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Meet: Renaissance inventor, Cornelius Drebbel.

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posted on Jun, 7 2017 @ 03:47 PM
Hi all, i like to tell you a little about a not so famous, but i think interesting man in history.

Cornelius Drebbel ( 1572 – 1633) was a renaissance man, an inventor an alchemist and an engineer.
An engraver by trade, he went on to many new paths. Not a well known in modern history, Dutch man Cornelius Drebbel was really a man of many disciplines. He traveled along the royal courts of Europe to display, was hired, or got jailed.

This man invented and or contributed many things of i will name a view:

You like your chicken meat or eggs? Thank Drebbel, he invented the The Egg Incubator ( temperature controlled heat ) One of the first feedback controlled devices. No more need for nature, mass production off egg hatching.

The submarine. Cornelius Drebbel did some demonstrations on the Thames for the king, traveling underwater long distances and according to witnesses at least three hours. ( He made oxygen along the way with some chemicals, some say by burning salpeter)

A clock that will always reset itself to realtime when the sun shines ( even when deliberated disturbed) They also would tell the tides.
Beautiful works of art and machinery.

Related to those clocks were systems and Perpetuum mobiles in many forms. He offered self working fountains and moving musical playing statues to the Bavarian King all with the power of ....
A depiction of one of his clocks on a old painting and drawing:

Here is the first page of his official declaration of the perpetuum motion ( in old Dutch)

But he did not stop there, he also invented the perfect red. That is the perfect color red for dying fabrics.

Enough? Hell no.. you can not be a renaissance man without some alchemy!

I can read (old) Dutch, so my best translation of this front page is:
"Nature and its elements, and how this will create wind, rain, lightening and thunder, and why they serve"

And to top it all of... he also gave the formula to create the "Quinta Essentia" ( the fifth element )

In this one he actually tells how to make the "Quinta Essentia", it is a delicious read for someone like me.
Maybe some day i will try the recipe ; )

Anyway, i hope i shed some light on a person who deserves some credit in history.
I'm not a expert, but i read quite a lot of the man, so if any questions, feel free to ask.

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posted on Jun, 7 2017 @ 04:01 PM
a reply to: EartOccupant

star and flag for the effort

he was also part of " the Office of Ordnance of King Charles I Secret Service "

posted on Jun, 7 2017 @ 04:03 PM
Nice Post, and an interesting read and find!! S&F

posted on Jun, 7 2017 @ 04:04 PM
a reply to: kibric


He was a man of many trades and shades.

I read some of his correspondence of the time and other works about him, truly intriguing.
Even Galileo comes along in those writings

posted on Jun, 7 2017 @ 04:24 PM
I will add this first paragraph of the Quinta Essentica in English, but remember, i translated this on the fly from old Dutch into English and English is not my native language.
Feel free to correct me if anyone knows better.

The Quinta Essentia is an eternal, unchanging, fire resistant, like heaven un-concurable and in all elements a truly completed thing: Plenty-full of warmth, dryness, cold and moisture, above the unbelievable. When you need warmth, it will give you warmth, without noticing the cold, ( which is wondering): Also it does not give warmth to those in need of cooling, where moist is absent, it will bring moist in abundance, without creating drought, this is also true for all other elements and therefore it is sovereign a remedy for all illnesses.

In old Dutch:

De Quinta Essentia is een eeuwich, onveranderlijk, onverbrandelijk, gelijk de Hemel onoverwinnelijk, en in alle Elementen een volkomen ding: seer vol warmte, droochte, koude, en vocht, dat het schier ongelooflijk is. Dan wanneer warmte van noden is, so geeft sy de selven, also dat men (‘t welk seer wonderlijk is) sijn koude niet bemerkt: also ook geene warmte als men die geeft aan sulke die verkoeling begeeren, maar waar vochtigheyt ontbreekt geeft sy de selve
overvloedigh, en nochtans verschijnt geen droochte, en soo gaat het ook met d'andere Qualiteiten der Elementen: derhalven is het ook een souvereine Remedie voor alle krankheden

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posted on Jun, 7 2017 @ 04:46 PM
I could mention he also had a hand in the telescope and microscope... but hey.. that's obvious ; )

World's first airconditioner he did however demonstrated to the King of England by lowering the temperature of the great hall (not a small room) in summer to winter temperatures.

Here is a nice little article in English ( with some colored additions ) but anyway..

Absolute Zero and the Conquest of Cold


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posted on Jun, 7 2017 @ 07:58 PM
Best and most interesting read of the day. Thanks and nice job EO.

posted on Jun, 8 2017 @ 03:03 AM
Some addition on the "perfect red":

'Around the year 1606/7 Cornelis Jacobszoon Drebbel developed a new dye, the ‘perfect red’. A deep scarlet red dye, the most beautiful color red that existed. He manufactured the pigment by adding ‘kings’ water / ‘aqua regia’ and tin to a mixture of cochineal, an organic pigment, that is produced by processing large quantities of feminine coccus insects.'

posted on Jun, 8 2017 @ 03:49 AM
Drebbel is also on the moon : )

On the moon at -40,9 degrees latitude and 49 degrees longitude in the Clementine system, a crater with a diameter of 30 km is named Drebbel: one of the first Dutchmen on the moon. A nice token of his immortality.

He was in Disney World in Orlando, at Epcot in the Pavilion the Living Seas, a picture of Drebbel and his sub-marine were at the entrance, now replaced by Nemo and his friends.

Drebbel also figures in Startrek, the four Musqueteers and an episode of Sealab.
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posted on Jun, 8 2017 @ 04:26 AM
To give you an impression how "famous' his perpetuum mobile was in those days, is by looking at oil paintings from rich people in the 16th century.
I still can't believe no one of these instruments seems to have survived. I'm still hoping that one day in some castle they find one of those in a dark corner.
There are countless painting on witch the trained eye can spot a Drebbel perpetuum mobile.
These images provided below will proof the object actually existed, because they are not the subject, just in the "shot"
Here I
you some examples of paintings with the instrument spotted.

So next time you see an old painting... try to spot a Drebbel !

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posted on Aug, 6 2018 @ 02:43 PM

posted on Jul, 26 2019 @ 07:27 PM
a reply to: EartOccupant

did you translate quinta essentia ? i would like to read this please

posted on Aug, 13 2019 @ 02:45 PM
a reply to: babalon1971

I did not, but i can give you an automated one, not sure if all is correct transelated.
Feel free to ask if some parts are unclear, i will do try to translate that part manually.

First part:

of the
The Quinta Essentia is
an age-old, unchangeable, incombustible, like Heaven invincible,
and in all Elements a perfect thing: full of warmth, drought, cold, and moisture,
that it is almost incredible.
Then when warm from needs
is, so gives sy selven, also that
one (which is really amazing)
his cold not noticed: also
also no heat if one
gives sulke that cooling
covetous, but where moisture is lacking gives sy de selve
abundance, and however no drought appears, and soo
it also goes with the other Qualities of the Elements: it is therefore also a sovereign
Remedy for all diseases.
All Quintae Essentiae are from
equal strength as sy
and there is no problem there
uyt what a Matter sy.
Light wants to seg: when
is equal in all Quinte Essentiis, then why do the old ones have it
gout d'other suggested? I
replied, nothing up
the worlds is where in the Quinta
Essentia is soo reyn, as in the
Gout: for the Gout is complete, it is probable, and it has weynich
or no veselen by sich: that's why Quinta Essentia is now
of the Body, with no byblyving of the Corrosive feched, and with Spiritus Vini
rectified wert, so is sy veerdich, and very penetrating: but
other Quinta Essentia, after that
sy be separated from the Bodies, neither sijn nor with much incineration and vesels charged internally and externally: those
otherwise not as with the highest
actually fall from it.
Then if you have an imperfect and burning thing
Quinta Essentia wants uyttrecken,
so it is necessary first
to relieve them of their vesels, and
that burnt Olye away
do soo much it is possible:
there after figuring, and with calcination and solving all incinerated
Misterheyt Wech: hers too
veselen, who has a lot of time and work
require: as the none know who has experienced it.
And when it has now been cleansed, figured, and brought to fruition, Matter is soo
Gout, and the same good Quinta
Esstentia, & c.

posted on Aug, 13 2019 @ 02:46 PM
Now you want to ask how
it is possible that that
Quinta Essentia soo powerful
can be? I want to tell you: when sy le le in Spiritu Vini,
where of all Phlegma is wech;
so that it sout (what else
light in the moisture dissolves)
itself does not solve that, soo sal
almost giving it a Mixtuer, and
sulks because of the abundant
moisture that is in it: clean
sy is drooch after fitting. Yes
more like sout, so appears
no drought there, whatever
miracle is, so much more, because it is also the Spiritum Coa -
guleert, in a Christalynen
stone, and it takes him away from the heat:
though it is neither cold nor
nor any other thing thick wort.
Since two things arise, it is one thing
its abundant humidity,
if it resolves: the other is a cold drought, if
it coagulates wert. But nice abundant warmth, appears, as if in common water
until it is enough
has. Then in Sulken case, if
the seer heart freezes, even if it is crazy
in the coldest place, that's what it wants
don't freeze water, oock wants it
did not spoil nor became stinkent in century:
where uyt was very clear
the perfection of the four Elements. And this not only takes place in wine and water, but also
in all other imperfect things: welcke it shares something
they desire. Then as of the
Quinta Essentia as much as it has been dissolved in salt water
wert, so will some fine drought perish, so that one can drink it without harm: yes as
gy the one with the most toxic
water mixes, disappears
that poison in an oogenblick:
so that it is sea-watering
can give to drink, from Aqua forte, one can say that itself: but then it must be figured and distilled with it
were: otherwise wanted that
Aqua fort by the warmth of
Maachs up in the brain
ascent, and earlier than the
Quinta Essentia
of Nature come there: and
the people with penetration and Corroding for life
bring. But if it's fleeting
soo, it immediately climbs up, and
protects the brain, and shares
all toxic waters including what
sy desires. Or you can do that too
Aqua fort co-opted
become, and when it finally comes to mind,
soo it goes through the body,
without any impediment, because sy is complete in all Elements, whose
Defect or lack of cause
of the poison; because there
missing or fire, or water,
or cold, or drought: this is what the Aqua forts say, which
His fought Spirit of the Mineralien, which the Soul in it
Body is missing: but if sy
with that his losses loses sight of Corrosivian violence: comparing the Spiritus
her by the air, and the water,
clean sy not sonder fire are:
for even the Air is not sounding
fire and water is: and the fire
is sonder Lucht door. Therefore
are three Elements in the Aqua
forts: but the sky, and it
have the water. This
prove the wort with the salt. Then
where that selve is solved,
the water is over there;
and in which thing the sky, or
the air and water too,
have the hands over there
was found a pervasive pungent taste, like one
Asin: but like fire and air
prevail, so neither arises
a sharper, more quirky, and more pervasive flavor: which when it fires, there is none
to find salt, like a high one
rectified Brandewyn, and
such weighing that the sad thing that is in it. Derhalven
welcke Spirit of a week and sagging taste, and
drink that salt in itself, there
the water reigns: but in
scharpe, and dissolving the salt, it is air and water: yes
troubel and penetrating, and in
not leaving the salt in itself,
fire and air reign. Uyt
dese Eygenschappen comes the
Nature emerges, and the
power of the Spirits, and the cause
of her imperfection: but
while the Quinta Essentia is equally full of Elements. so makes
sy also the Spiritus and Corpora
completely, whatever defects sy
if sy but there too
were identified: but what
that does not have control, is
wyt from the Quinta Essentia.
But the union is one
horribly secretive, and on
weynich confesses: it is a gift of God, therefore it is appropriate
my not clearer either
to write but must be alone
be satisfied, sulks through it
Explain Jesu Christi, the one between Godt and
us is the Mediator. Hy has
us by fine walk
in a Mensch, identified with God, in an eternal immortal theft. O!
perfect wisdom, how incomprehensible are your wonders,
and full of comfort your examples
that gy in all things, to a tuygenisse of eternal life,
and honor protection against you Woort,
pointing us with a finger.

posted on Aug, 13 2019 @ 02:47 PM
We have now recklessly recounted the lewdness and beauty of the Quinta Essentia, including Nature and
Mangel der Spirituum, and the
cause of the imperfections of the bodies, and then how
the selven were identified, and
others obtain power
to make perfect: then when the Corpus died, and the
vesels made of it, and it
body again with that reyne
mind and soul, soo
the spirit takes its beyde with it
in the farm: alto that system
became strong too often. The
Soul and the Body, obtained
the nature of the Spirit and dese
again the Nature of the Body and of the Soul. When
this shot, sy alsoo
that does not go anywhere
to be scheyden. The mind turns
slightly figured. Sy obtains the
nature of the Body; because it
the physical attracts the spiritual, and the spiritual it
physical: that is why it is
just a glorified body
called: because the alderley imperfect bodies, where in
the cast, and the selve
permeates. And
this is one of the greatest concealments which the merciful God has revealed to us here, to an assurance of our salicheyt, and to
glory of sijn perfect utter love towards us: by sijn
Soon Jesum Christum to us
prove. Who wouldn't be there
about horror, as he is Death
and rising up in all things
siet. O! unsympathetic wisdom, who can raise you with gracious and worthy praise.
Now come to the practical: clean we ourselves have touched on a few here above.
The Philosophers have not
always heard of this case,
as they mentioned the Quinta Essentia: many have the
fleeting spirit, that in all things
found with this name
when she named him
Have assessed elements.
Most give Philosophischer
wise something else with that
so know this Spirit
not expelled and wort, so dies
nothing, nor anything in the Elements changes: because it is,
as the Philosophers say
a self-binding of itself,
and the life of created things: but no such Quinta
Essentia that heals all diseases. Sy is of equal strength
things, since you extract sy
is, assuming that it is always Mercurialis. Because the Spiritus
uyt de Stipicus, stops the buykloop, which uyt het Papaver sleeps
caused and also it is
to understand others. But from some roots it is Quinta Essentia
and: the life of the Elements: well. all while
things that this spirit (the what
something is that above the Elements
is) be robbed, be doot: if
also while the four Elements
made alive again
and divide into it and live there:
but somwylen rules it
vyer in there, then the sky and
the water: somwylen vyer and
air, and the Earth passes through the bottom, which when sy through
vlyticheyt was put to work, that sy triumphs over the moisture of the water,
also that vyer and Earth itself
let sien immediately, then sy starts
the true Quinta Essentia, and
dispels all defects, because
in the beginning, the water has dominated or is clean
the only Spirit of buyten
drooch uytsien, so sijn sy but
been water in the beginning, and
have changed with the movement of the Elements. Be
one can also cut the water
by konst, the power of the air
to trecken, and that dampness
change into a dry, fleeting, and translucent Christ: after that, the air must be improved by the force
of the earths. This must be here
again with volkome verwe
and the power of the vyers is against it. And in this way the
matter by all forces and
Elements have been multiplied, and must also be over the selve
as sysheric diseases
drowning sou.

posted on Aug, 13 2019 @ 02:48 PM
Here sal was revealed to be that of the
Philosophen for others is hidden, For the power of
the Spirit, so much known, is by no means for them
described. And one can do it with
right a fyer and the life of
call things, or the Mercury of the Philosophers, or the
Humidum Radicale, in der
act it is Vyer, which is a residence of the life of the Elements. Everything we do to make our business perfect must
were brought to this form:
nor does it prevent this Spirit
much or weynig in all Elements
lives. Because the Elements,
who are once joined together of God, (as the Philosophers acknowledge with a mouth of mouth) could not be shaken altogether, but they still remain something that mixes,
but that Humidum Radicale
so depends on the Elements, and
so dry, nothing right
without the help of dampicheyt
there can be uyt, then it is
der selven smell, taste and taste:
and the more sy are cooked
the more sy the smell, taste,
and lose moisture. But
the Spirit the more sy Philosophically cooked, soo
much more moist that there
is abundant, dries out,
and wort the longer the better:
for sy comes closer to the perfect theory; therefore he w
oock by the Philosophen
other dry elements soo
hooch pressed; but if
we call him right, so it is not like that
an Elemental water, it
welcke het vyer, sky and
the Earth hid wyse in sich: The vyer
is in the air, and the Earth in bet
Water: the warmth of the four surpasses the cold of the Earth, and vividly displays that moisture,
and flow tent, so that no cold
its freeze can, which appears in Wine Spirit. Now
prevents the moisture content
waters that do not dry out through the drought of the sky and the air, and so on. Because too
all Elements in the Spirit
nature and form were changed. There it appears that the Elements are completely in him, but in water
live together. Which the
Philosophen (as stated above)
overcome by the life of
Elements: by vyer: and also help them by Philosophical
Vyer, it's all other things
if it is complete
die reyne Quinta Essentia, root
like a Robyn, unchangeable and
non-combustible. That is why Nature, so please seize God
get to know our Creator, and
sal u sijn goetheyt and power sien
let, more like someone on the Earth: that's why the Alderhoogste
praise and prize in Eternity. Amen.

posted on Aug, 13 2019 @ 02:49 PM
Quinta Essentia solis.
Makes an Aqua fort, uyt
Fitriool and Salniter: does
so much common sout there, that
if it wants to keep; over there
after let it sate with
beaten Gout, until it is three or
has been in the heat for four days and no longer drinks,
but something unresolved on the gravel
or ashes made late.
After that, pour on a town
rectified Quinta Essentia
of wine, set it on a warm
oven, so is that Quinta Essentia or that tinctuer des gouts on top of swimming, with the Spiritus Vini, that of his phegma vry
is, root like a Bloet: there after fieltreet, and repeat that pouring for so long, until the rectified water is no longer a Tinctuer
uyt pulls. Then so did it dry, and wash it with reyn water,
with solving and coagulating, until
the sharpness of the Aqua fortis is wounded: after that it must be done right
proportion of the Spiritus, since there is no drop of water-like vogtigheyt in:
let the Philosophischer wyse putrificate, up to that sy both above
climb her: so sult gy have
the Q E. van de Gout by help
from the Spir. V. wonderlyk gene-
all diseases, and give up
with all the aforementioned Eyg features. The tincteur Represents the soul: the spirit of wine
the body and mind. Sy and can not be shunned in any way: and
this is also the true Q.E. but without the mind it was no Q. and
the smallest dose would kill the people, just like before
is summoned: but if you sublimate the tinctuer des gouts in a Corpus, and after that
root, and in common water.
solves, so sult gy find the true one
Q.E. sonder mixture. It is firing
also shorter, namely as gy van
the body of the Gout, by the
evaporation des Aqua fortis freeze,
being that sout wascht: short
afterwards reverenced, immediately too
the Spiritum, or the tinctuer: solang
until sy is dissolved in common water, and then as equal
figs. Dese is the most complete
and most subtle way

posted on Aug, 13 2019 @ 02:50 PM
From the Quinta Essentia of Metals and Minerals,
Solves the Metal or Mineral probe with loss of any Spirit in distilled Vinegar. Coagulates that name
a warm place: or distils se
until that sy a fleece on top
obtained: or like an Olye fat
wert, there after last in a cold
basement to shoot Christallen,
the moisture evaporates, late
to become Christal again, until that all moisture must be thick. Then dries the
pebbles in a warm room,
solveertse again and let Christallen shoot, there you too
nature reynder: there after digereertse to datse swart. Draws the Tinctuer uyt with
rectified Spirit, and does
the vesels of it, digereertse
again to that together
sig climbing, so you have the
Quinta Essentia of the Metals and
Minerals, goes against all defects. You may also cleanse the Body and with it
mind, like van 't Gout
has been swayed.
From the Quinta Essentia der Vegetabilien.
From all fragrant Kruyden, you will distil the Spiritum, and sine it up
to take. The subtle Spiritus
go for it, and like the Spirit
Veni not Drops Gewyse, but
with many rays sy falls into the
helmet down: if dese stop,
some dripping or watery clouds, and it's one
sign that the mind passed
so, take the front coat so
and extracts those vesels or extracts those matter contained in the
gront van de kolf overich is: and
Maakse with solving and coagulating entirely reyn, then the
Spiritus contributes to that, soo much
that it no longer takes on anything, climbing up and down, passing to that beyde, like
this shoots, so you have the full.
Quinta Essentia: but if
It is not a bad smell
so, one dissolves it in distilled water, or one makes se,
with thistle drooch, and men
pour her eygen water on it,
so doing so much
distilled water if it is good,
then you sult it with solving and
coagulation of fine vesels and reynigen. Then it dissolves in you
rectified water after straight
proportion, and have eight, that sy with
the others about her climbing, a root water when Bloet became, and if sy perhaps no more
dissolves his will, so versadichtse with your tinctuer as te
forward. Gy ass that Corpus too

posted on Aug, 13 2019 @ 02:50 PM
From the Qunita Essentia of Animals.
Let the meat cook in one
flask, stopped close: late
that set for three days:
then cousin it through a filtrum,
and coagulates it in Balneo: there
na reynigt it with wit van Eyeren, and act as by Vegetabilien. Here you have friendly
Leser changed ways
to make the perfect Medicyn,
or Quinta Essentia, I hope you
sult the whole thing,
if you read it carefully.
I have touched many secrets now, only that
boose and wrong people
don't want to miss kills,
to the contemptible God & c.
Do you wear it, and settle after the movement of Nature.

posted on Aug, 13 2019 @ 02:51 PM
Enthusiasts Reader, if
You are begeerich to know who and what kind of ones are there.
Cornelis Drebbel has been, soo
reads the subsequent tidbits, adhering to that: the one I belong to
confirmation of sulks, and to the satisfaction of U. L. have been added thereto; you sout there slightly measuring, what
scherpsinnich and not less a loving under-investigator of the Nature-Konst of Drebbel; those not only with tuygenis other, but principally with eygen deeds' t selve
proves to be true.

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