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Crowd source: 16" party platter encasement for a motorcycle.

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posted on Jun, 8 2017 @ 04:40 PM
I am looking for some help figuring out an answer to a problem.

I drive a motorcycle, a Harley Davidson street 750. I currently have the luggage rack installed of which gives me a fairly decent surface to install a box like structure to carry deliveries on.

But I need to be able to fit a 16" in diameter circle platter that stands only 5 inches tall. I need to be able to secure this thing on my bike for a delivery.

I need to know where or what I need to construct in order to successfuly deliver such platters to various locations.

Don't take the lazy answer and day "buy a car" because I hate, absolutely hate cars, and trucks.

I have enough budgie chords to secure a wild bucking horse to the floor if I have to, but I need to find something that can fit 2 of these 16 inch party platters inside of a box, where as any bumps in the road won't affect them much or cause them to open.

Any one seen anything big enough to fit two of these inside, without causing too much fluctuation in aerodynamics?

posted on Jun, 8 2017 @ 04:44 PM
a reply to: GiulXainx

Any company that manufactures food carts/trucks will be able to fabricate something for you.

posted on Jun, 8 2017 @ 04:59 PM
a reply to: GiulXainx
so whats on the platter
a platter of what
what kind of platter
platter is a cool word

platter of deviled eggs?
pigs in a blanket?
coc aine?
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posted on Jun, 8 2017 @ 05:04 PM

20x10x12.....80 bucks


80 bucks

posted on Jun, 8 2017 @ 05:13 PM

posted on Jun, 8 2017 @ 07:06 PM
Lol you could always add a side car of sorts. Are you gong over smooth enough roads to tow some kind of wagon of sorts?

posted on Jun, 8 2017 @ 07:19 PM
There are pizza couriers where I live. They have insulation bags attached to the back

posted on Jun, 9 2017 @ 03:41 AM
Thank you for not saying "Just buy a car..."

Anyway this party platter deal is becoming a problem because I can not deliver them. At least I can not deliver them without everything inside of the platter turning into a..... salad monster....

The party platter is filled with sandwiches. These sandwiches contain lettuce, onions, oil, vinegar, meat, and bread.... and because they are artistically chopped up into little hand held bites? and arranged in a circle? They are extremely easy to well.... knock around.

Forget trying to keep the sandwiches in place when I hit a bump... but for the most part I believe I can handle delivering them seeing how I can deliver 6 30 ounce paper cups with plastic lids without a single one falling over.

But the entire encasement needs to be able to fit AT LEAST 2 16 inch in diameter circular party platters.


So seeing how I can't just stick these in sideways without absolutely everything falling apart inside? It makes it difficult finding ANYTHING that can carry these.

So yes I do need help in finding a way in which I can transport these ****ing things..... because no one else can due to the amount of speeding tickets they have, and how many cars have been involved in an ACCIDENT in the past few months.....

So.... I might just have to go over to ACME to figure this out....

And if I can figure out how to be able to deliver pizza's on a motorcycle.... I could become a trillionaire... if I can find a way to keep the pizza balanced during turns, etc. Then getting all of the pizza places heavily interested in the idea and flooding the TV stations with my advertisements making it look awesome on tv.)
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I have the workings of a solution now....

found it here...

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posted on Jun, 9 2017 @ 05:51 AM
There's always the possibility of a tank bag contraption..... ? Cardboard and duct tape and imagination.

posted on Jun, 9 2017 @ 06:04 AM
Some sort of pivot device that allows a sort of fluid movement when maneuvering turns etc?
Also some sort of energy absorber product fitted to the bottom of the 'cage' or whatever you are using currently.
You could insert removable shelves for carrying more than one tray or pizza.

posted on Jun, 9 2017 @ 07:19 AM
a reply to: GiulXainx

Build your own, custom, transport boxes out of foam core board and packing tape (a quick, cheap, and temporary solution), or 2-part epoxy (still cheap, relatively easy, and permanent). Foam board is available at most art supply or craft stores. The epoxy can be found at hobby an hardware stores.

Make the box (or boxes, if you have more than one tray to transport. Though one box with a false bottom could be more elegant) just big enough to hold the tray in place (so inside would be about 16" on a side) and just deep enough to clear the treats (if the sandwiches can't bounce up and down on the trip, they'll still be intact and arranged when you arrive.

Used to use this method to build "launch tubes", kind of a transportable missile silo, for hobby rockets, some of those rockets were up to 8 feet long and could lift a refrigerator to 100 feet high.

Added plus: The foam board acts like insulation to keep in the heat or the cold, especially if you cover the inside of the box with tinfoil.
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posted on Jun, 18 2017 @ 07:22 PM
a reply to: GiulXainx

It sounds like you need some sort of suspended system. Perhaps involving a gyroscope? So you can take a corner, and gravity will tilt, swing, or use "whatever" movement based on what type of mechanism depending how you build it, to change the center of gravity for the party platter in a different angle.

But then you must still learn the art of accellerating from a stop, and coming to a stop, Very gradually. There is only so much a mere gyroscopic/suspension/swing setup can do...

Maybe build a cube shaped containment box, insulated for hot & cold contents, and have your platform in there, on a gyro, AND, the gyro is connected to a framework which itself is then connected, by a network of springs & shocks on the top, bottom, all sides, and diagonally at the corners... and Then, motorize the gyro, and the hydraulics, attach a computer and a few other minor peices of equipment perhaps, and write a program to manipulate the mechanications in a manner favorable to your plied trade.

Or do ot without the computer and it will just kind of bounce around and you can attach a weight to the proper area of the gyroscope to keep it righted, yet still able to swivel during turns, accelleration and deceleration. And the springs surrounding entire gyroscope's custom frame give it extra shock absorption.

Or instead of a gyroscope, a simpler pendulum, or a fixed swinging apparatus that Only swings side to side...or front to back if you prefer... Or some other suspended apparatus.

Gyroscope gives you the advantage that it can, unless purposely disabled or limited artificially, rotate in every angle, so, it could do a complete loop, or somersault...

If the angular momentum holds, the dish, depending on what it is, could remain relatively undisturbed. So if were in a wreck where your car or bike flipped over several times, either back over front, like a somersault, or sideways in a "barrel roll" type motion, and if and your bike are still in working condition, you could hypothetically still complete your delivery.

Or, alternately, if the bike was in working condition, or heck even if the bike was totalled, as long as the FOOD was good to go, then, as you're being lifted on a stretcher onto the ambulance, your replacement driver should be showing up right about then, provided that you dutifully hit your OnStar preset button alerting the company, that's if you don't have it set to automatic alert in case of collision.

But anyway, you might want to program it so that, if its beginning to tilt sideways and it detects that the angular momentum is not going to be sufficient to keep the food in place, then it sends a burst of energy through its gyromech motors, to cause it to not just rotate between 45 and 90 degrees, (or up to 135 degrees), but causes it to do a full 360 before reharmonizing its equilibrium. Therefore keeping the food in place, on the plate. (You might wanna consider vacuum sealing all your food items individually before delivery)

It also helps to know Exactly What you are transporting... A party platter? Of what? Any beverages? Hot or cold beverages? Soups, dips, sauces, condiments, plasticware, napkins?

posted on Jun, 18 2017 @ 07:26 PM
For the pizza deliveries, attach a custom holder to each wheel.
centrifugal force should keep the toppings from sliding off.

* I use the microwave to dry my underpants, so take this
suggestion with a grain of salt.

posted on Jul, 7 2017 @ 10:47 AM
You can check it out here.

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