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Twelve Sky 2 - Classic

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posted on Apr, 20 2017 @ 05:15 PM
this is currently my favorite game. ive played other games like Eve Online which i am also fond of as well as a round of Team fortress classic every once in a while.

This is an oldschool mmorpg based somewhere in asia and you level up from normal levels to master levels to god levels.

You enchant your gears to get better stat points out of your equipment and upgrade them in various ways. Most used equipment is Rares, and then there are Elite rank items that are hard to get which i only have two of.

This is a pvp game where you do group pve bosses every couple of days and go to semi hourly wars and Holy stone battle which is a every other day war.

heres a couple screenshots of my character.


There are three factions in this game, my character is a fujin. This is a free to play game with an optional item mall. In this game if you go to labyrynth every other day and grind and kill bosses and pvp people you can earn enough in game cash to buy item mall items off of another player..

And unlike previous servers that went down, the skills in this version are very cheap, and its a young server with the NProtect game anti hack security.

You can also auto-hunt monsters and auto heal/chi and automatically pick up loot that drops and get rewarded for AFK playing.,
And thats just a basic function of the game.

Dont expect to get all of the best gears starting off because you want to be level god 4 to make monies off luck and pet grinding.
you will most likely be a leecher on group pve events for a while.

To find the game for The United States Server you just need to go to

im only sharing this with you because its a nostalgic game for me.

posted on Apr, 21 2017 @ 05:42 PM
Your character looks pretty cool, reminds me a bit of devil Jin from Teken games.

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