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German politicians demand crackdown on left-wing extremism

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posted on Jul, 11 2017 @ 01:25 AM
a reply to: pirhanna

I really hope the Germans do not turn to Nazism like last time. Before the Nazis came to power, there were many violent left wing groups roaming around Germany committing violent acts.

In fact part of the reason why Hitler came to power was because people are sick and tired of the violence in Germany.

posted on Jul, 11 2017 @ 03:45 AM
the so called demonstrators are not the least bit anti G20, in FACT they actually support the agenda of the Elite and their chants prove it "no borders, no nationalism, save the environment" THESE ARE ALL THINGS THE ELITE ARE PUSHING!

Its laughable.

these are the NWO's useful idiots.

The street marches planned for the summit — emulating the forceful dissent seen at past G-20 gatherings — cover a range of issues, including calls for environmental protection, denunciations of ethnic nationalism and opposition to free trade.

PINO - protestors in name only

what a joke.

posted on Jul, 11 2017 @ 05:04 AM
The German terrorist groups of the 1970's were ALL radical leftists. The Red Army Faction, Baader-Meinhof Gang were "proud" Marxist Leninist terrorists given backing by the Stasi.

All those A*holes operating in Europe in the 70's and 80's were leftists including the Red Brigades in Italy and Action Direct in France.

Left Wing Terrorism in Germany? 'Meet the new boss, same as the old boss..."

That said the "Black Block" jerks tearing up Hamburg at the G20 are Anarchists, well known for violently protesting WTO/G7/G20 meetings.

posted on Jul, 11 2017 @ 06:02 AM
German politicians demand crackdown on left-wing extremism

That´s nothing new, since we are occupied by the former US of A. Everything that tends a bit to the left, is terrorism, communism, bad.

"We", the west, the NATO, for example, created False Flags, to make it look as if the attackers were leftwingers, keyword NATO/Gladio, the Bologna bombings, for example.

Or in Germany, the Verfassungsschutz bombed a whole in the jail in Celle(search the web for "Celler Loch"), to make it look like an attack of the RAF(Red Army Fraction, not Royal Air Force...), to free some of their comrades.

First of all, i would not call me "left", others would maybe, but i don´t want to be put in a dictated drawer, as we say in Germany. Dictated by those that want to divide us, via such things like "left" and "right". You can´t be left without being right, you can´t be right without being left!

Once, at the Footbal World Chapionships 2006, i slept some nights in a squat(because of a girl, long story...). There i could see live how those leftwingers acted. I even walked with them on a demo, can´t even remember for what or against what it was. I have been on a meeting before, where they talked about how the demo should run, and who is "allowed" to stay in the squat. For real, they occupied a house and then two elders played lessor(without demanding a rent). They acted worse than officials at the job center or any office.

It was WM 2006, because of that i was wearing a sweatband in black, red, gold. And the girl, the reason why i was there, was black. Believe me or not, the skincolor of that girl was one problem, my sweatband another. They used us for their demo, and after that demo they told us that we can´t stay in the squat, because everything is full. Problem was, the empty appartment we slept in for two nights, was empty when they allowed us to pick up our personal things from there, and was filled later with drunken Punks. Friends of the "left masterchiefs" of that "club"(don´t know how i should call these alleged "leftwingers"). Till today me and her are sure that one reason was the skincolor of that girl. They never said something, but she and even me could feel it. And i was no Punk, wearing something in german colors(only because of the football championships). Maybe they thought that i am an undercover cop, who knows. But what experienced there was not "left", not leftwing, not social, nothing of that, even if they called themselves left!

Why i tell you this? Because we have to question the official "fact", that all rioters in Hamburg were leftwingers. And then we will come the "conspiracy theory" part, because after all, this is still ATS. Even if now many are just parroting the news of their favored MSM agencies, for their favored side(left/right).

Let´s make that with the "leftiwnger rioters" short, leftwingers wouldn´t destroy the most left quarter in Hamburg, leftwingers wouldn´t burn down average family cars, wouldn´t destroy little shops, owned by average people. Wouldn´t do anything to put the complete "left" in a bad light. Because, the "left" is the only one now that has problems. And the german government, the "state", with it´s shift to the right(to fish for the rightwingers voters voices), towards a surveillance- and police state, has a wonderful reason to begin a new war against the left.

Let´s look on how it all started. Months before the G20, the MSM declared ALL protesters to leftwing radicals, anarchists, terrorists, ready to use violence and willing to burn Hamburg down(based on the motto: No way that there are no riots). Cheap propaganda! Then they told us that they found molotov cocktails and stuff, months before the G20, found at leftwinger radicals. Again, months before the G20, leftwing radicals are travelling around with ready to use molotov cocktails, waiting for the G20. For sure, to not get caught... Bit by bit they gave the average people something to hate the left, long before the G20.

Let´s jump to the week of the G20. A court decision allowed the protesters to camp at a certain location, but the police acted like in a police state, destroyed the camps and the personal property of those people, like tents and stuff. Then, first day of G20, the "Welcome to Hell" demo, approved by the court, is stopped after two minutes/ten meters. Because the masked police saw some masked protesters...on a demo... Several reporters reported that the police said if the protesters would take of their masks, the demo could go on, and that protesters really started to take of their masks(hoodies and sunglasses are NO masks, according to german law!). But it was not fast enough for the police(they didn´t believe before that the protesters would really start to unmask...). And clear that the police, the police management, TPTB, never wanted to let this demo happen, and searched even for the lowest reason to stop the demo, trying to not look like acting anti-democratical, anti constitutional.

Then we could see what i saw the whole days, the police was escalating wherever it could. They wanted to enforce their "Hamburger Linie", with people Dudde. Who is known as hardliner, but some of his decisions as the responsible person were later adjudged as illegal. So we put some criminal hardliners(tending to the right) in power, that "love" the left and would do anything, legal or illegal, to "de"-escalate, for sure...

I could observe live, switching between different live coverages, what happened. You can still watch everything on YT and Co. The police stopped the legal demo, the people started to unmask but the police started to storm. Following that,the first bottles and stuff were thrown. Not from the protesters that got hit by the cops, but from the sides. Then waterguns came in, etc.

Let´s switch to the hottest night. The police used the whole day a tactic called "Nadelstiche"(pinpricks, stitches), means that they put the whole day pressure on ALL protesters, more on those that obvisiously were not from any "black block" or ready to use violence, including young girls, old people(male and female). They forced the people into one direction, the direction "Schanze", to the left quarter. Everytime things calmed down, the police started their "Nadelstiche", pushing forward, spraying gas, using water guns, tonfas, the whole allowed program. On almost only peaceful protesters, because the reporters stayed in these areas most of the time, to not run into danger if not necessary.

They forced the peaceful protesters together with the rioting ones, so that they had to mix up, at the Schanze. The people were trapped there, surrounded by police and lot´s of water guns. And suddenly, when all people were at the spot the police wanted them to be, the police stopped doing anything. They just watched, for hours, how a few masked(!) rioters create chaos, build burning barricades, threw things at the cops. Nothing happened, nobody was arrested, it was not even tried to stop or arrest those masked rioters. That were obvisiously all very fit, tall, sporty guys, not one of them was fat or had visibly long hairs(in germany is left=longhaired), they were looking like Hooligans, or undercover cops. All of them, those that burned down the family cars, the cheap cars of average, hardworking people, those that were not arrested while building the barricades, some meters away from the cops, for hours. Those that raided TBC

posted on Jul, 11 2017 @ 07:40 AM

the little shops, all of those masked rioters you could see doing bad things, looked like trained gusy that exactly knew what they did. And that was no "left" rioting!

Today i heard that only 54(!), again, fifty-four(!) people are in custody. Man, they could have arrested hundreds, if there really were 1000, 1500 up to 3000 ready to use violence black block "members" rioting. But as i said before, once the whole crowd was mixed up at the Schanze, the police did nothing anymore, they didn´t even put a stream of water on those black smoking and burning barricades. They tell us now that suddenly life and limb of the cops was in danger, so they couldn´t do anything anymore. But the whole day, using their "Nadelstiche" tactic, provoking and attacking people, their life and limb was not in danger, somehow...

So they watched three hours how any black clothes wearing, fit guys in masks, burned down barricades and dismantled the left quarter of Hamburg. How they ripped the sidewalks apart for stones, to throw them on the cops. Nobody of the more than 21.000 cops in the city disturbed them, for hours. Not even when they climbed up some scaffolds, which would have been removed at any other demo in any other city, before they could be used by protesters, to get on the roofs. Somehow, not in Hamburg...

Now even researchers on conflict and violence(heard one last night) say that the police of Hamburg has done everything wrong to de-escalate. That if you force peaceful and rioting protesters together, plus all the violence tourists and spyPhone filming and photographing hipsters and youngsters, self-exposers, and some of them start to riot and the police does nothing, with the time others feel as if they could do whatever they want. That they are infected by that feeling of anarchy. Don´t police shrinks know such things? Or did they know, but everything worked like planned?

Everybody is criticizing the cops now(except the rightwingers, "security gurus", hardliners, freedom stealers), but not those "poor devils"(know your job before you choose him!) that had to their job "at the front". Those are celebrated, even by the real left! Because they only have to follow orders that come from above, and everybody knows that! The police management around Dudde is criticized, the politicians are criticized. Merkel is criticized(waaaay too less) for inviting the G20 to one of the two german cities that are known for their left scene.

And more and more average people say that all that was planned. As i predicted, yesterday all those hating the left hardliners, observators, police state supporters, big brother friends and all that scum came out of their wholes and now they have their whoopee. They started demanding everything, lists(like Erdogan, after a "Reichtagsbrand" you can pull them out of your drawers, in minutes...) for leftwing extremists(not for ALL extremists!), more observation, more police, more rights for the police, new weapons for the police, more freedom stealing laws, all that stuff these kind of people demand everytime, after whatever incident. A bag of rice toppled over in China? "We" need more big brother!

So, cui bono? Who profits now? The left?

For many people it is looking like a planned attack on the left. If you put all that together, it looks planned. From the MSM propaganda against everything that critizes TPTB and demands more social politics for the people, the ready to use violence "leftwing radicals", which were to 99,5% no ready to use violence rioters, but protesters with a reasonable reason for protesting the G20 criminals, the protected by law criminals. Then the complete behaviour of the police, even a blind could see, from the very beginning, where that would end. Undermining the constitutional right to protest for almost no reason makes some people angry. Some "Nadelstiche" in addition to that, and voila!

Now they can go even again for the "Flora", the left squat in the Schanze. "Germany" wants to remove them since ever, but somehow... Now they can try again. Who profits? The left? Everybody that could be left is a devil right now, in germany, for the average, programmed by MSM and politicians citizens. Everything is anti-left now, som months before the elections here. Coincidence?

The MSM is calling the whole left now extremists. The war on the left is hot now, the german shift to the right is happy. Fishing vor rightwinger votes is more important than everything else. But is it so wrong to critize things like G20, a coffee party for TPTB? They, "our" ruelrs showed us with that G20, that they don´t care for the security of the people, but only for their own security. While some of the cops have to fight at the front, other stood around, doing nothing, elsewhere in the city, for the security of the "big players". For 20 criminals and their royal household.

And they tell us the police did nothing for three hours, because there was not enough police on-site. And that the special forces(somehow it can be that even them were austrian, not german), allegedly SEK and MEK, were "entranched", stuck somehow and somewhere, couldn´t reach the Schanze. For three hours. The real reason is, either no special forces were send, were "available", because everything that happened should happen like it happened. Or that the security of the people, of the peoples environment, isn´t worth to be protected, if the big players need to be protected, at their at least 130m(now way more) expensive coffee party.

So they don´t get disturbed listening to Beethoven, eating Kaviar and sdribking Champagne. While outside chaos breaks loose. Watch this:

Check 1.50 and 8.06, woderful synchrony. And at 17.42 you can see Merkel sleeping. I hope well sleeping, because, 130m+ Euros...

Isn´t it right to critize such a behaviour of the "royals" or "gods"(or whatever they think they are)? Isn´t it good to demand more power for the people, more social politics? A regulation of the banksters? Demanding to turn from a market conform democracy(Merkel) to a democracy conform market? Is it wrong to point on problems like growing poverty of the working-, the middleclass, and for sure the poor? Is it wrong to say that it is not right that german retirees have to collect bottles from trash bins, for some cents? Is it wrong to critize a growing two-class society?
Is it wrong to critize the war and dictator ship of the rich on the rest of the people? Is it wrong to critize multinational acting tax dodgers? A corrupt "justice"?

All that stuff that hits all of the people here. It is wrong for almost all parties, because they are controlled by lobbyists of the industries, of the banksters, of the rich and only because of that powerful and ruling class. And want to fill their own pockets, don´t want to work but have the best future. That is why one has to hate the left in germany, because they want something for the people, from the state, that we people are and pay taxes for.

If i read the program of the rightwinger party AfD, they would make everything worse in seconds, they are more neoliberal, they are more Thatcher than Thatcher, forced labour for social money and health care and stuff like this. Nobody else than "left" people and parties demand something social, something for the people. Even if i don´t trust the left party and politicians as i don´t trust any politicians and parties. But even the left lies sound better...
Have to stop

posted on Jul, 11 2017 @ 08:05 AM

originally posted by: JoshuaCox
a reply to: trollz

I thought the protests were against "the globalists" so how are they left wing???

This response is classic on so many levels! Where to begin? I've been waiting to see this response for months!

First, it summarizes the complete dissociative thinking / behavior of the left.

Second, it exemplifies the complete and utter denial of the left.

Third, it illustrates the left's recognition that these continued acts do not bode well for their future public perception.

Forth, it exemplifies the gaping fractures in identity of the left.

Fifth, it screams of the left attempting to 'distance' themselves from the acts of their own.

Sixth, much like the occupy Wall Street movement, it just serves as further proof that the left doesn't have a clear agenda, they're fighting for something, but they don't even know what it is. They're just fighting for the sake of fighting. Rebels without a cause. Just a bunch of immature children who aren't getting what they want, anything and everything they want, so they're going to stomp their feet, organize a riot, light S# on fire, bust windows and create chaos for everyone else.

The left has lost so much credibility and traction with responsible people it has been left no choice but to allow the likes of millions of radical extremists to infiltrate their ranks just to maintain numbers. Now that those radical extremists are doing what they do, radical extremism, they'd like to have us believe..."hey, it wasn't me!! I didn't do that!"


ETA...BTW, this response is not directed at you personally, but rather just an observation in general about the left today.

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posted on Jul, 11 2017 @ 08:47 AM
a reply to: trollz

And we have lots of reports regarding police brutality coming in.

with some police action sparking panic in the crowds.

Police Opt for Brute Force in Hamburg

But hey! The one-eyed is a prophet amidst the blind, eh?

posted on Jul, 11 2017 @ 08:52 AM
a reply to: Leonidas

Marxist Leninist terrorists given backing by the Stasi.

And after the 80ies we've had the NSU-complex murdering people with support from our beloved gubbermint. But you could always ignore the recent history in order to summon the red scare, whilst blissfully obfuscating the real problems here.

posted on Jul, 11 2017 @ 09:15 AM

originally posted by: Gothmog

originally posted by: ErrorErrorError

originally posted by: Yourmomsentme

originally posted by: infolurker
a reply to: trollz

About damned time.

What is going on recently? It appears common sense is creeping back into the mainstream.

Have to majorly disagree with you here. Obama was Democrat so left wing.......for the USA. It is worth considering that even then the Democratic Party is more right wing than the Conservative Party in the UK - and they are our right wing Party.

Compared to much of Europe, Obama isn't left wing in the slightest and neither are the Democratic Party.

True. Common sense was on leave during the Obama years. It is time to bust some ass.

What has Obama to do with the OP ? This is Europe, common sense isnt back in USA. Trump is not common sense.

The world worshiped Obama. Obama was the penultimate leftist. The feeling of empowerment he exuded that anything to bring down a country was lawful and righteous . This feeling spread around the world as he PROMOTED violence against the government.
People around the world are now coming to the realization that Obama as a world leader was pathetic .

posted on Jul, 11 2017 @ 09:16 AM

originally posted by: PublicOpinion
a reply to: trollz

And we have lots of reports regarding police brutality coming in.

with some police action sparking panic in the crowds.

Police Opt for Brute Force in Hamburg

But hey! The one-eyed is a prophet amidst the blind, eh?

I don't always have a problem with a bit of Police brutality. If this was a peaceful protest, then brutality is a definite no no. However, it wasn't was it? The protestors were violent thieving thugs so really had a slap or two coming.......

posted on Jul, 11 2017 @ 09:25 AM

As far as the OP, goes, I don't see much changing in Germany. Not only are they infiltrated with fascists but they have allowed their own homeland to be invaded by those who hate everything about them. RIP Germany......

Ah yep!

If I ever go to tour Germany would be the day that I hear German traditional music in the streets and don't see Islamic writing on billboards. I wish to see the Germany it used to be. RIP Germany.
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posted on Jul, 11 2017 @ 09:32 AM
a reply to: Flavian

After Mr. Dudde cleared their camp, which was a violation of the constitution on it's own. Another act of stupid police-brutality that actually led to an outburst of violence on the following day.
Many innocent bystanders were treated like crap, locked up for a whole day with no charges whatsoever. For nothing.

We've had decades of de-escalation training, none of that was adapted that day thus I'm having a hard time to blame one side only. Looks like another fail by design, reaping what was sowed.

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posted on Jul, 11 2017 @ 12:35 PM
a reply to: ErrorErrorError

i voted for trump, don't like trump, but i voted for him like a lot of people. my vote was more against hillary than it was for trump. don't know if that makes me a trumpster or not. if he even does 1/4 of what he said he would while on the campaign trail then the U.S.A. will be much better off for it i believe. like the wall idea hate it i don't care. i would rather pay more for the wall then what i been paying for illegals food and medical expenses. illegal is illegal. i always paid for it when i did something illegal its only fair the illegal immigrants pay to, let them know how the law works imo. but honestly, if trump can just get rid of obamacare or get rid of the penalty for not having it i will be happy i voted for him.

posted on Jul, 11 2017 @ 04:35 PM

originally posted by: Yourmomsentme
a reply to: AgarthaSeed

Right, I guess the Nazi regime is considered right wing. What is antifa?

A bunch of deluded snowflakes that wouldn’t know facism if it bit them in the ass?

posted on Jul, 12 2017 @ 05:10 PM
The Germans should get serious and follow the money, do you think for a second those "Thugs" will spend their own money to go there ? they work for Soro's or the likes...

posted on Jul, 12 2017 @ 05:39 PM
a reply to: manuelram16

Hamburg Police Officer Fires Warning Shot During Anti-G20 Protests

Have a vid:

Folks, I dunno... a few injuries and broken stuff is bad but to actually look into a loaded gun, with the possibility to get shot, is something entirely different in my book.
That guy doesn't work for Soros, that's our tax Euros at work right there...

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