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Is “Apocalypse” happening as Part of Ancient Alien research project with MJ-12?

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posted on Jul, 10 2017 @ 07:04 PM
a reply to: strongfp

I guess your view would differ if you worked in science or not.
I tend to be cynical in my views since science has been used for war and profit too much.
The pure learning and applications to make human life better seem to be happy coincidence rather than intentional effort.

posted on Jul, 10 2017 @ 10:37 PM

posted on Jul, 10 2017 @ 11:46 PM

originally posted by: Asktheanimals
a reply to: strongfp

I guess your view would differ if you worked in science or not.
I tend to be cynical in my views since science has been used for war and profit too much.
The pure learning and applications to make human life better seem to be happy coincidence rather than intentional effort.


The discovery of atomic/nuclear energy is a prime example. What'd we do? Discover it, and instantly weaponize it and drop it on tens of thousands?

posted on Jul, 11 2017 @ 01:37 AM
a reply to: scraedtosleep

Just and excuse to brainwassh the masses; more specifically to patent the process and set their own price with no competition - not just to be some magic panacea to "world hunger".

Most research I have done over the years is that there is rarely ever a global food shortage - just stockpiling and Comex market speculation.

posted on Jul, 11 2017 @ 02:16 AM

That emergency is the 7+billion humans on earth and a need to feed them all. That is why gmo food was invented .
To feed hungry people for cheap.

Well you've certainly heard their sales pitch. It has nothing to do with helping people. Why? Gmo is a broad term that can mean anything, but in general its a product with enhanced shelf appeal. Brighter colors, inflamed tissues, pesticide compatability, longer shelf life. These are properties to help sell more. If Kraft and Nestlé were on the verge of bankruptcy, you might have a point. Seems its morally easier to sell fake food and keep the profits up though, than to continue producing real food while your financial peaks fluctuate as they naturally should once you and your competition have a century under your belts to perfect the productivity models of enhanced natural methods. Dont give me that "running out of land" bs. I've lived completely isolated in prime agricultural land. The United states alone is a vast empty field. Have you ever flown on an airplane.. Not so crowed down below, cities and farms both are few and far between.

Food that contains no nutrients. Food that contains no natural flavor, food that is seeping artificial fertilizers. Monsanto is actively killing off the soil of the Earth. No microbial life to break down natural ingredients into natural plant nutrients. Monsanto is actively killing the soil in your gut. No microbial life to break down natural ingredients into natural human nutrients. Currently, under this very understanding, GMOs are being designed that never break down in your stomach. The nutritional value is minimal at best, largely coming from carbohydrate based "fertilizers " that directly, not indirectly effect the flavor and nutrition of the crop.

I learnt this in pot farming. When I realized it applied to all produce, I was taken back. GMO food is grown allegorical to an athlete who uses an iv in his arm and pops vitamins, completely abandoning food altogether. If you believe an athlete will perform better living off an iv and vitamins than a human living off of food, theres no convincing you of the harm of GMO foods. Im sure you can't tell a zero Brix hydroponic tomatoe from a 15 Brix 'mater grown in microbial soil. But I can. One has zero nutritional value. Lettuce, celery in the shape of a tomatoe. This is the future of all commercial food production.

Selective breeding is one thing. Creating apples with zero nutritional value, contrarily designed to never break down, never turn brown or go bad on the shelf: its the end of natural life as we understand it.

Food grown with synthetic nitrates instead of plant/waste based nitrogen fertilizer is one small example anyone should be able to wrap their heads around. I understand at this point my definition of gmo may not match others, i simply throw red flags when I see a foul. Commercial entities tampering with food has never been about helping anyone, only about accessing more paying customers, with a higher profit margin by means of lower production costs and increased shelf appeal. Oh, and selling # tons of chemical fertilizers,and # tons of pharmaceuticals to address the side effects of said fertilizers.

Note: Bayer-Monsanto is partner with all the major synthetic nutrient manufacturers, namely under the Scott's Miracle-Gro distribution blanket. Gotta love them Monsanto veggies grown with blue nitro Miracle Gro that will send your crippled aching butt crawling to Bayer for relief.

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posted on Jul, 11 2017 @ 07:14 AM
a reply to: eisegesis

well I noticed for some reason the universe telling me that there will be a herald from orion on the 28th of November whatever that means !¬

posted on Jul, 11 2017 @ 07:15 AM
I was warned by the forgotten languages group to avoid the AI transhumanism
as it would destroy the human race

posted on Jul, 11 2017 @ 07:54 AM

originally posted by: zacherystaylor
The truth according to the mainstream media has been as absurd as the Conspiracy Theories that they routinely ridicule; and even if some of the most far-fetched Conspiracy Theories can't possibly be true and there haven't been aliens visiting the planet for thousands of years the most credible sources of news have been on alternative media outlet that get much less attention than the mainstream media. If there are no visiting aliens there is still credible evidence that Pharmaceutical companies and Monsanto are using the public for research on a massive scale and good researches like Harriet Washington, a Harvard Professor and Marcia Angell former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine have done very good work on this subject.

However they don't explain many major unsolved mysteries like how massive megaliths were moved in ancient times, an enormous number of UFO sightings, mystics like Padre Pio, Edgar Cayce, Nikola Tesla and at least a dozen more.

Many of you are almost certainly familiar with Philip Corso's book "The Day After Roswell" Where he claims that he shared alien technology with multinational corporations including Dow Chemical and Monsanto. If this is partially true then this has to be huge and it almost certainly goes much farther than the amount of technology discussed in his book. This might means that research into medical advances disclosed by credible sources like Washington and Angell that don't discuss UFOs or other Conspiracy Theories they might consider "fringe" may be partially based on assistance from alien technology. If the aliens made a deal of some sort with the political establishment whether it is MJ-12 or some other organization with influence in multinational corporations and the most powerful government's in the world then it could explain why the government isn't responding to the will of the people and why they're not even trying to do a good job pretending to.

I'm trying to be a rational skeptic about this; however that doesn't mean, ignoring facts that I can't explain and the behavior of the government is increasingly absurd and in many cases it is obviously staged, like the irrational claims about Russia being the ones rigging the election. It is obvious that the consolidated corporate media has only been covering selective candidates for us to chose from and by simply refusing to cover candidates they don't approve of they can rule out grass roots candidates by preventing them from getting any name recognition.

If Russia had anything to do with rigging the election they couldn't do it without an enormous amount of help from the mainstream media that gave Trump obsessive coverage for decades and increased it during the campaign! at the same time they refused to cover rational candidates and many of the most important issues.

If this election was rigged, which it almost certainly was, it was rigged by the MSM the RNC and the DNC; Russia is being used as a scapegoat with little or no involvement. If they did participate it is only enough to take the blame.

I have done a series of articles on this theory which is more complex, or at least some of the details are including one about a Conspiracy Theory before the election or the Al Smith dinner that mentioned an "Apocalypse Hypothesis" which should be considered absurd; however it was first considered in 2008 by other people when Hillary Clinton didn't resemble "The Whore of Babylon" at all, in my opinion. By the time I wrote the article below she had many more characteristics of the "Whore of Babylon." I'm still trying to be a rational skeptic about this, but this is increasingly looking like an insane charade and it isn't the fear-mongering that most people might expect out of an end of the world "Apocalypse," Instead it looks like a bad joke where everyone is acting like clowns and enormous problems, fake and real, are treated like a joke.

After I wrote this article, Yes Virginia There Is A Trump And Clinton Conspiracy the Al Smith dinner made both Hillary and Trump look even more corrupt and rotten then when Trump won it resembled a claim in the Apocalypse where the "Beast" beats the "Whore of Babylon." This is followed up by a couple more recent articles about Big Pharma and Monsanto using us as research subjects. The first one is Deadly Monopolies and Medical Slavery? doesn't consider aliens sharing technology at all and just considers the greed motive presented by Washington and Angell. The second one, Deadly Monopolies With Alien Technology? follows up on this one considering the possibility that the technology developed might have some connection to technology gained from aliens as claimed by Corso and numerous other alleged whistle blowers. These also include additional links to other articles including some theorizing about why there are so many obvious blunders from both believers and skeptics in what I called a "Recruit a Group of Crackpots" Hypothesis in a previous ATS string. They're essentially leaking reliable information mixed with unreliable information so it doesn't seem credible.

This forum no longer seems to allow long excerpts or even medium sized excerpts, which might be just as well since these are relatively long articles and I wouldn't want to put to many there in the first place. It would be better to read the whole thing assuming you have time and take it seriously but I'll include a couple of the most important excepts in responses shortly after posting this string, for those who don't have time to read the whole thing.

The explanation provided by Washington and Angell would be a good fall back theory, far better than the traditional explanation by mainstream media but they're limited to their own field and don't explain many unsolved mysteries including the insane political activity that contributes to outrageous behavior by executives of Pharmaceutical companies.

I found a website once using tor. I never found it again but it was a research website posted by a collection of doctors from hospitals around America who do experiments on homeless people they kidnap from hospitals in some warehouse somewhere. The only experiment I really remember was they put a pregnant woman into ice water then recorded how long it took for her baby then her to die. All the data on the website was written professionally by people who knew what they were doing. It could have been a good fake but...

Personally I think most things are responsible by groupls of people like that more than any aliens.
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posted on Jul, 11 2017 @ 09:27 AM
a reply to: samkent

I'm a little skeptical of his claims as well; however he might be closer than most people would suspect even if he hasn't provided sources or methods. The claims based on mythological interpretations or riddles about dimensions don't seem to have any credibility, as far as I can tell, without additional elaboration, at best.

There are a lot of people in the academic world including political operatives advertisers and psychologists often working with the military that study how to indoctrinate people so they can control them for their own purposes. The research to back it up is often spread out among a lot of sources some of which I could provide, and have written about in the past, but it would take dozens of articles and hours if not weeks of reading to sort through it all.

One simple example is how Frank Luntz studies how to manipulate the electorate and practically admits it in his book another one is indoctrination tactics used by psychologists working with the military like Stanley Milgram and Philip Zimbardo who calim to be studying why the Nazis were able to get blind obedience from their veterans, yet the Office of Naval Research financed their work, and they're not trying to teach their recruits to question orders, but to obey them, which is what this research really does.

There's good additional research about advertising to manipulate consumers and about religious indoctrination and much more. This is all available in the academic world but it isn't presented to the vast majority of the public since it takes time to explain it and instead of trying to teach the basics the mainstream media is using these indoctrination methods to control the public.

posted on Jul, 11 2017 @ 09:38 AM
a reply to: scraedtosleep

I don't know how much of my articles you read but I did not say for certain that it was done by aliens, that much was theory. What I said for certain was that there was conclusive evidence to raise questions about the official version. The strongest evidence is the megaliths that experiments proved couldn't have been moved the way traditional researchers claim. There are many additional unsolved mysteries which might be related like Edgar Cayce, Padre Pio, Edward Leedskalnin, Fatima 1917, and much more, they would require time to review but both sides of the argument are flawed.

Also what makes it less likely is that for thousands of years development was extremely slow, then at about the time some of these stories about communication with aliens began it leaped forward at a dramatic rate.

My articles left open that it could be some sort of unknown advanced intelligence, and aliens seems to be the most likely explanation with information available, although the well known grays might be just what is presented to us assuming there is something to it.

Since this provides a possible explanation to the unsolved mysteries, once the details are worked out and the mainstream explanation I consider it as viable a theory if not more viable; however since an enormous amount of the research comes from flawed sources it needs review.

posted on Jul, 11 2017 @ 09:40 AM
a reply to: JoshuaCox

Fringe conspirators do this; not rational researchers who are often stereotyped along with them. It's a common tactic to stereotype us all.

posted on Jul, 11 2017 @ 09:46 AM
a reply to: SeaWorthy

"The World According to Monsanto," "The Dark Side of a Pill," and "Medical Apartheid" are just a few good sources if you want to know how multinational corporations including Big Pharma and Monsanto are poisoning people. "Medical Apartheid" was also written by Harriet Washington, who wrote "Deadly Monopolies" cited in the second opening article and is well researched both showing lots of examples where research subjects were harmed going back centuries, often with incredibly incompetant research.

posted on Jul, 11 2017 @ 09:59 AM
a reply to: strongfp

Thanks for the S&F Ask the animals

I didn't go into the missing link in any of my past articles; however I'm not ruling out the theory that it might have been a result of alien genetic manipulation as some ancient aliens claim. This would require detailed research, but the competence of the research I've seen isn't adequate to the task, so far. Killing off profit makers, is as you say bad business, if the business leaders are calling the shots. If anyone read the last of the three articles, I mentioned that the people that might have made a deal with the aliens, theoretically, almost certainly believe they have a plan to avoid that but they're relying on credibility of the aliens who have a track record, assuming they exist, and have been acting in secrecy of betraying promises or implied promises.

StrongFP my claim that I consider conclusive is that there are major unsolved mysteries that raise major doubts about the official explanation which means that at a minimum we should consider more theories. I don't attempt to present the alien conspiracy deal with MJ-12 or a similar organization as a fact. However if it is false then there is an enormous effort to confuse the issue by putting out false stories about aliens that don't exist which is almost as far-fetched of not more absurd.

posted on Jul, 11 2017 @ 10:04 AM
a reply to: TheConstruKctionofLight

Some alleged Prophecies predict a time where there will be plenty of food but it is being used in all the wrong ways; your article indicates that if this prediction is not made after the fact it has come true.

posted on Jul, 11 2017 @ 10:12 AM
a reply to: dug88

This web site you found might be an exaggeration; but it isn't much of one Harriet Washington cited in second & third opening article cites many examples where poor have been used for research, often incompetent in both her books "Medical Apartheid" and "Deadly Monopolies" both worth reading if anyone has the time.

The rich get all the benefits, while the poor make all the sacrifices.

Most of the credible medical research that I'm aware of can be explained by people, without alien, or at least it seems that way. A closer detailed look might eventually raise doubts; however the evidence of the megaliths and mystics might be stronger, although in most cases the connection to medical research isn't as strong.

posted on Jul, 12 2017 @ 05:53 AM
a reply to: eisegesis


posted on Jul, 12 2017 @ 11:09 AM
a reply to: BigBangWasAnEcho

Well you've certainly heard their sales pitch

Are you claiming that gmo food has NOT feed millions of people who would
have otherwise starved? For that mater do you understand that the food
you love and eat everyday is ether a gmo or is very cheap because of gmos?

I promise you that you and I both have been eating some type of gmo all our lives.
Why am I not sick from it? Why aren't you? please point me to the evidence that
gmos are killing babies and children by the 1000s? babies and children ingest
more gmos than anyone else.

posted on Jul, 12 2017 @ 12:22 PM
a reply to: scraedtosleep

You might want to read "Earth Democracy" by Vandana Shiva or watch "the World According to Monsanto"

GMOs are much less efficient to grow and they often don't produce seeds that can be replanted. This is so that they can control an profit off it. They also use more natural resources including water. These are beneficial for multinational corporations using massive farms but they're unsustainable in the long run. Small local farmers use the land much more efficiently. Monsanto is largely responsible for the suicide epidemic in India as well.

Europe uses far less and they make them label it. This will enable them to use us for a research project comparing us with them. However data is often faked and for now unreliable.

Earlier forms of GMOs are much milder than the latest versions and there may not be accurate data available. Henry Wallace was involved in earlier cross breeding of crops which preceded more advanced GMOs which has only become more common since then.

It won't be hard to shop for research that supports your beliefs, which is a problem since science isn't supposed to work that way. Living Non-GMO says the following:

Are GMOs Safe?

Most developed nations do not consider GMOs to be safe. In fact, in more than 60 countries around the world, including Australia, Japan, and all of the countries in the European Union, there are significant restrictions or outright bans on the production and sale of GMOs. In the U.S. and Canada, GMOs have been approved based on studies conducted by the same corporations that created them and profit from their sale. A growing body of evidence connects GMOs with health problems, environmental damage and violation of farmers’ and consumers’ rights.

At the Non-GMO Project we hear from people on a daily basis who are deeply concerned about the potential impacts of GMOs and are taking matters into their own hands by choosing to opt out of the GMO experiment.

If you want to opt into the GMO experiment you can shop for your own research.

If your one of the dying ones then we can eventually learn from you; assuming we get accurate research.

posted on Jul, 12 2017 @ 02:53 PM
a reply to: zacherystaylor

often don't produce seeds that can be replanted. This is so that they can control an profit off it.

This to me is criminal.
But I've been poor and homeless for most of my life. I've seen first hand
the lives that cheap gmos have saved. Including my own. It is entirely possible for a company to
do both great good and great evil simultaneously.

posted on Jul, 13 2017 @ 11:33 AM
a reply to: scraedtosleep

A lot of what Monsanto does should be considered criminal and it would if not for their political connections; which should be considered even worse, since they're corrupting the democratic process with their corruption.

Technically I can't rule out the possibility that they could be doing both good and bad, but at this time it is mostly bad and by doing their part to preserve the culture of deception corrupting scientific research, it is even worse.

The best that I can reasonably hope for is that, assuming my theory about this being largely done for research purposes is correct or at least close, that past generations have been sacrificed on a massive scale, the sacrifice of many innocents continues today and can't be stopped on a dime; but somewhere is a lot of research going on that could provide major benefits for future generations.

This would essentially mean that the power mongering people involved in the research have been sacrificing the innocent for the benefit of the guilty for a long time sharing the benefits only with the rich, but that there is an opportunity to share it with all if we can get full disclosure.

This is about as idealistic as it gets; however instead of taking steps towards disclosure the political establishment is obsessively trying to indoctrinate the public, often convincing them to switch from one brain washing demagogue to another maintaining tyrannical control and secrecy, so this idealistic possibility doesn't seem to be happening.

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