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Third time's the charm?

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posted on Apr, 30 2017 @ 05:49 PM
We are coming up on the Centennial of the 1917 Fatima Apparitions in Portugal. What has never made it into print, is that I had a very similar Heavenly Lady's apparition, back in 1967, at Wash. State Univ. This came done to within about 14 hrs. of fifty years, after the very first angelic appearances, which prepared those three children for the main event. But what was really crazy is that the first "World Karma" phenomenon sent me off to try and prevent a WSU coed from being killed in an auto accident. It was after I laid this out to the Streit Perham Dorm R.A. ( just across Colorado St.), that I went back to the same spot, sat down on a concrete bench and started to work out how to locate one coed out of about 7,000, on campus, that the Heavenly Apparition appeared and told me, "you have done enough, you may be on your way". Those ten words were simply not enough. The coed in question, had been riding in a Jag XKE roadster, which nearly ran me down, when I stumbled out into the road, under duress from the weight of the Karmic force. They later ran her down, hours after she bailed out from the wrecked roadster, about 30 minutes later. The authorities got her into the WSU Health Center, but the nurse only put her to bed for observation, and in the morning she was found dead in her bed. Needless to say, I was walking through doors without opening them for half the following Summer. Of these two apparitions, mine was caused by some kind of premonition of this girl's death. Go figure! So what will set off any third ( 100-50 year appearance )?? We should know by mid May, of 2017. BTW, I, I. D' ed. her as Paellas Athena, probably from taking too many Humanities classes. Her "skuzzy" grey "aegis", was that pronounced. In the Guadalupe Madonna portrait, ( Jesuits'? ), this is under that apparition's feet. But in mine, it was surrounding her bodice. Later in 1971, through pure chance, I did stumble across a 14 year old school girl, who had the same eye set, hair color, and facial composites as my earlier apparition's. She was the daughter of the Sephardic Rabbi of Marrakesh, Morocco. We bumped into each other on a bus, coming back from Rabat, where i had to go to get my Algerian visa authorized. She was coming home from her girls' school in the North. But the clock was ticking, so I had to saddle up my Ducati 250, and head out across North Africa, in order to clear Algeria, in no more than the four days, my Visa allowed, for my transiting their country.

posted on Apr, 30 2017 @ 05:54 PM
Excuse me, but this is one of the most disjointed posts I have ever tried to read. It's like random sentences thrown together. Remember in elementary school when they taught us about topic sentences and paragraphs? Try it! This wall of text is unintelligible.

posted on Apr, 30 2017 @ 06:18 PM
a reply to: schuyler

I was going to say the writing style is fine, until i totally mis-read this sentence...

D' ed. her as Paellas Athena

posted on Apr, 30 2017 @ 06:26 PM
a reply to: carpooler

Interesting and confusing post. So what does it mean?

posted on Apr, 30 2017 @ 07:38 PM
It's random words.. don't bother trying to read this post.

posted on Apr, 30 2017 @ 07:43 PM
people hate me becuase i dont paraphrase my threads
but jesus! i dint undesrstand a single thing

posted on Apr, 30 2017 @ 07:48 PM
I'm fluent in senseless dribble...

and im still lost as to the 'point'

Sounds more like a bot churning out random sentences from all over the internet.

EDIT: strange.. OP's history shows they are indeed a real person, and knows how to communicate..
I personally think somethings wrong here.
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posted on Apr, 30 2017 @ 08:14 PM
a reply to: Xarian6

Lol. Im also fluent in senseless dribble. Me and my buddies are all alcoholics and we understand each other perfectly, but to a normal person it wouldnt make any sense whatsoever.

posted on Apr, 30 2017 @ 08:43 PM

As soon as I saw that wall of text, I gave up.

posted on May, 1 2017 @ 01:04 AM
a reply to: schuyler

I understood it, I think, but I would classify the OP's tale as "timely coincidence" in that his/her "Vision" occurred just 14 hours shy of exactly 50 years after the Fatima visitation.

OP was unable to prevent the death of a coed due to an atuo accident, even though she survived the actual accident itself.

posted on May, 1 2017 @ 06:29 PM
OP that hurt my head, could you help us out and put it into context please.

posted on May, 4 2017 @ 10:59 PM
a reply to: DarkvsLight29

O.K. points taken. That coed's Dorm's R.A. had already been warned by me, before she got into the accident. I Identified (I.D.'d) the apparition as Paellas ( spell checker ), due to the very visible "Aegis" which looked really scuzzy and grey. The famous ( infamous? ) portrait at Guadalupe, Mexico has the fully draped Apparition standing on the same scuzzy grey Aegis.

The dead girl's father came over from Seattle, and couldn't see a mark on her body. Then the lawsuits started flying, and I melted back into the arbor vitae, on campus. A year later, I roomed with a grad student who had rebuilt a similar XK E Jag. and he told me of all the other fatalities, of ( girls? ) standing from 5 feet, five inches, to about 5 feet, 7 inches, which we consider to be the American Beautys' heights. He stood about 5 feet, and liked his women more petite, so this wasn't a problem with him.

We're coming up on the 50, & 100 year anniversary of the 1917 Fatima Apparitions, so I want to get this other side out before May 10-14th. Those children were merely going about shepherding when the skies opened. I was walking down Colorado Street, across from Streit Perham Dorm, when a big force came down and drove my conscious mind down into the cracks of the sidewalk. This same thing is the base of the St. Christopher legends.

This psychic event shook me up to where for the next Summer, I was trying to walk through doors without opening them. Then things got really squirrely between Sept. 1978, and Nov. 1985. It was in the middle of Nov. 1985, when I met an old school mate and nailed down a Nostradamic Quatrain about the rise and fall of Benito Mussolini. C.VIII, Q. 31. Bobbie S. had brought his dad's infamous published folio of Look Magazine's 1950 issue, remembering WWII in photography. In handing them around a circle, including me, in a classroom in June of 1957, he completed that verse.

While this is not absolute, it at least gives me a seat at the table of being the 500th Year predicted male decoder, as this date is 500 years of 28 day months, after Nostradamus's birth in 1503 A.D. I'm preparing a book manuscript, but it won't be ready in time for this May 2017 date. I don't know if there will be anything at all, happening in this time frame, now only a week out. What I have picked up on, back in 1971, is that there is a doubleganger living in Morocco, who is a daughter of the old Sephardic Rabbi, of Marrakesh. She must be pushing 60 years of age, today, as I have just turned 70.

Personally, I think that it's criminal, the way the Catholic Church has milked their flock over the Third Secret of Fatima. This apparition has no more relation to Miriam, the mother of Jesus, than it is Paellas Athena. But after meeting that young girl in Morocco, I can see where some of the men around Jesus might confuse such an apparition with their own memories of the young Miriam, probably from around 50 years before.

I hope that this clears up some of the complaints from the above replies. Nostradamus's student Jean A. de Chavigny, wrote after Nosty's death, that; " in the last age, a Heavenly Woman would appear with a Globe, with Nosty's mystery person's name, when turned". He may only have meant that the ultimate "decoding", if that even applies to something so simple? Or it could mean the third time's the charm, with these apparitions.

As for me, I found a ghostly genealogical trail, in Nosty's verses, following one branch of my family tree, across the U.S.A. in the Twentieth Century. Like street lights on a dark walkway, localized catastrophes, light things up momentarily, as you pass under them. I don't speak or write the Benelux, French, or German, languages. So other Euro scholars will have to pick things up, going back into the Eighteenth Century, in Munsterland, Germany.

I'll get back to this thread in June, 2017, and maybe see if anything has changed. Most of these table top puzzles, use the capital M, which you put back on his book's cover, as the Roman Numeral for 1000, or Ten Centuries. So you do judge his book by it's cover. Then those anagrams only need one letter changed, per word, to read them in the clear..

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posted on Jun, 3 2017 @ 11:13 AM
I promised to get back to this thread in June. ADMIN moved it here to the Grey Area, but I'll still follow it's tracks.

There's been one published hit on what I was trying to show. A nasty car wreck, here in the U.S. made it onto T.V. news, when a silky white column, " stairway to Heaven " was photographed leading up and away from those tangled cars.

My account was about a "World Karma" experience, in which I pre-cogged the death of a coed, but in the end, I couldn't save her. In the recent car wreck, all inside were killed, while going to a hospital. You wouldn't expect any Valkyries to show up in that "escape route", but it does follow with what I experienced back in May of 1967, a few hours, some fifty years later, from the beginnings of the Fatima episodes. There too, the Valkyrie, or Madonna figure, didn't appear right away.

My take from this recent event, is that the old wormhole, mentioned in the Gilgamesh Epic Story, has opened up, near the Earth's surface, once more. And it can give access to some really neat Heavenly Realms, but for most human souls, it's a one way trip.

posted on Jun, 4 2017 @ 11:36 AM
That "Stairway to Heaven" phenom may portend something better than a Valkyrie or two. At the farthest end of Gilgamesh's wormhole, there is something more than a "Garden of Precious Stones". Those Tara Spirits ( Spirits of Righteousness ) maintain a "swimming pool" like reservoir of a clear, viscous, fluid. I also saw a little of this near the Earth's surface, slowly raining down on the Mt's. and trees in the forest. Its some God given graces, needed to heal the Earth.

2017 is looking like the poster child for needing some of this "healing" right now. Even in the darkest moments after that week old car wreck, which wiped out a small family, taking an infant to the hospital, that "Stairway to Heaven" took away much of the surrounding witness's angst, over those deaths. I hope that enough of these big surreal raindrops, may actually heal our sick world, this year.

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