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Haunted Forest - My home

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posted on May, 7 2017 @ 05:20 PM
Have you ever heard about the haunted forest? Not sure if its a modern tale, or an old indo-european folktale. One thing in common among the outer limits, is that most souls get lost in there.
A friendly spirit asked me once;" How long have you been there? " and while directly looking into my eyes, " How - Are you still alive? "

I got lost in the haunted forest, but instead of hiding, i fought and a friend emerged. I stayed there for six years and made it my home and sanctuary, a little cabin deep in the forest. The monsters became my friends, they all have tales to tell,well, if someone is willing to listen to them.

Last year i was forced out, my cabin burned, the monsters hunted, but you see;" I didnt just give in, without a fight " And in the haunted forest, i knew my way around each and every corner.

Just outside the haunted forest there is a lake. Its deep, very deep, most humans can only dive to a maximum of 33 feet. But if you let go of everything you ever knew, you can reach bottom at 72feet deep, and those artifacts lying deep down there, they destroy worlds.
I came back with one, and let them knew;" In my hand i hold your universe " They backed off, but i could never forgive their darkest intentions.

I reached a wall, build by gold, no entrance to be seen, no river passing through. But as many already knew, my friend, was a dragon.
Now nothing could was between me and the goal i sought for so long, i could dive in the deepest oceans, and my friend could take me to the highest mountains. And there was finally the myth i always searched for, called many names throughout time. The royal garden.

And for the first time in this wast place i was greeted with the simple words;" Welcome, so you came through finally"

posted on May, 7 2017 @ 07:37 PM
I love it! The ending leaves a bit of a humorous tint, I can imagine a chuckle.


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