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US, Russia announce Syria cease-fire after Trump-Putin talks

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(post by hasanatar removed for a serious terms and conditions violation)

posted on Jul, 18 2017 @ 09:15 AM
Senior Russian MP: Israel must ‘learn to live’ with Russia-US agreement on Syria ceasefire

Israel categorically opposes the ceasefire agreement reached by the US and Russia as it will give an opportunity for Iran to expand its presence in the region, Israel’s Haaretz newspaper said on Sunday citing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said later that the interests of Israel’s security were fully taken into account.
According to Lavrov, Moscow and Washington carried out preparatory work on a ceasefire in southern Syria with all parties concerned, including Israel. "I can guarantee that the American side and we did the best we can to make sure that Israel’s security interests are fully taken into consideration," Russia’s top diplomat stressed.
"Israel’s motives are not concealed: it fears the strengthening of Iran’s position in the region, and also, it appears, limited possibilities for Tel Aviv itself to act against [Syrian President Bashar al-Assad]. However, nobody will be revoking such an important document that gives hopes for a breakthrough in the Syrian situation only because of Israel’s guesses about Iran’s hypothetic intentions," the chairman of the Federation Council’s committee for international affairs Konstantin Kosachev posted on Facebook.
"That is why, it would be more reasonable for Tel Aviv not to come down on the already reached agreement between Russia and the US, but instead find ways how to live with this and reap benefits from victory over Islamic State (a terrorist group outlawed in Russia) which are clear for all countries of the region," Kosachev said.

Reminder - under the Obama/Clinton administration - :

And now :

Russia sees growing acceptance of Assad as key to Syria talks

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