make the question applies.

And? So? Who cares? What's your point?

I give you the option to choose one or all or none. I honestly don't care. Am amusing myself.
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posted on Jul, 13 2017 @ 01:39 PM
a reply to: Disturbinatti

Lmao. Not really, glad I'm somewhat amusing you.

You think this actually affect my opinion, I just find it funny that it sound the same as it was in English. Other then that

And if you didn't care, you wouldn't have written a whole essay about it plus the reply trying stay on top too would you?

Or are you worried I'm going to burn in Hell? And that your religions demons were once Pagan gods eho were messengers of some kind, worshipped by pre Islamic Arabs?
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posted on Jul, 13 2017 @ 01:41 PM
If anything I guess my point would be that, all those other names an demons that are Satanic are really just conquered figures of other beleifs.

Imo, Satan might as well be depicted as some kind of sky beast. Behemoth and leviathan were in the book of Job, but where's ziz? The Sphinx in Greece was to to be unbeatable, that you could only beat by getting it question right. Leviathan being Dagon to Baal being the golden calf.
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posted on Jul, 15 2017 @ 08:28 PM
I just wanted to add, I was reading a quote about the dangers of LUXury, in English but originally in Arabic.

It achieves relevance when translated into a Latin based language like English.

Lux-Ferro or "Light Bringer" aka Lucifer.

Brings the "Lux" or if you are a "Lux-iferian" or Luciferian "Lux-ury."

To live luxuriously is to live in the lap of Lux-Ferro, the bringer of "Lux."

Apparently someone thought it a clever idea to associate luxury, generally thought of as something to aspire to in the states and UK where English was first created and later refined.

But it makes of material things, "light." Subliminally, even occultly as it's fact "hiding" in plain sight.

Like most of the secrets of Luciferianism. It's like the devil said, "Ok, I give you power but you have to tell everyone what you are doing to be successful, how you do so I don't care, but tell them."

The Federal RE-serve or is you use the Hebrew word Re/Ra, "evil" literally...

Federal Evil-serve or inverted:

Federal serve evil.

And since the alliance is Anglo-Sabbatean-"Jewish" or Bnai Brit (Solomon) being served by the subordinate "Grand Masonic Lodge" (Hiram of Tyre) and in old English F could be pronounced S for some reason, this part is just funny, "Sederal Ra-serve."

But I only kid on Seder.

The Bible tells us that Solomon built fleets of ships and Hiram gave him sailors "With knowledge of the sea."

In addition to Masons and slaves, Solomon gave Hiram 20 Galilean towns, Hiram was not pleased and named one "Kabul." It's interesting as both are into "Kabbal-ah."

These fleets of Israelite and Tyr-ian (origin of "Tyr-anny???" Probably) or Phoenician-Carthaginian-Hebrew settlers are the first "Colon-izers" as in Cristobal Colon aka "Columbus." Who was Venetian which is why he is celebrated as an Italian national pride day every Colombus day.

Venetian-Phoenician, Hebrew from Eber or Iber, "Iberian peninsula" has a city called "Carthage-na."

Iberia near modern Georgia, there where 2.

Venice, obviously, which is a city dedicated to boats, man-made canals are it's streets.

And after Spain lost to the smaller Brit-ish fleet (men of the Covenant), the British started "Colon-izing" like never before seen since the Phoenicians who seem to have settled in literally dozens of places with obviously Semitic names.

And then the torch passed to the USA, where the Phoenician-Hebrew alliance has blossomed.

They always take cover under the local religion or local Jewish religion but secretly are pagans who established the ancient human sacrifice cults that worshipped the Serpent and many deities. Catholics did this, many early Catholic Church Fathers were Phoenician (Origen I believe was but others too) or Sabine Roman of F-levi-an, Flavian lineage or patronage from Flavius Josephus to Flavius Clemens and they say even Constantine.

They do it today like they did with Paul, ibn Saba, Sabbatai Svi, Jacob Frank.

They are one religion by day and another by night.


posted on Jul, 15 2017 @ 08:46 PM
The Bible is called that after the Phoenician city of Byblos, apparently a hub of literature, it is commemorated by the Bybl-e or Bible being named after it and called "Holy."

Apparently someone felt the need to memorialize the "Leban-ese" (Laban is son of an Aramaean, i.e. Aramaic/Phoenician, same language, and father in-law of Jacob/Israel) city.

They taught the Greeks how to read and write, and the Greek alphabet has the same source as Hebrew, Aramaic/Phoenician.

The Mason Hiram is of the tribe of Naphtali of a widow to a Tyrian Phoenician.

Hiram (the builder) Abi, a confusion of "Hiram the father(Abi)" in Hebrew and not a name or title, is a symbol of Jewish-Masonic allegiance and Jewish supremacy as Hiram the builder just worked on the Temple.

Hiram of Tyre was a King, two different people and the builder is called "brother" by Solomon so was apparently close, but subordinate.

Still is.

posted on Jul, 15 2017 @ 09:24 PM
In fact Universalism, Catholicism, is the original "New World Order."

The SS is Holy See in Latin, today's Secret Service, Hitler's SS, the US SS, are all using the same two letters which looks like a serpent. Snake, Serpent.

Whatever you call it, Catholicism, Evangelism, Globalism or any organization with a desire to coerce by compulsion to join their ideology beyond the point of colonies but actually enforcing certain beliefs on others who want to be left alone, originated with the Phoenicians and was taken up by the Greeks, Romans, once the Catholics entered the picture it was about Spiritual subordination as much as political.

They never realized their goals. Islam emerged creating a religously tolerant society with a sophisticated system of government and science flourished leaving Europe in the Dark Ages and Byzantium shrinking by the year, hated by most of it's own subjects who welcomed Islam in Syria, Egypt and by the Jews of Persia who weren't too happy under Persias version of Caesar, Khosro, and the fastest growing Empire in history emerged that let Jews be Jews and protected them from persecution as they did all who lived in their territory which included Iberia/Spain and the former Phoenician colonies of N. Africa.

You had and have today a Crusade not just against Islam, just first. Because you can't make a New World Order with 1.5 billion and growing Muslims and they want the land too.

posted on Jul, 15 2017 @ 09:26 PM
a reply to: Disturbinatti

how is Islam not trying to form a one world order under a Caliphate and how is that not different from the goals of the Vatican?

posted on Jul, 15 2017 @ 10:22 PM

originally posted by: toysforadults
a reply to: Disturbinatti

how is Islam not trying to form a one world order under a Caliphate and how is that not different from the goals of the Vatican?

By not trying to.

Caliphate doesn't mean "Islamic King of the non Islamic and Islamic worlds."

It's just the word for the system of government Islam was successfully and peacefully, obviously there were issues like any nation, or community, Empire.

But "Empire" isn't synonymous with "Caliphate." Islam and the Caliphate that governed it are victims of the 3 WW plan of the Masonic-Zionist NWO.

That Caliphate saved a lot of Jewish lives when the Spanish massacred and expelled the Jews and Muslims who had been collectively living there for 800 years with Christians peacefully until the Europeans descended, the Iberians even earlier (Hebrews), in 1492.

The same year Venetian Cristobal Colon set sail to genocide and colon-ize the "New World."


It's different from the Vatican because historically Islam has always forbidden forced conversions. Doesn't believe in worshipping the Messiah Prophet Yeshua so has a legitimate claim via Abraham and Ishmael to a legitimate Covenant with God that scares the Synogogue of Satan to death.

The S.o.S. is in the Vatican and created the "House of Cain." Paul/Saul the Pharisee is the founder of Christianity, Yeshua pbuh was a Nazarene.

Ibn Saba did the same with Islam but was only successful with the Persians mostly who are the Shiites, 7rs and 12rs, a few other sects that are not even the same religions, like Marcionite Christianity if it survived. Their own books say in the Last Days the law of the people of David (Talmud?) will govern the world and their "Imam Mahdi" (the dajjal/antichrist) is the enemy and a mockery of our Mahdi who is good, theirs is a Shiite who kills most or all Sunnis.

Under those circumstances you will not see a united Muslim Caliphate anytime soon, but many pretenders, who are all agents of the West.

Extraordinary Rendition is the new Inquisition, again it victimizes mostly Muslims so can't be said to be a part of a "Master plan" to establish a "One World (Muslim) Order."

Nothing can because it's nonsense you were told because the people telling you are guilty of terrible crimes against them and need justification.

You just fell for it, the hoodwink and bamboozle.

2:256 Al-Baqarah

"There is no compulsion of any sort in matters of religion for the right way stands clearly distinguished from the way of error."

Islam doesn't force it's ideology on the world and never has. There are no Muslim evangelists or missionary armies like in Christianity.

You come to Islam, Islam doesn't come to you.
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posted on Jul, 15 2017 @ 10:29 PM

originally posted by: toysforadults
a reply to: Disturbinatti

how is Islam not trying to form a one world order under a Caliphate and how is that not different from the goals of the Vatican?

How IS IT?

Is a better question and one you can't answer.

You probably don't know what a Caliphate is but there is no movement towards establishing a unified Islamic State that ISN'T as previously explained by me, by the enemies of Islam.

That's what the Luciferians do.

They attack someone and blame a different enemy. Tell the public "ISIS took credit." But "ISIS" is Mossad, CIA, British intelligence.

Not Islam.

Even IF there was a new Caliph and Caliphate accepted by all Muslims it would not effect anyone but Muslims.

You really just showed how little you understand the world and Islam's place and history in it with that one.

Islam is anathema to the whole ideology of one world government and even let's it's individual religous communities self govern.

You can't call yourself informed and ask that question, you obviously don't know @#$& about Islam or the Luciferian NWO it is the most opposed to of all religions. Islam is live and let live, America and Western Europe are not, Christianity is not.

Europe has been forcing one ideology or another on the world for centuries, longer maybe.

Caliphate is nothing to do with non Muslims or New World Order. You are a dupe.

You obviously just listen to the news and believe what you hear like everyone else or do at least selectively with Islam, failing to see the scam because of programmed bias you couldn't overcome because you didn't want to.
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posted on Jul, 15 2017 @ 10:43 PM
a reply to: toysforadults

Go ahead and tell me how a new Muslim Caliph in Muslim lands effects you or whoever in America or Europe.

Caliph is the leader of the Ummah (Muslim community) and they have existed from day 1 and only ceased because Britain divided Arabia against the Ottoman Empire and installed the Donmeh-Sabbateans, the Young Turks who committed the Armenian Holocaust, in their stead.

And in Sabbatai Arabia, later on.

Getting rid of the Caliphate was part of the NWO's plan as is pitting Islam against Christianity in the West. But in reality Muslims and Christians have no reason to hate or fear each other but a united Christianity and Islam, even if they disagree regarding Jesus pbuh and Mohammed saws, like exists in the Middle East, is scary to the Masonic-Zionist alliance.

So you are afraid of something that would never effect you like some...dupe.

If their was a Caliphate in Turkey instead of Ataturk and the sectarian Republic it never would have happened.

The Armenian people who have relatives who were sacrificed to put fear in the religous communities under his control, Christians as well as their Muslim neighbors who were equally horrified would call you lacking in historical knowledge and of current events and reality.

Put simply a Caliphate is a good thing and because you were told to by the Luciferian media you think it's something to fear.

You are NOT A MUSLIM! It doesn't have anything to do with non Muslims.

If anything though it served to PROTECT it's communities, whatever religion.
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posted on Jul, 16 2017 @ 07:16 PM
Speaking of Lux-ury...

$$ (the I should go through the S)

Hey, what do you know!

I guess the world IS governed by an IS!

It's just a snake and a pole represented-by $$$ sign or money that rules the world.

Because even though ISIS has literally nothing to do with Islam and suspiciously close though they are to, never attacks Israel, but fights next door, literally.

If ISIS was a powerful Muslim army, why not take back Israel or at least try?

Why harass your 'fellow' Muslims?

Why name your group (in English) after a Masonic revered goddess from Egyptian mythology who Orientalist propagandists say was the (human) Queen Semiramis, who another propagandist claims is the 'true identity' of God/Allah?

You think scholars aren't aware of what I am?

Because people have claimed that Allah is the (actually historical personage) 'goddess' Semiramis who is the same as the Egyptian goddess Isis. While laughable it's not like Muslims would ever name a group (Isis members on the internet all seem to speak English with non Middle Eastern accents, hmm...) after the pagan goddess some idiot sipping tea spouting "Long live the Queen" from London accused them of worshipping.

What connects ISIS to Masonic-Zionists/Bnai Brit?

It's THEIR goddess. They are pagans, not Jews or Christians or Muslims but Luciferian Masons.

Shachar means lie, literally, in Hebrew.

Lucifer, son of a lie! (Helel ben Shachar).

To follow Lucifer is to follow the son of lies.

"He was a liar from the beginning."

Isa (p) the Messiah re: Satan, erroneously believed to be the subject of Isaiah 14:12, even today.

And nobody is more Luciferian than the Jesuits! Thomas Aquinas is another person I had NO IDEA how big of a scumbag he was.

But he said if your parents tried to convert you from Catholicism you could kill them, I just read that in the book "Isis Unveiled" by H.P. Blavatsky.

In her time Jesuits and Masons allegedly hated each other and since she is but a Masonic mouthpiece, and little more, as everything she writes is against the God of the Bible and Christianity but pro Kabbalah and Hermes, Buddhist, Hindu, anything esoteric and not Christianity unless it is pro Simon Magus (Paul).

Today, it is much different. The Jesuits are Masons are Zionists, all 3 being infiltrated by Sabbateans, if not founded by in modern times. I know the city of Venice literally evicted the Jesuits in the 1600's under Clement but a century or so later reinstated by Pius.

Definitely Sabbateans existed then.
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posted on Jul, 17 2017 @ 07:31 AM

originally posted by: Disturbinatti
a reply to: Specimen

Ha Satan, Sah-Taan

It's "Hail Satan, pass that doobie".

posted on Jul, 26 2017 @ 04:23 PM
a reply to: Disturbinatti

I feel it's something like you proposed - "Jesuits are Masons are Zionists, all 3 being infiltrated by Sabbateans"

My main concern about this fact is... that the Egregor of humanity is going out of control. I think it was his plan to unite all this secret societies and bind them in his chain.

The other bad news is that if I am right, humanity is going to perish and the binary manifestation of the Egregor will take form through Singularity. Paradoxically enough in this dire scenario, our best choice is to nuke ourselves until we still have time. Ha-ha, imagine how #ed up must the situation be. If my ancestors rise from the grave and take a look around they would not believe their eyes. They'll still think they are in hell or similar unsatisfactionary place....

posted on Aug, 13 2017 @ 02:17 PM
Luciferianism is very easy to underastand in his basic principle

You will become (like) god

That's just about it.

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