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Church Numbers (part one)

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posted on May, 24 2017 @ 08:38 PM
The story that I'm working on came from a dream I posted under my old member name 10 years ago. Be kind as this is my first story and I don't know yet where it's going from here.

Waking up in a daze due to last night's terribly strong thunderstorm Clarke found himself standing with a small group of people in a park like setting. How he got there was beyond him. All he recalled before appearing here was of the wind howling at his window and flashes of lightning followed by bursts of thunder. Clarke thought the storm might push his window in and break.

This group, along with Clarke, were standing under a covered picnic area on a day that was mild and sunny day. This group consisted of people of all ages, from an older man with a short gray beard to a brown hair girl about 10 years old. The covered area was on a cement foundation on which were 6 picnic tables. This park appeared to be several miles away from the city on the horizon. No one was around but these strangers at the park with Clarke. All the others were mulling around acting like they have someplace better to go. Clarke got the feeling that the best place to go to was the city. Perhaps Clarke could get a clue about why he was taken from his bed and placed in this strange land once in the city.

The small group began walking towards the street that appeared to lead to the city sitting on the horizon to the west. Clarke followed the group. To get to the road the group had no choice but to go through an old run down warehouse. Trees and heavy underbrush prohibited any other way.

The stonewalled building, which was the warehouse, built on wooden floors many years ago. The building housed out of date machinery that had been left to rust and be covered in dust and spider webs. Towards the door that would be their exit from this building the group noticed a large tire, perhaps from a tractor. Four wasp nests sat on the hub of the tire. There was no getting pass these wasp safely before they could get to the door and leave. Clarke knew of nothing else he do to help other than by trying to destroy the nests. After looking around the dusty floor where they stood Clarke picked up a steel rod that must have been about three feet in length.

After separating himself from the rest of the group, Clarke approached the tire and quickly smashed each wasp's nets into broken pieces. Threateningly the wasp headed straight toward Clarke. Frightened by what they saw the group stayed back but Clarke just stood where he was as he knew that this type of wasp would not harm them.

Clarke calmed the frightened group down so they could go out the door to towards the road. As they exited the building Clarke noticed that they were in an area consisting of older factories and warehouses that looked like they have been there forever.

The old man with the gray beard must have disappeared from the group as Clarke spotted him backing up a flat-bed truck with several wooden boxed on in. As the truck stopped for the group Clarke noticed the boxes labeled "EXPLOSIVES". The old man shouted for everyone to board the back of the truck as there was still room enough for all of them. The old man drove them to a scrap yard and explained to the group that it was getting too late in the day to drive down the road to the city. Clark and the group did what they can to make themselves at home. Clark happened to have with him a backpack that after examining it contents used it as a rough pillow to lay his head on and try to get some sleep.

As morning comes the next day, Clarke and the others board the truck to begin their trip to the city. After talking to some of the group last night, Clarke learned that he is several years into the future. A global war had destroyed most major cities putting to end the industries of mass production and governments that Clarke was familiar with. Rioting and revolutions caused countries to disband and region after region began its own rules controlling law and religion. In time many of these regions joined forces and became countries of their own. What was known as the United States is now a fascist county made up of most of the former country as well as parts of Canada and Mexico.

As cars and trucks are no longer mass-produced the only vehicles we saw were ones made from parts and pieces of older ones. This made for a variety of different looking vehicles. The road parallels a coastline on its north side and hills to the south.

By the time that evening approached the group had arrived at an armed check point on the outskirts of the city. Each of them placed their belongings on a conveyor belt on their right and were told by the police officer to take an orange ping-pong size ball. While their belonging went on their way to be x-rayed each of us placed the balls on a slot outside the x-ray machine. The balls went through a scanner and came out the other end with a two digit number on them. We each take our assigned numbered ball and belongings. All of the group are clear to go ahead into the city except the last person.

Clarke stays behind to find out why the last man cannot continue. A man dressed in a dark-colored police uniform stands behind the man in question. Clarke thinks about reaching inside of his backpack for the gun that he discovered there as the police officer moves his right hand down to his gun belt. The police officer reaches towards the back side of his gun belt. He is not going for the gun but Clarke has not idea what his plans are. As the police officer pulls a small notebook from his rear pocket Clarke realizes that there was no need to go for his gun. Clarke thought he was lucky to still have the gun as it is made of some sort of hard plastic and wasn't detected by the x-ray machine. The dark uniformed officer scans over the small notebook. In this book it shows that man of concern had not been assigned a government church to attend. The police officer tells the man that he must go to church number 87.

End part one

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posted on May, 24 2017 @ 09:03 PM
Hi LFABL- Your story is written so well it's hard to believe it's your first!

This part reminded me of Jacy's car:

As cars and trucks are no longer mass-produced the only vehicles
we saw were ones made from parts and pieces of older ones. This made
for a variety of different looking vehicles.

Keep up the outstanding writing!

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posted on May, 24 2017 @ 09:08 PM
Dark! I like it. "You must attend church number 87 and like it! Find god you heathen"

Can't wait to see more

posted on May, 24 2017 @ 09:11 PM
Shlaw and Lucid, glad you both like what I have written so far. I did use a grammar checker to help out a bit.

posted on May, 24 2017 @ 09:14 PM
a reply to: LookingForABetterLife

What in Sam hell is a grammar checker??

posted on May, 24 2017 @ 09:19 PM
a reply to: LucidWarrior

That is what one does when he walks down the hall and checks on his grandmother.

posted on May, 24 2017 @ 09:27 PM
Intriguing. Looking to forward to what happens next!

posted on May, 25 2017 @ 06:18 AM
a reply to: LookingForABetterLife

Hello my friend.

Strange how my mind works. As I started reading your story, and scrolled a little down the page...I have a dark background, with your words and avatar glowing in blue. For the time it took me to read it all, I almost had the sensation of being a kid under a blanket reading with a flashlight, lol. Not sure why, but it felt very cool.

Very awesome story, hard to believe it's your first. The detail was really good and I could picture the scenery as you described it. I'm impressed that you can remember so much from your dreams as mine usually disappear after I wake up.

I could definitely keep reading more if you plan on adding to this in the future. Let us know if you do, throw a link up in the Shed (almost said, "throw up a link" hehe...)

It's early and I only planned on lurking, but wanted to respond while the story was fresh in my mind. Hopefully see ya later online.

posted on May, 25 2017 @ 07:10 AM
a reply to: jacygirl

Huh. I hadn't picked up on that the first go round but looking back over the story, now that you've mentioned that about the flashlight... Yeah. Absolutely.

I hope that's a trend for you blue cus that's pretty awesome! What a thing to hand to people

posted on May, 25 2017 @ 07:17 AM
a reply to: LucidWarrior

Oh hey, I'm glad you could see/feel that too!
I was also sitting in a pretty dark room with just some twinkle lights on my fake tree, lol...but the blue looked almost neon and my mind interpreted it that way.

You guys have inspired me, I haven't posted any writing for a while.
I have a story that I started a couple of weeks ago and I may put it up later. (still debating if it's ready)
Thanks for that, Lucid and Blue (and all you other writers)!!


posted on May, 25 2017 @ 07:22 AM
a reply to: jacygirl



Yeah I've got lights on but it totally makes me remember back when I used to wake up super early and not be able to sleep and just reading with a good snack in my bed with a flashlight. I think it's partly the blue script and italics

posted on May, 25 2017 @ 07:44 AM
a reply to: LucidWarrior

I think the kid in us still wants to be buried under blankets with a book, flashlight and snacks. No technology other than a battery or two, lol.

Okay, I'm happy bumping Blue's thread...but if I don't stop replying everywhere I will never get to read more of the links you so kindly posted.
(still editing my own story and trying to decide what to do with it)


posted on May, 25 2017 @ 07:46 AM
a reply to: jacygirl

Definitely... I think I listen to that kid way too much though haha.

Happy reading I hope you enjoy!!!

posted on May, 25 2017 @ 09:54 AM
Well for a first try, I'd say you knocked it out of the park.

I too thought of Jacy's car problems.

Being in the "Shed" can do strange things to our minds.

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