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Another Great Talent--Gavin Turek Has It All!

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posted on Apr, 19 2017 @ 04:24 PM

Have you heard Gavin Turek's lovely voice yet? Or seen her energetic and free spirited vibrant performances?
If not, I'm happy to share a great new(ish) talent with you!
I'll link a bio below in case you are interested in finding out more about LA based Gavin. She is a remarkable talent, trained in dance in Ghana and other places around the world, and designs her own stage costume. They are all different and pretty fabulous.
Her voice is really wonderful and she has incredible control-- even when dancing up a storm on stage.
Check out the talented Gavin!
Here she is (sounding a bit like Erikah Badu) in Feb this year:

And another, a bit retro, but fabulous:

Here she is performing. Wow! (Wait till about a min in or so in before deciding what you think!..)

And here she is on a collab with her friend TOKiMONSTA

So do you love her as much as I?

Have a great day! Thanks for stopping in for a visit

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posted on Apr, 19 2017 @ 04:44 PM
The live piece showed everybody working together quite nicely, bass and drums nicely matched and competent..very good bass and sound, lead player a bit low in the solo parts, but sounds good too.
The girl is gpod, but needs some material to really stretch her voice.

Oh! the of my sons is called Gavin.
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posted on Apr, 19 2017 @ 04:51 PM
a reply to: smurfy

Hi! Thanks for listening

You make a really great point.. I think she really should stretch her range a bit and when she does she sounds great.


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