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The Global Ghost Gear Initiative

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posted on Jun, 8 2017 @ 07:50 AM

Ghost gear refers to any fishing equipment or fishing-related litter that has been abandoned, lost or otherwise discarded; also referred to as ‘derelict fishing gear’ and/or ‘fishing litter’.

A Pilot project funded by a grant from GGGI participant, World Animal Protection, has been under way since last summer and has collected more than 50 tonnes of nets from Peterhead, Ullapool, Scrabster and Macduff harbours, most of which have already been recycled in Denmark.

I was using rope today that I found on the beach. I use pieces of fishing net for holding down tarpaulins. Every bit of tangled net I find on the beach has decomposed mess mixed in with it. I've got an H1 Spyderco for beachcombing use.

. . . non-rusting H1 steel. H1 is a precipitation-hardened steel containing nitrogen instead of carbon, which cannot rust.

After watching that video and taking a quick look at the website I'm going to be less selfish in my beachcombing. Instead of just taking what I want I'll find ways to remove as much net as I can.

posted on Jun, 8 2017 @ 08:04 AM
a reply to: Kester
It doesn't stop there Kester....

I fish in all locations, rivers, lochs, lakes, the sea from shore, the sea from boat, I even fish drains. This debris anglers are leaving behind is found in all those locations. It consists of:

Line, net, rusty hooks, safe lead, unsafe lead, plastic packets from bait/night lights/tackle - it's frustrating and very annoying to be labelled with the same brush as other anglers - but so many of them do it!

I come home with a bag full of line most trips.

Fossil hunting is the same - for every fossil I probably take home two pockets of line and netting. EDIT - actually that's not true anymore since the installation of of special fishing line disposal areas on the local beaches - that's how bad it gets.

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posted on Jun, 8 2017 @ 09:30 AM
This is only the tip of iceberg. If you take a moment and look at your surroundings 10/10 times you will trash.

It's everywhere!

From the deepest part of the ocean to the space above us.

Every one of us leaves a wake of trash behind. EVERYONE.

Good on you for trying to your part even though it's a small impact it's still an impact. I try as much as I can to clean around me. There's just so much...
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posted on Jun, 8 2017 @ 10:14 AM
This is awesome!

After highschool I did a lot of traveling, but I always incorporated conservation work somewhere along the way in each country I went to. In Australia, Grand Cayman, And Costa Rica I dove a lot and specifically worked with locals and groups there on Reef Cleanup in their waters.

We certainly didn't get 50 tonnes worth, haha. But it really felt good to be doing something.

It's also a very cheap and intimate way to travel. A lot of conservation groups will give you free accommodations, and although they don't advertise it, will buy you food too, just for helping. Some even offer to pay for your flight if you have special education or experience that relates to the conservation work, such as marine biology, zoology, veterinary education, and so forth.

Super worth it!

For instance, in the Cayman Islands, I spent a month there, spent $300 while on the islands. I paid for my plain ticket as I didn't have any extra education that would benifit the cause. But while there, full month, $300. And that's in a beachfront private home, and a vehicle (both paid for by the group)

posted on Jun, 8 2017 @ 10:55 AM
Wow I support their efforts.

When we were in FL the boys wanted to do a lot of fishing. So us girls who didn't care for fishing sat on the pier and chit chatted..... we noticed hooks and fishing line everywhere. All over the ground. Rusted, old, new............ My friend and I spent the whole time the boys were fishing walking up and down the pier picking up hooks and trash and line....... It's sad how trashed our environment is.

Something I hope to teach my son, my father taught me- whenever we went to a park or a playground or trail....

Leave the place cleaner than it was when you arrived.

I thought this was disgusting, why the hell would I want to pick up someones mtn dew can or Gatorade bottle? What if they were sick or had a serious disease, I don't want to touch that and risk getting the flu.............. Dad said I wouldn't have to worry about that and neither would my future babies if we continued to let the world pile up with trash scattered about without any kind of organization.

So to anyone who doesn't typically do this... after reading this thread, watching the video, and reading my reply, I encourage you to think about it........ Consider picking up other peoples trash when you're at the parks or out and about.

Thanks for posting!!!


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