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That Damned Mandela Effect?!?!?!

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posted on Jul, 9 2017 @ 09:26 AM
a reply to: badw0lf

In the 'States' its definitely 'flip-flops' between the toes and thongs between the 'cheeks'.

posted on Jul, 9 2017 @ 10:25 AM
You could have a selective disorder with your vision, wherein colors appear different shades at different times.
It is a real disorder that comes and goes. Sufferers may see yellow as orange, purple as blue, etc.
If that's not the problem, i think everyone has at least had one dispute in their lives, over, 'What color is this? Does this look red, or more pinkish? Is this royal blue, or purple?'

Or, on a more conspiratorial note, maybe your wife hated your old flip flops. Maybe she thought they were all beat up and that you needed new ones. You didn't want new ones though, you liked your old ones. They were so comfortable and good fitting. The way they cradled your foot like your favorite arm chair on a relaxing evening. All the places you've been, the times you had... Yes, those were your flip flops.....
However.... she had other plans. She was going to make damn sure you couldn't embarrass her by wearing your old ratty flip flops with her in public, so she bought you new ones, with one slight miscalculation.... THEY ONLY HAD BLACK AND NOT NAVY BLUE!!!! Rather then deal with the confusion and possible confrontation, she decided she would start conditioning your mind to prepare you for the black sandals through subliminal messages and mental conditioning. Shes probably been working on you for months and you didnt even know it. You may have even been implanted with with a microchip to enhance certain suggestions. There's even a good chance that she has a body double, or even had herself cloned so she could dedicate more time to your brainwashing. How well do you really know your wife??? It sounds quite probable, that she may be a deep cover CIA operative. Shes probably got more kills under her belt then 007. How many times have you visited her at work??? Have you ever seen the movie 'True lies'??? Little did you know, that movie is based on your life...
With such deep cover conacts, it should have been easy for her to replace the old flip flops with some new ones, the same color and all, but when she contacted her source at Adidas, he/she was still upset over a botched assassination back in '03. Your wife failed to come through for her Adidas contact back then, now the contact finally got payback.
So it had to be plan b. Only a couple problems though... The brainwashing and programming didn't take....She never thought you would put it all together either.... Best to play it safe on this one....
So just be cool, go with the flow of things. I would also only eat things prepared by yourself for the next couple weeks. Just to be safe. It only takes a tiny amount of cianide to be fatal. Also delete your ATS account and wipe your hard drive, im sure she has eyes and ears everywhere!
Smh....Black sandals..... Does she really think we're that stupid?!
And she woulda got away with it all... if it weren't for those meddling kids....

posted on Jul, 9 2017 @ 11:28 AM

originally posted by: AntiDoppleganger
a reply to: badw0lf

In the 'States' its definitely 'flip-flops' between the toes and thongs between the 'cheeks'.

a whole discussion on that matter.

posted on Jul, 9 2017 @ 11:34 AM
People can't relate until it happens to them. I get that our memory is fallible, but there are things that you just know for sure.

My main one is the position of South America. My husband thinks that we are all imagining things, or at least he did. Then I showed him the map of the world with South America. He was gobsmacked. That's wrong he said. I know, I replied. I think it freaked him out because he got quiet.

I believe you. If you wore them daily then you would know the color.

Also thongs are g string undies here. Words are different around the world. Just like pants here in the usa are trousers, pants in the uk are undies.
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posted on Jul, 9 2017 @ 12:15 PM
They are flip flop as they were invented by a French man called Philip Pholop.
My question would be to your wife. Her answer to you with the statement " you mean the black ones" means to me that you had more than one pair. So if not the black ones which other color does she mean.

posted on Jul, 9 2017 @ 12:26 PM
Who cares what the shoes' called - everyone knows what he means.

I'm glad you folks aren't flogging him though.

As an outspoken believer in the ME, I still start off with a new ME from a skeptical point of view...

..Reading your story reminded me of a gf I had when I was younger. She decided one day while I was at work that my old sandals should go in the trash. I didn't notice they were gone right away, so when I did notice they were long gone. I loved those sandals. It had such an impact that I told my wife not to throw away my stuff without asking (obviously) - because I don't know if that's a "chick thing".

Is it possible she threw away your old flip flops and got you new in the same style? (They still make them in the same style.)

Past that, I'd say you've got a genuine ME, albeit a personal one.

I understand being weirded out - I was.

Be strong, and trust your 'everyday for 5 years' memory.

Reality and time are fluid (as science is proving) - this is just the start of an awakening for the human race - and I have no doubt everyone will be aware ("Effected") as time moves on.

Welcome. If you get super freaked, pm me for some youtube channels where most of us hang out.

I post on ATS in hopes of reaching a few folks, and because I can. You'll have to be strong enough to ignore the naysayers when they get nasty (in case you start posting more). I guess that's another thing you might start to notice - many aspects of humanity seem way more vile than the used to.

posted on Jul, 9 2017 @ 12:30 PM

originally posted by: crayzeed
They are flip flop as they were invented by a French man called Philip Pholop.

Lol. My old man used to play little gullibility games with me too, sly old devil.

Tartan paint and a long weight, anyone?

posted on Jul, 9 2017 @ 07:24 PM
This one is interesting

posted on Jul, 9 2017 @ 07:32 PM
This thing is freaky. I have memories of reading Stephen King's `The Green Mile` in instalments (six of them) around 1978 or so. I remember walking up to a drug store to buy them. The only problem is that they were not published for the first time until 1996. I can not even start to imagine how this is possible.

posted on Jul, 9 2017 @ 10:32 PM
They are pretty close in color to the inattentive eye.

posted on Jul, 10 2017 @ 06:07 AM
i've been wondering for a while now if the ME is real then why are there no reports of exceptionally mundane instances
and i guess this thread answers that question.

gonna be really interesting to see where this goes...

posted on Jul, 20 2017 @ 11:58 PM
The ME that really grips me (Besides South America's position) is Kit-Kat.

I really do strongly remember the bloody dash in between the kit and kat.
The weird thing is, there are residues of the dash. Kit Kat was named after
the Kit-Cat club (Which had a dash). Also, I saw a wrapper of an old early
20th century Kit Kat wrapper online and it had the dash in between kit and kat.

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