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Clashes between police and people because of the deportation of an afghan student

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posted on Jun, 1 2017 @ 07:39 AM
Short after the bomb attack in Kabul/Afghanistan, near the german embassy there, people tried to stop the deportation of a 20 years old afghan. They clashed with the police, when the police tried to dissolve the peaceful sit-in. The fights went on for hours.

Now, at least the rightwingers, will think:
Those lefties again, those libtards(that typical rightwinger speak), etc...
A whole school full of libtards and lefties, and that in Bavaria( to the Franken, i know that Nürnberg is Mittelfranken, i am sorry, but it´s still bavaria, somehow... xD)? And even the people which came from the town, to help to stop the deportation, all libtards, lefties etc?

Or might it have other reasons that people now start to prevent these unnecessary deportations?
Deportations of the wrong people, into one of the most dangerous areas on our world.
Because, this guy in Nürnberg again was just unlucky being an Afghan. I bet, if he would have been northafrican(morroco, tunesia, algeria) and a criminal, he would never been deported.

But a guy that lived here for more than 4 years (he didn´t even come with that refugee stream in 2015!), who was not criminal but learning, undergoing an apprenticeship, is described as a good student, such people are send back to the hell of Afghanistan. That makes people act like they did in Nürnberg!

At the end of the thread i will add some videos(all german, sorry). If you watch the videos you will maybe see what i saw:
"We" have enough money and police to deport ONE harmless afghan. And to fight the taxpaying people that can´t understand the german deport politics, for hours. We pay taxes for legions of cops that fight us, the people, with the taxmoney, we the people pay. But if it comes to terror attacks(the same if it comes to "average criminals", not terrorists), "flops, failures and fumbles", missing money, missing powers, missing mass surveillance, missing antidemocratic rights etc were the reason for terrorists, all known by the "anti-terror" officials(just a coincidence, there is nothing to see here, please go on...), to do their attacks, right under the eyes of the "anti-terror-forces".

But it seems that "we" have enough of all that, as long as it is against the own people, the own citizens, their will. As long as it is to use to fight the own tax-payers, that pay for the police, pay the wage of the cops(and those that send them). And i bet, at least 50% of the cops there hated what they had to do, they are not all programmed robots and some can think logically for themselves, have even human feelings.

Because, it makes no sense, for nobody, to deport harmless people back to a land that is in a state of chaos, civil war. Where german soldiers fight, get injured, die till today "for the german freedom that has to be defended at the Hindukush"(and for sure nor for the proxy wars of "best friends"...). When the person that will be deported is not criminal but a good student, diligent, hard studying, not pickpocketing, not drug dealing etc.

"We" keep the wrong people here and send the wrong people back. "We" keep criminals here but send innocent civilists back into civil wars. That´s why people now even try to stop the government from deporting the wrong people!

And the rulers showed us, once again, that there is enough police power, that there are enough police forces, enough pepper spray, enough tonfas, enough of all that police state stuff, as long as it goes against the own taxpaying citizens. I bet right now they are checking the data of all smart phones, cellular phone, that were in use yesterday there, and i could bet that this school now is under governments, secret services surveillance, at least for a while.

Till they found all the "lefties" and "libtards", all those "commies", "russia friends" and "leftwinger terrorists" that were part of the blockade that escalated(i don´t know who started the violence). Because in Germany, everything that could be sold as nearly "left", will be combated, while rightwing terrorism...

While our justice just stops a court hearing about 26 german neo nazi terrorists("Aktionsbüro Mittelrhein"), just because one of the judges retires. Those rightwinger terrorists were charged with the formation of a criminal organization, with personal injury, with property damage, inter alia. They burned down cars, attacked from their view "lefties" and even observed a a german official with a GPS transmitter. They are free now, and even get financial compensation(taxpayers money once again) for their time in custody. That is the outcome if a "republic" is founded with what was left from a Nazi dictatorship, under the guidance of the new, way more right than left rulers...

People get angry when they have to pay for the deportations(the costs for police etc) of the wrong people to the most wrong areas, while career criminals weren´t deported to their not civil war lands. If people hear, after every suspicious terror attack(right under the eyes of the "anti-terror" forces), that there is not enough police- and surveillance state, but have to see and feel that there is enough of all that, they even payed taxes for, but only if it is against them. People get angry when they have to pay for terrorists that were set free, to pay for the court costs, to pay for the financial compensation, while everybody knows that the rightwinger terrorists are guilty. People get angry when the realize that they pay for a state that acts against their will, when they realize that the police is not your "friend and partner", but just a tool against the people, a tool only for the ruling class!

People get angry when they realize that they pay for being on the wrong side of the axis of evil!

Here are the videos:

Feel free to discuss, i will switch in from time to time.
It just was important for me to tell others what i mentioned, and i just wanted to leave a few lines here.
Have a nice day or a good night, depending on where you are!


He doesn´t have to go to deportation detentions
But if he can stay remains unclear.

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posted on Jun, 1 2017 @ 07:57 AM
So this guys a good citizen who's been there for 4 years with no problem and all the sudden they want to deport him with no provocation?? I'm thinking there's much more to this heartwarming story of injustice. When the truth comes out I think that more will be revealed.

posted on Jun, 1 2017 @ 08:04 AM

originally posted by: WUNK22
So this guys a good citizen who's been there for 4 years with no problem and all the sudden they want to deport him with no provocation?? I'm thinking there's much more to this heartwarming story of injustice. When the truth comes out I think that more will be revealed.

Believe it or not, it´s because of the german deprtation politics, that´s why it is in this forum.
He just was unlucky being an Afghan, and they are hit most by "our" deportation politics. They guy was no criminal, but till yesterday he is accused of" civil disorder", because he didn´t want to enter the police car voluntarily.

More and more people here think that "somebody" is doing everything to divide the people, with giving out the wrong orders the whole time, with burning tax money for the wrong things. It´s like somebody wants to creat riots, clashes and all that. Maybe to get more money, more powers, more antidemocratic laws?

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posted on Jun, 1 2017 @ 08:18 AM
Your country is already lost. Nothing to discuss....your people dont have the backbone to stop the invading Muslims.

posted on Jun, 1 2017 @ 10:04 AM
I do not agree with above poster.

There is a lot to discuss here, and, as often happens with a well thought out and written (US politics-less) post, there will likely be no discussion to be found.

OP's post highlights the incompetence of our government on so many levels- the absurdity of the law and the system in place that would import a volatile and unpredictable demographic en masse and export a few good men- the disconnect that must exist for our current conditions to exist is massive.

Nothing to see here, folks. Back to the regular programming

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