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The Day I Lived CRE2017

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posted on Jun, 1 2017 @ 06:19 AM
Non Writer


As time flowed a being was born to this new planet we know as CRE2017. This planet is purple with a red hue. Up close CRE2017 is purple. At a distance CRE2017 looks red. CRE2017 Is a young planet of only 2 billion years. Creation of her outer and inner timelines was from a son. A son born from her moons.

As CRE2017 revolves around 7 suns, her son and daughter holds the power of the purple aura. The lifting emotions from this color make them one. From the shaking sky to the water she holds CRE2017 is a magical place to live. Being born on CRE2017 is a power from the universe that holds truth to your soul.

As children the twins could travel to a lie. It was called Earth, a distant planet. Earth was a planet of beauty from space. With a blue tone from the billions of gallons of ocean waters. The twins tried to help the people from this planet Earth, sadly humans do not want help. The twins returned to CRE2017.

After 4 billion years CRE2017 turned into a station of rest. Her moons orbited the sky in a backwards motion. Fire lit CRE2017 one night as the mother took a apple from the tree of life and gave it to Adam.

God cursed the two for their sins.

The serpent was just Satin.

The two created three and the three created 4. After 1000 years the two created a million.

Now we have creation.

So life goes on no matter how we get here.

The End
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posted on Jun, 1 2017 @ 07:23 AM
a reply to: NwoDedispU

Hi NwoDedispU!

That was great, I really enjoyed it.
I'm always amazed by the different ways that these contests are perceived by the writers here.
Unique and original.

(as the mother of twins I doubly approve, lol)
Good luck in the contest!


posted on Jun, 1 2017 @ 03:18 PM
a reply to: jacygirl

Thank you for reading.

posted on Jun, 2 2017 @ 05:24 PM
a reply to: NwoDedispU

Like Jacy, I enjoy the different thought processes that go into writing a short story from the contributors to this forum.

Your story had me imagining a place in the universe as you described.

Well done,


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posted on Jun, 3 2017 @ 01:45 AM
a reply to: bally001

Thank you bally001!

posted on Jun, 3 2017 @ 03:36 AM
a reply to: NwoDedispU

No worries mate.

Write more. I enjoy reading all submissions.

regards from me,


posted on Jun, 7 2017 @ 08:48 PM
good stuff there, it actually made me laugh . . . which is a rarity these days (and the stuff that does you wouldn't normally think would either)

posted on Jun, 7 2017 @ 10:30 PM
a reply to: JDeLattre89

Thank you. I flagged and stared yours to it was really good.

posted on Jun, 24 2017 @ 01:18 AM
Beautifully written!

posted on Jun, 24 2017 @ 12:52 PM
a reply to: Night Star

Thank you for reading my story!

posted on Jun, 28 2017 @ 06:29 PM
a reply to: NwoDedispU
Sad to find that in the future humans don't want help either.
Good story!

posted on Jun, 28 2017 @ 08:00 PM
a reply to: TNMockingbird

Thank you.

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