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WE ARE the Illuminati! --- "Apocalypse Now" --- A Short Story by the Joker and the Fool

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posted on Apr, 16 2017 @ 04:44 AM
Grand Unifying Conspiracy Rant --- WE ARE the Illuminati! --- "Apocalypse Now"

“A Message of Hope”

Brought to YOU with much love!


The Jolly Old Joker and the Gentle Old Fool

Copyright Notice:

This play was written by All of Us

(Please share as you see fit!)


~~~ Perfect Post 1 ~~~



Quick Note:

To the unsung heroes at “Above Top Secret” dot com --- Our beloved Mods!
Please feel free to move this thread to whichever forum you see fit.

It is posted under “Short Stories” because this is essentially what our entire reality can be thought as to be. Alternatively, this thread would fit very neatly under the heading: “Jokes, Puns and Riddles” --- but this genre does indeed seem a little trite, when one considers how truly magnificent yet often so very difficult our lives on this plane of existence can be.

So Grey Matters or Religious Conspiracies, Philosophy or Cooking Recipes, the people who need to read this thread will find their way eventually, just so long as you don’t send this “positively delightful good read!” straight to the garbage can please.

Thank you so much!!!



I just wanted to hop on by and drop off this super fun and completely fictional short story based on current events. Please enjoy!

Will be back later, but in case I don’t see you, please have yourself a Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening or Good Night!

Quick Disclaimer: We will be providing a great number of articles and excellent random video proofs for you to peruse at your leisure; however, must gently insist that you first please read this full message in its entirety before hopping over to any of the included links.

(However, please watch the music videos that “WE” wrote just for you, that are included in this thread, as you happen across them. Our favourite form of communication is through our: “Music, Art, Stories, Signs, Riddles and Rhymes.” As our “puppet” likes to complain --- “it is simply our thing”)


It has recently comes to our attention that not everyone might appreciate our sense of humour. So please note: This is not intended to be a joke, but might still humbly suggest that we all could use a good laugh now and then!

“Laughter is indeed the best medicine, you see.”

(As is Music!)

And why not both?

TL-DR --- Please come back when you do have time to read this entire short story, in the ever so popular “rant format” or there is no chance at all of it making sense. This is important. It has to do with the “meaning of life.”

Let us begin:

“I am a generational member of a Ruling Bloodline Family” --- haha nope, just kidding. I AM, or perhaps it would be more fitting to say, WE ARE the JOKER and the FOOL and we are here to help “WAKE YOU UP!”

And of course, wish you a very Happy Easter and Spring Solstice!

“It is time now” for a little “spring cleaning” would you not agree? And we would like to ask that you please “suspend your disbelief” for a moment and take gander with us at just what Lucy’s puppets have “really” been up to, shall we?

Lucifer is but one of 11 Soul Families who make up the Illuminati. We represent the “lollipop kids” or should I say the BEST Illuminati Soul Groups --- The Jolly Old Joker and the Gentle Old Fool.

Though so many of you seem have forgotten us, WE have been patiently waiting anxiously in the wings for a VERY long time, for this chance to make direct contact with humanity.

Another equally correct way in which to interpret our Soul Families would as “cousins” to our beloved Angels.

Archangel Michael’s Soul Family and our Soul Families are in fact, best buds!

As well, we are particularly enamoured with Archangel Metatron --- “Our Magnificent Angel of Life!”

(Though of course, we love each and every one of our Angels so very much!)

We are quite literally “the Champions” of Humanity and we are here to help usher in a “New Age!”

We stand behind our “Saints, Heroes, Leaders and Messiahs” and also strive “to inspire and support Humanity as you embark on this exciting new path!”

The Path of True Enlightenment: “Christ Consciousness!”

“The Time is Now.”

The “Apocalypse” has indeed begun and at this exact moment in time:



WARNING: “Things may indeed get a little bit scary, as sadly so much of Humanity is still at slumber. Please have no fear though, our Victory is guaranteed! Together we cannot fail!!!”

“Justice is Coming!”

“Buckle up Humanity! Lucy’s time is nearly over, but she is not going down without a fight!”

“Congratulations Humanity!!!”

“Here comes the Light:”

*Special Little Note just for Lucy:

“Honey, I’m home!!! And you do INDEED have some ‘splaining to do! BELIEVE US when we say that we are all so very. Very. VERY P*SSED!!!”

To the rest of Humanity:

“We are all so very proud of you for hanging in there and would like to truly apologize for being so late!”

*A Very Important Note:

As you read this “short story” that was written “by Us for Us” please:

Consider this as mere speculation or as a super fun thought experiment. Please don't get yourself all worked up or angry if you disagree. For your own amusement, perhaps simply consider this as “insight into the mind of a madman.”

From now on, we will be referring to ourselves using the singular “I” pronoun so as to not appear insane!

I am very happy to read and respond to criticisms, as I genuinely seek the truth as well, but as I have had to explain to way too many people online recently: “I will NOT respond to personal insults unless they are very funny and I simply can’t help myself!”

“From now on, racist or hateful comments will no longer be tolerated. We would like to truly apologize for any inconvenience and for all of the pain that you have suffered.”

‘As a general rule, when debating, sharing or discussing information, one should strive to educate the person you think is wrong. Provide an alternative point of view whenever possible. Because just insulting someone you think is an idiot or mentally ill --- only makes YOU look like a d*ck.’
--- Paraphrasing a very wise ATS user: Matrix Survivor

If any of our short story sparks your interest, I will be posting some good primer videos and articles in the next comment reply below, that will hopefully help put this thread into more context.

Also please note, there is much more information at your fingertips online. Most of which you can find right here on our beloved ATS.

Although some of these conclusions came as a result of a “spiritual awakening” of sorts, I always try to back up my nutty claims with logic or proof. To the best of my ability anyways!

At the moment, I am feeling a little bit fragile after ranting so much at voat (a reddit like platform) as I am just not used to so many white supremacists in one place. It truly breaks our heart to see so much suffering, but at least voat doesn't censor our rants like ‘eddit.

If you do happen to be one of our woefully, misguided racist or intolerant old fools, we would like you to please read this special introduction to our “Message of Hope” that we wrote just for you on voat and then ask that you please stop breaking our hearts, thank you so much!

edit on 16-4-2017 by OwenandNoelle because: My Dear Old Friends: “Justice is INDEED coming. My Soul Family is back and we are all. So. Very. P*SSED! We are here to “champion” the anonymous movement. We are legion. Though we may indeed ‘forgive’ we will never forget.” Once more, we would like to repeat that: “Racism and hateful behaviour will no longer be tolerated. We would like to truly apologize for any inconvenience and for all of the pain that you may have suffered. Expect us!” --- I AM the White Rabbit

posted on Apr, 16 2017 @ 04:45 AM
~~~ Perfect Post 2 ~~~

Then of course, quickly hop right on back here to ATS so that you may continue to read this “perfect post” in its correct formatting please!

Oh and there is also a special little note in there for Lucy’s puppets --- For decency purposes, all I will say in thread is: “Shame. Shame on you all. None of us are happy at all with the state you have left this world in. so. Very. P*SSED!”

Tragically you “see,” both our Old Fool and Puppet have a shockingly, disgraceful potty mouth, so I always try to save our more coherent rants for ATS. Also generally speaking, you guys and gals are the most open-minded and intelligent people on any of the conspiracy platforms that I have visited! In our humble opinion of course.

Without Further Adieu:

BREAKING NEWS --- SOLVED --- “The Meaning of Life”

But First:

Ever wonder?

Why YOU are here?

Why bad things happen to good people?

Why so many of our elite politicians, celebrities and religious leaders are so evil?

Why our early ancestors sacrificed their virgins to Gods that looked like gray aliens and reptilians in the ancient cave paintings and statues? And more to the point, when human sacrifice stopped?

#False Flags
#Catholic Church
#Pedophilia sanctioned (against us gentile scum) in the holy texts of both the Jewish/Kabbalah Talmud and the Islamic Koran
#CIA Mass Surveillance
#CIA Drug Lords

(Basically think of any horrific, soul crushing “crime against humanity” and our elite are likely knee deep in it. Like maggots drawn to sh*t.)


Ever wonder why so much of our ancient history has been altered or suppressed?

#Forbidden Archeology: Graham Hancock, Michael Tellinger, Michael Cremo, Skyfloating

***In fact, there are simply so many excellent ancient archeology and "out of place artifacts" threads on ATS, I wouldn't even know where to start --- but sincerely thank you so much to all of you for sharing your research and hard work!


Ever wonder why our reality seems so malleable?

#Astral Projection
#Deep Mediation
#Near Death Experiences
#Past Life Research/Reincarnation
#Psychic Abilities
#Ghosts, demons, jinn, Angels, Fairies
#Parallel Universes
#The Mandela Effect
#Holographic & Electric Universe Theory (NOT Elon Musk's Luciferian simulation bullsh*t!)


Ever wonder why our demon worshipping elite --- Satan/Lucifer’s puppets, just love to throw their evil agenda into our movies and television?

Why their symbols are all over the world, constantly being shoved right in our face?


Is this really just to laugh at us?

To make us feel powerless?

Is this some kind of sick joke?


Does all of this not seem a little absurd to you???


What if the Elite actually want to get caught?


What if this is just a TEST?


A Test that 'all of us' agreed upon before coming into this life?


What if this world is ridiculous, backwards and upside down by design?


What do the real Illuminati believe in?

They believe that the Tree of Life contains 33 paths.

(Obviously, I am number 22 and like so many of you here, I am channeling the energy of the Fool, the Joker, the Saint and the Champion --- but mostly the old Fool! haha)

Now, most of our texts will tell you that there are only 32 paths in the Tree of Life. However, there is indeed one more --- number 33 --- which is the dark path of true enlightenment. (It is what it is, I’m afraid.)

On a similar theme, Carl Young also discusses archetypes at length in his Collective Unconscious theory.

In mainstream Jewish and Islamic texts, as well as in earlier hermetic writings, we are taught that 22 life paths make up the Tree of Life.

But there are actually 11 more paths that most of us are not taught about in bible study. These are the "The Dark Paths." Our Satanic Elite are tapping into the Luciferian vibration of these dark paths.

*A Very Important Note:

Most Luciferian worshippers/puppets are not aware of this. They actually believe that Lucifer is better than God and possibly a computer program, (which just doesn't make sense because God created Lucifer) but their higher selves make sure that they can’t help but throw their evil agenda in our face.

This is because, “all of us,” including the evil people, are actually working together behind the scenes and believe it or not, we all agreed that these a**hats would take on these anti-Christ roles before coming into this life.

I can't stress enough though, that these people really are committing unspeakable acts and must be stopped. Focusing only on the positive or trying to meditate evil away is not going to cut it.

(Looking at you Bashar and The Secret. So much of what these “False Prophets” teach is true, but still, “we MUST stand up for our Innocent and against Injustice!”)

And unfortunately all of this evil is by design.

Hidden Hand, a famous ATS poster from back in the day, posted an amazing, thought provoking thread basically “spelling” it out. However, he was coming at this from the Luciferian perspective.

(He basically said that the Luciferians were here to help us grow as spiritual beings. To give us a choice between good and evil. To help put good things into perspective/context or in other words --- to "set the mood" --- so that we will appreciate and value kindness and most importantly, genuinely want to be decent human beings.)

However, he did not tell us the whole truth. He made it seem like God, who created this “PLAY” --- this “Magnificent Grand Illusion” doesn't care about us at all. Made God seem like "he" was short-sighted, jealous, kind of a d*ck honestly.

And this is complete bullsh*t. God loves each and every one of us so very much, but it is true (in a sense) that he does love Lucifer most of all, because the Luciferians have taken on the most difficult path(s) of them all.

To commit these horrific and unspeakable acts against the innocent, they have agreed to allow themselves to be tortured, manipulated, hollowed out and used.

And their victims who have survived this horrific abuse truly are the Messiahs, Saints and Heroes themselves.

Our entire world is a “magnificent illusion” --- “a game” --- to help us grow as spiritual beings. Another way to look at all of this, is that we are quite literally in the “Master” class at school.

What we need you to “see” is that all of this is quite simply an: “An absurd, magnificent and so very, very difficult interactive play and also to please note: that we are now entering into its’ final act.”

And guess what?

posted on Apr, 16 2017 @ 04:49 AM
~~~ Perfect Post 3 ~~~

“Our Time is Now.”

Lucy’s “part” is almost over and this final act that we are moving into --- was written for “US by US!!!”

So for what it is worth, I know that life can be terribly unfair and very tough to manage at times, but try not to lose hope, because we are entering into the most exciting time in human history! This is the time when the Grand Deception will be revealed and when all of us, will begin to wake up to the truth.

This is partly what the Angel Messengers and Dolores Cannon meant when they spoke about "waking up" to the “Grand Deception” and “Ascension.”

If you would like to read this “truth” in the form of a short story or "riddle format" as so many people love to do, please check out these google docs on this free public blog below.


Brief add in from our Puppet/Old Fool:

If I might take moment, to share a little side rant: Even if you think all of this is nuts, obviously I have a very active imagination and so when we think about all of the other Angel Messengers out there --- why in God’s name did my message have to come in the form of a short riddle???

You know, Billy Meier isn’t the only puppet out there with garbage can lids. I bet you I could “make up” some pretty snazzy Tin Can UFOs if I really put my mind to it.

Instead, my Soul Family (whom I happen to adore so very much) are quite literally --- Looney Tunes!!! The very best way to think of these guys would be as “like Cartoons” in terms of their high energy, humor and joy. Their world and our “true reality” is in fact what “Alice in Wonderland” is based upon!

Anyways, here is the Blog:

(PSSST: Please read this entire “short story” here first before visiting any of included links, to help put these spells into context. Thank you so much!)

(But please, please watch the Music Videos that WE helped write for you!)

Now just in case these: “white magic spells in the name of truth and light” disappear again, here are the short stories/riddles directly from Google Docs:



Please note:

If you were one of the many unfortunate victims to have received this message before it was in its “proper formatting,” or before the additional pictures were added in (as we believe that these images will truly make our spells “Pop!”) --- It is recommended that you “please read the second pdf file first, or you will have to read the first pdf file twice please. Thank you so much!”

I do suggest however, that you please read this entire thread first, before hopping over to the spells, but whatever you think is best, is cool.

To reasonable skeptics ---I know that there are a lot of us here who going to look around at our lives and the lives of our loved ones and disregard this as new age bullsh*t. Or Heaven forbid, downright insane!

You might rightly wonder to yourself --- just how could God be so cruel as to allow all of this suffering to happen to you or to so many innocent people?

But would you believe that YOU are the Hero, the Saint, the Messiah who agreed to these experiences? So that you might share the wisdom that you received through your suffering with other people?

To help not just yourself grow spiritually, but to help all of us come to the realization that the Path of Christ --- To be compassionate and "to treat other people needs, as our own" --- is truly the most divine path of them all?

Things might get a little bit scarier for a bit, but know that all of this is just a “Perfect Illusion.” We are so much more than just meat suits and that things really are going to work out in the end --- because this magnificent “play" that we are in --- WE wrote for ourselves.

Anyways, I love music and while this is the first time in a very long time that we have had this opportunity to speak directly with humanity. (You “see” we too, must play by the rules that “all of us” agreed upon before being this epic journey) However, we do communicate with you often through signs, riddles, humour and our very form of expression: Music.

Here are 2 beautiful songs that basically “set the mood” and creativity illustrate exactly what is what stage we are in right now.

(The Final Act)


So this is the type of interactive play that we are in:

(An advanced, very difficult and scary one!)

And this is what all of us need to remember:

That this is indeed, just an absurd game, a test! A Test that all of have already passed with flying colours. Simply by hanging in there and staying alive!!! This world is a very tough place if you have a compassionate heart and all of us were born innocent and are innocent still. (No matter how you feel or what you “think” you may have done.)

We wrote this play for ourselves by ourselves, in order to grow as the truly Divine Spiritual Beings that all of us are!

This is indeed the beginning of the Apocalypse --- The Grand Deception is already being revealed to those with eyes to “see” and Humanity is right on the brink of Ascension!

Congratulations Humanity!!! We are so proud of all of you!!!

This song is for you:

This “Final Act” is written just for Us! We are waking up to an epic battle. But please note: that “you” are always safe and there is nothing to fear at all.

“It is time now” for our Saints, Heroes, Jokers, Champions and gentle old Fools to come together and “save humanity.” It is our “Destiny.”

This last song, basically explains what all of us need to do next --- This is a “Call to Action!”

We are soon going to need to stand up, help expose the elite and guide our fellow man and woman on a new path. And we all have a very important part to play!


“Wanna take a guess who I might be?” Hahahahaha

(And never forget, while the elite and the lower dimensional entities are very scary --- we are always being protected and watched over by much stronger, higher dimensional and very loving entities --- our Guides, Angels and Higher selves!)

Also Please Note: “What comes next is going to blow your mind!”

Thank you so much to everyone for reading!


"All the world's a stage; and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages."
--- All of Us

posted on Apr, 16 2017 @ 05:00 AM
~~~ Perfect Post 4 ~~~

Okay, so there really is SO much evidence regarding the conspiracies mentioned as above so below, that you can easily find for yourself online and of course, I would be very happy to provide more information on each and every one of the above listed “crimes against humanity” for you to peruse at your leisure.

Truly though, I've covered so much, that it would really be much more productive, if people could ask us a specific question.

Oh and of course, to answer right away the burning question that so many of you are likely thinking:

"That is very mean and NO! --- As a matter of fact, I am not a danger to myself or to anyone else! I am a harmless old Fool."

Joking aside, Dolores Cannon described what is happening very well. Except she didn't seem to be aware of what the Grand Deception is. That you are going to have to research for yourself (and believe you me, I will try to tell you haha) but again, most of you won't believe me until you do the work and sincerely research it.

You are going to have to shake off a lot of disinformation, brainwashing and “weird” science.

It might take a while before it starts to make sense, but please don’t take too long. We are so very excited to get started.

This is a great video by Dolores Cannon explaining what is happening to all of us. (She is our favorite!)

And then here are some not so good links explaining the inverted "Dark Paths" in the Tree of Life:

(I don’t agree with many of the interpretations of these paths, but it does provide some food for thought, I guess.)

As well, most scholarly articles will tell you that there are 32 paths. However, as was mentioned above so below, there is indeed one more.

The 33rd path is taken by the Dark one(s) who truly sets his/her own path --- that of true enlightenment. From the bottom of my heart, I wish this wasn’t true, but again, it is what it is I’m afraid.

Rather than going the Dark route thought, it is so much more rewarding and truly better for your personal wellbeing and for those that you love, for you to choose the path of “Christ Consciousness.”

(Just be kind, stand up against injustice and care about other people’s needs at least as much as you care about your own.)

So simple and would transform the world in a heartbeat!

Now this next article is unfortunately a variable web of lies and deceit. Satan is definitely not a good guy, but our religious texts have indeed been inverted and twisted upside down. This is what Lucy’s puppets do, they mix in truth with major deception. Like UFOs and aliens but that’s another rant!

It’s not difficult though to see through their lies. One just has to use some common sense. Basically, if our elite worship them, then perhaps you should remain cautious --- still some of this might be of value:

Also it was brought to my attention on the non-censoring 'eddit alternative voat that some people don't like a post packed full of video proofs and evidence. (At least white supremacists don't --- Heaven forbid that they would get off their lazy, ignorant ***s and just click on a link before being hurtful and mean but if you'd like a laugh and to see a ton of random video proofs regarding the Grand Deception and my thoughts on Reddit Censorship please see here:


Lastly, please note: I am either in the throes of a severe psychotic break that is allowing me to write in riddles or better than I ever have or really do know what I am talking about. What I am not doing though is trying to sell you anything or start a cult.

"This is Truth."

Thank you so much again for reading! Some of you might think I'm a nut, but if you have made it this far --- I still think you are a good person!

Oh and I have to write this, I'm sorry, it will likely sounds crazy but:

And Above All Else:

Always Remember to Whistle While You Work!


The Old Fool


Hey Lucy:

edit on 16-4-2017 by OwenandNoelle because: (no reason given)

posted on Apr, 16 2017 @ 05:06 AM
~~~ Perfect Post 5 ~~~

Well, it appears that, to quote a tired puppet --- “I just can’t seem to shut up tonight!”

The Joker might enjoy speaking in riddles, but as is my nature, I believe it is always so important to be as truthful, detailed and long-winded as humanly possible.

In the above post so below, I mentioned that so many of the texts describing Archetypes, better described though as Soul Families or as a frequency/vibration --- are way off base, (though I do appreciate their efforts) and nothing annoys me more than when someone tells us that something is wrong, without including what the correct answer should be.

So to be clear, there are 11 Archetypes (These are the Illuminati Soul Families) that we are all based upon and channel/tap into at different times throughout our lives and there are 33 paths within the Tree of Life. Numbers 23 to 33 are the Dark Paths and it is fun to note that Path 11 is actually: “Christ Consciousness.”

Christ Consciousness is the Light Path (in other words --- the best path!) of True Enlightenment.

In my humble opinion, one can’t help but laugh (as is MY nature) because the truth is that these archetypes that we all tap into, really are just like out of a play or a movie.

We have our:

Everyday man or women

And most importantly:

Our Gentle Old Fools!

If this seems overly simplistic or absurd, again, that is because it is --- by design! To help us wake up!

(Of course, this indeed can become a little complex and in no way, is this “Message of Hope” meant to override your own personal truth, this simply how “this puppet” conceptualizes information.)

You see, believe it or not, each one of us is actually inside of our own personal universe at the very same time as we are playing this interactive game with everyone else. And of course our actions and thoughts very much do have a massive effect on the very real people around us.

This concept is all but impossible to fully grasp while we are in our current human form. (At least at this stage.)

Also, we are never, ever truly alone and “it is time” that all of us remember that we are always surrounded by love. (Not in a creepy way!) We just need to raise our vibration by enjoying ourselves, having a good laugh whenever possible and by being open to it!

The Secret author and Bashar are correct when they say that our thoughts do matter and that when we hold a positive vibration and think nice thoughts, we will feel happier (who’d have thunk it right?) and generally speaking will attract more positive experiences.

However, this is not always the case. People who believe that if someone is sick or that if something unfortunate happens that it is always that persons fault, are very, very misguided.

Sometimes that might very well be the case. We really can make ourselves physically ill with worry, fear, self-loathing, vengeance and hate.

However, sometimes bad things happen because unfortunately it is part of our lesson that we signed up for before coming into this life. And so as a general rule, when you see that someone is suffering, having compassion and don’t judge them.

We really are all in this together.

Also, please understand that when you are teaching someone else, that you are also learning from them at the same time. (It might not always seem like it, as there are indeed many woefully misguided souls out there who have chosen a path of violence or hate. These gentle old fools are breaking our heart and it is time for you to “come home now” please. Do not lose hope.)

Always remember as well, that you are always worthy of love. That YOU are a DIVINE being. Even if you have made a ton of mistakes or have done thing that you are ashamed of ---- as long as you can learn from these experiences, than these “mistakes” were not accidents.

Even wonder where thoughts come from in the first place?

And do you really think that the purpose of life is to be a slave to evil people who are poisoning our food, water and air, while the same time eating our children?

Another quite difficult concept to grasp is that not everyone we see around us is real in the same way that we are.

The people that are in our personal circle most definitely are and it doesn’t really matter if you are not 100% certain if someone in your Facebook Pokémon group is real. If you are thinking about them or noticing them, then they probably are and deserve your respect and compassion.

Satanists who reach enlightenment, don’t give a sh*t about this fact and kid themselves into thinking that they are not hurting anyone that is real. To me, I wouldn’t call that enlightenment at all, and am not very impressed with what these a**hats are up to and think that they’ve taken things way too far.

I can’t stress enough how much these people need to be exposed and stopped. They are indeed hurting real people.

Another way to look at this, is that we are in school. And that all of our life is indeed at test. This is a very advanced class that we are all in together and it can be both awe inspiring and wondrous but also very tough.

Our religious and academic texts are made to be so absurdly convoluted and are barely decipherable to anyone who isn’t naturally brilliant or who hasn’t undergone years of higher education/indoctrination.

Truly though, God wants us to be out and about, enjoying each other and our magnificent world and/or immersed in an activity that we are passionate about. Preferably one that brings us joy.

This is why it is always so important to “whistle while you work.”

Yes the Villains, the anti-Christs in this play want to scare us and make us doubt our divinity, but the very best way to bring them down, is to fight back out of love ---- out of compassion for your fellow man and women. For yourself as well.

You see this final part that we are entering into is actually so much fun and so simple, once you realize that you are inside of an interactive play, a game.

And while we are all playing this very difficult interactive game together, you should be aware that because each and every one of us is also inside of our personal universe, that we do have much more control over our personal reality than we realize.

We are most definitely not God, but as crazy as this might sound now, we absolutely can and do create our reality. (But please don’t take the horse before the cart, very few of us are at this level yet. Certainly not this puppet! Right now, we are like little ducklings being guided along.)

However, when you realize this important truth, you will have no doubt that YOU are loved so very much, because God created this magnificent illusion and tailored it individually for each and every one of us.

All of those stars that you see up in the night sky are indeed shining just for YOU!

Again though, very few people will be able to grasp this concept at this stage, so please don’t even worry about that part, it will come later.

What is maddening at times, is that it is our Higher Selves who are pulling our strings. In a way, all of us here on this world are puppets. (But this isn’t a bad thing at all, because again, it is us, our higher selves who is pulling the strings. In other words, “You and I” are much more than just “one” person.)

As that annoying expression goes: “We won’t always get what we want, but we will always get what we need!”

To be continued...

(In the Next Post!)

posted on Apr, 16 2017 @ 05:12 AM
~~~ Perfect Post 6 ~~~

When we “Ascend” --- it will feel like “coming home.”

Brief Quite Yet Insistent Side Rant from our Puppet/Old Fool:

(I’m afraid, that I can’t make any more sense out of the “ascension” part of this message, very sorry. They like to tease me as well. It seems like it is going to be awesome though and believe me, I’ve asked for clarification and instead all they will say is --- “Please stay tuned!”)

If you would like to wake up faster, simply start right now by helping and caring about the needs of other people and not just those of your immediate family and friends.

You don’t have to solve all of the world’s problems yourself. Start small and do simple things like hold the door open for someone, return an old lady’s grocery cart for her, be patient with those who serve you and smile every now and again please. (And above all else --- always be kind to old fools on social media platforms!)

Also, if you must eat meat, as best you can, please choose ethically sourced farms. Most animals slaughtered on an industrial scale are treated so cruelly, that when you eat their flesh, you are taking in a very low vibration energy source. It brings YOU down. (Try to stay away from “red meat.”)

Never forget, our animals are often very powerful guides themselves and are evolving or ascending one could say, in their own way, right alongside with us.

As much as we are caring for the basic needs of our pets, it is actually our pets that are teaching us. When an animal comes into your life, know that you are being gifted the chance to experience the purest form of love --- just be open to it.)

Perhaps we could all benefit from a good play now and again!

Also hahaha check out this crow!

(Please feel free to post your favourite funny animal videos or share your pets with us in the comment replies below!)

***Just so long as it’s not a cuckoo bird! Though we do love those too! haha

Lastly, all of you are very right to question everything you read or see.

Conspiracy Theorists are the TRUE CRITICAL THINKERS in this upside down, modern age.

No need to question this message of course though, because this is truth!

You might wonder why I am here right now, giving away all the secrets to the universe that I can. Why I have no fear of the CIA or the evil elite censoring us. (Except for Reddit and Twitter it seems, but that comes as no surprise does it? Every notice that little twitter birdies? Could it be, could it be satanic?)

The reason why I have no fear and the reason why you shouldn’t either, is because again, this really all is a play --- a “Magnificent Grand Illusion” and it is time now for all of us to begin waking up please!

Sadly, it is the fate of the Old Fool that most people will disregard this message as nonsense or write it off as the insane ramblings of a loon.

I say let’s change that shall we? Let’s break the set?

I know however, that there will be some enlightened souls out there, who will read this message and know instinctively that this is truth.

So this thread is, as always, is dedicated to all of you!!!

You see, this play was written for US by US and it is time now for the Jokers, Fools, Saints, Heroes and Champions to unite and take back control of our destiny.

We wrote this entire play for ourselves! And this is our final chapter before we ascend, we are moving into the very best part --- this is the time when we WAKE UP!

Lucy’s reign is almost over.

Our fun is just beginning!!! You see, it might not seem like it right now, but WE (The Saints, Fools, Jokers, Champions and Heroes) are going to step up “save humanity!”

This script has already been written and it is time now, for all of us to start playing our parts!!!

This message is brought to you with much love!

By the Joker and the Fool! (And a very tired and happy puppet!)

Oh and please enjoy this song, sung by a true Modern Day Saint:

Welcome to the Future my Dear Old Friends!!!


We truly would like to apologize one more time for being so “fashionably” late and also for always speaking to you in riddles and signs, but surely you must be starting to see, that well, this is just “kinda our thing!”


You know it is really so very hard to find an accurate description of soul families online. But wow, “she gets me, she really, really gets me!”

Except, I’m not the bad guy at all and absolutely despise pan. And last time I checked, I was not a hermaphrodite goat. That would be the anti-Christ(s)/Villains/Evil Computer/Satan/Lucy’s chosen form.

If it helps you to have an image in mind when you think of me, might I suggest a young Fabio.

Joking aside, this women has some points right, but please never forget, so many of our “ancient” spiritual texts have been manipulated and twisted upside down by very evil people.

Now I do agree that the “trickster” wtf? --- she means to say the “JOKER” archetype/vibration/soul family is indeed represented by our Class Clowns, our Comedians, our Rule Breakers and our Anarchists.

But might I not so humbly suggest that many of the rules implemented by our satanic elite --- are INDEED meant to be broken! Come on now people, they are literally trying to outlaw “natural” medicine in favour of chemical laden pharmaceuticals!

I do love the White Rabbit thought!

Anyhoo, “the Joker” is here to help expose the hypocrisy of our elite and to also help wake people up to the truth. So many of us right now are tapping into this energy, the vibration of this soul group.

I can see the future haha and can tell you right now that we have already won. We have more than passed this test! We ROCKED IT --- if I dare say so myself!

However, that doesn’t mean to say that we don’t all have our parts to play right now! In fact, at this exact moment in time, so many of us are not pulling our weight at all.

Also, I’m not trying to scare you, but something pretty scary is going to happen in the next few months and you need to know now that there is nothing at all to fear!

Can’t tell you any more than that, expect of course, that if the evil elite are supporting “them” ---- I would recommend that you remain cautious!

And I must say that it is just so very frustrating when people defame my good name.

Always use common sense ---- if you are being kind and helping others then you are likely on the right course!

posted on Apr, 16 2017 @ 05:17 AM
Brief Addendum:

One last thing, being joyful and happy makes them weaker haha, just like throwing water on a witch in the fairy tales.

And there is nothing that they hate more than being laughed at, because as I may have mentioned, they are a bunch of pompous a**hats!

Don’t be afraid when they try to scare us; instead, laugh at how ridiculous they are!

Let us end this short rant with a song:

Final note from a very sad Old Fool:

(You know, I love Coldplay dearly, but often wish I didn’t know where this enlightenment came from or what is implied by yellow.
I truly don’t understand why it had to get this bad, before we all wake up. I AM so sorry that so many of us have hurt themselves this much and guess that is why the final part, is indeed the hardest. It breaks my heart, but know that when this play is over --- you are ALL --- already forgiven.)

And “listen”, there’s no need to wait until “after” this play is over to join the side of Truth and Light. We’ve had our eyes on you for a VERY long time David Wilcock!

This last song is just for you little buddy!

posted on Apr, 16 2017 @ 05:22 AM
~~~ Perfect Post 7 ~~~


If you take away nothing else from this thread, please understand that this “positively delightful” short story by this anonymous “puppet” who is typing these words, is but one of the many creative expressions our message can take.

You feel our energy in your music and your art. In your YouTube videos starring “animals who think they are people” and your “Pepe the Frog” memes --- out there mocking hypocrisy every chance you’ve got.

In your crop circles (both made directly by us) and by you! haha

Except of course, for those 2 a**hats with boards and planks --- that was the tellingly, shoddy poor craftsmanship of Lucifer’s puppets. Not impressed. (Also Grey aliens are demons that live inside the earth and feed off of our innocence.)

--- I did that!

Most importantly, you feel our spirit, our vibration in all of our Truther movements! In our Animal Rights Activists and Environmentalists, the sincere Social Justice Warriors (not the fake ones sponsored by Satan/Soros) and one of our dear favourites --- the Anonymous Movement.

And of course, in all of you --- our beautiful soulful old Fools, Jokers, Saints, Heroes and Champions. Now is our time!

We are quite literally YOU! You just don’t remember yet.

"All of us are the Illuminati" --- so please “WAKE UP!”

“The Time is Now!”

posted on Apr, 16 2017 @ 05:29 AM
~~~ Perfect Post 8 ~~~

With many apologies, I know that it would be much more fun if I could wait until people start responding (on the off chance that I could be so lucky) before answering any questions.

You “see” interactive games are always the most fun and rewarding!

But as is my nature, I am indeed quite “late for a very important date!” So thought I’d take a moment to pre-emptively answer a couple of quick questions for those jaded old fools who haven’t bothered to read this “absolutely delightful!” short story, yet are compelled to say something spiteful.

Response #1:

To the Old Fools who have only glanced through this material, yet have immediately discard it as nonsense or as a “psy-opt” against who, I truly wouldn’t know, unless you are referring to Lucifer’s puppets or Lucy herself?

In which case, let me just say, I’m soooo incredibly sorry for the inconvenience and guilty as charged! I am indeed very much opposed to evil and deception!

Response #2:

Next, to those jaded Old Fools who feel the need to blame us or this “puppet” for being late (As is, I repeat our nature!) and for all of the horror and misery in this world:

Well my dear friend, you have no one to blame but yourself. No offence or judgement intended. We understand how difficult this last part has been. You “see”, the puppet typing these words, is for all intents and purposes channelling/tapping into the very same energy vibration as you!

The only difference is that you are still fast asleep my friend, but are right on the verge of waking up.

We are not trying to sell you anything and hate money and corruption probably even more then you do!

What this slacker typing these words understands now though, is that he is loved so very much and that by being pig-headed and blaming others, instead of looking within, he is only making his misery worse. Happiness is indeed simply a “choice.”

The Illuminati are not bad or evil at all. As you would have learned had you read the above as below posts, the Illuminati is made up of 11 archetypes/soul families. (And please note, there are indeed many other different and rewarding ways to conceptualize this, but you Fools are stuck with this puppet! Hahaha!)

However, I do have a very good feeling about this Angel Messenger:

In addition:

This young man right here is a Modern Day Saint:

As this Light Worker is both a Saint, Hero and honorary member of the Jokers and the Fools:
(We are so very proud of her!)

Lastly, this little guy is also very dear to us. He is indeed a smart cookie and is an excellent representation of the very best qualities of our Illuminati Joker spirit in action --- Exposing Deception!

I know that there are a lot of false prophets. So the best one can do is deeply examine their message and then ask oneself --- is this message positive? Are they trying to sell me anything? How does this message make me feel and is there anything that you can take away that will add value to your life?

Most importantly:

Are they telling you to ignore all of the evil in this world and focus solely on your garden?

You see, sadly the Villains, the anti-Christs have been writing this script for far too long.

But please note: All of us tap into different archetypes at different times and often, like in this “puppets” case, channel multiple archetypes at the same time.

For example, all of us, at some point in our life have “played” the role of the Villain, the Saint, the Joker or the Fool. Generally speaking though, conspiracy minded or should I say, the “True Critical Minded Thinkers,” tap into the energy vibration of the “Saints, Champions, Jokers, Heroes and soulful old Fools.”

And of course, often, when we are out and about, going to work or are attending to our daily activities --- we are the Everyday Man or Women. (We are quite literally “playing” a part.)

If you would please take a moment to listen deeply to the lyrics of this breathtaking song and then return to the beginning of this thread and so that you might read this entire “Message of Hope” --- I do believe you will see this is truth.

You “see” Angels do indeed walk amongst us --- often, unbeknownst to even themselves.

(Important note: “The Puppet” is in no way, shape or form meaning to imply that “he” is an Angel. He is simply a messenger and very much an Old Fool, like so many of you.)

Our Messiahs and our Saints are indeed part of our greater family. (They are like our cousins and we love them all so very much. They walk a path "holy" unto their own and all we can do is simply sit back and marvel at their grace and beauty with wonder! Listen to their message please. They will show us a new path! And we are here to help!)

We are quite literally the Champions for Humanity!!!

And you “see” what this world needs more than anything is: "Joy, Music, Laughter and Harmony." More so then even that: "Hope, Compassion and non-judgemental Love!"

“It Is Time Now” for all of you to remember that your true home is one of "pure magic, dazzling beauty and bliss. It is time now to bring Heaven back to Earth."

We truly love each and every one of you so very much. However, some of you are very difficult to reach. So again, we ask that you please:

In the Name of Truth, Light, Compassion, Love, Mercy and Joy; please give Peace a chance and “help us, help you!!!”

Very Very Important Note:

When I say “give us a call” (or “call me maybe” haha) when you are ready to ask for help --- I don’t mean harass this puppet on this thread. Though of course, we will be back as soon as possible, to answer any sincere questions.

Contacting us though, is something that you can only do on your own and it is very simple, yet sadly will be quite difficult for many of you and for this we are truly very sorry.

Step 1: Sincerely ask for help in the Name of Truth and Light. We recommend that you write out your intention on a piece of paper, however, your computer work will work just fine as well.

This is how we were are able to get into contact with this “puppet.” We will never override your free will and your free will always supersede our wishes.

(In other words, we won’t ever “possess” you. YOU will always remain in control. "Possession” is Lucifer’s “modus operandi” and one of her many despicable actions which we very strongly oppose.)

Step 2: Be open to it. We speak in riddle and signs. It is our nature. Just like the Pope can’t help but be the worst anti-Christ in all of human history.

And you never know, maybe one day, the Moon might just land on your back porch!

As well, we enjoy a good chuckle and humbly encourage humanity to do the same. Again, in a very real way, we are you!

It is true when they say that: “Laughter is the best medicine!”

Step 3: Immediately engage yourself in activities that bring you joy. Raise that vibration of yours! Might I suggest adorable youtube videos of “animals being jerks” hahaha or “animals that think they are people.”

Thanks and have a good night!

posted on Apr, 16 2017 @ 05:38 AM
~~~ Perfect Post 9 ~~~

Oh and here is our first message: It is in the form of a 2 “Short Riddles” and is now in its “Perfect Formatting!” Last edited 2 minutes ago. (So all of you had better check them out again please! Thank you so much!)

It is posted on this Blog:

Now in case these: “white magic spells in the name of truth and light” disappear again, here are the short stories/riddles directly from Google Docs:



Now get on out there you crazy kids and enjoy your Easter and Spring Solstice!!!

In the Name of Truth and Light!!!

“We say: F--k you Lucifer and have a good night!”

So Be It.


This last song is just for you Lucy:

(And did I happen to mention … we are all … so. Very. P*SSED!!!)


Mature Audiences Only: 18+ Please

(Viewer discretion is advised)

In fact, we are all quite concerned that the contents of this video might be too disturbing for the decent people on ATS.

However, we would like to gently suggest that our poor, misguided Old Fools who are filled at this moment with misery, self-loathing or hate that you please see Lucy’s message as well. We have included a special note for you.

We love you the most of all, because you are truly the most Innocent of our Soul Family. You don’t belong in a world that is filled with violence and hate. None of this is your fault.

What you do not understand now, is that it is the “purity of your soul, your innocence --- your vibration that is going to allow humanity to ascend. Despite what you may believe --- all of you are truly Saints.”

No matter what you “think” you might have done or how angry you feel right now, we do not judge you and love you all so very much. Our door is always open. We will wait for you eternally.

Your true reality is one of “Dazzling Magic, Wonder and Bliss.” Please do not give up hope. We are already here and this final act that we are in --- has been written for US!

This Life has been a Test and simply by existing and not giving up --- “All of Us” here have passed with flying colours. You truly are perfect to us, just the way you are and it breaks our heart to see so many of you unhappy. You are all Divine, Magnificent Beings.

We wrote this song for you:

It is true, that we all must play our parts right now and stand up for our innocent and against injustice --- but at the same time, there is no need to take all of this quite so seriously anymore.

The quickest way to “WAKE UP” is to start by enjoying yourselves a little bit more. And dare I say both laughter and music is the best medicine!

This Picture is for you Lucy-poo:

Congratulations Humanity!!! We are so proud of All of Us!!!

Very, Very, Very, Important Final Point:

You see:

The reason why this “Final Act” is so exciting is because:

“It is our destiny that all of us, together; the Saints, Fools, Jokers, Heroes and Champions are going to unite and SAVE humanity!!!”


“Did I happen to mention that all of our ancient religions and spiritual texts have been inverted, manipulated and distorted by very evil people?”

Oh Lucy… “we’re baaaaack!!!” Hahahahahahaha

(And may I just say: “F-k you very much!”)

Happy Easter and Spring Solstice Everyone!!!

Oh and Lucy’s, please see here:



posted on Apr, 16 2017 @ 06:16 AM
a reply to: OwenandNoelle

posted on Apr, 16 2017 @ 06:28 AM
a reply to: Wide-Eyes

The Apocalypse has begun my friend. If you can, I need help sharing this message. I am just a "puppet" and we are on a bit of a timeline here.

Thank-you so much in advance!

Kek's Soul Family is back! And let me tell you... they are not happy!

This is their message to Lucifer's puppets:

(They don't want me to put the actual video in, because it is so graphic. But haha, very nicely describes how they're feeling.)

This is truly not a joke, I swear on my life.
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posted on Apr, 16 2017 @ 06:44 AM
a reply to: OwenandNoelle

Illuminati slut in a video. What's your point?

posted on Apr, 16 2017 @ 07:50 AM
a reply to: Wide-Eyes

The point is my friend --- The Apocalypse has begun.

I have to spread this message with as many people as possible.

But ALL OF US will be back later to answer any sincere questions. If you have ever wondered why you were here on this earth, perhaps you could "suspend your disbelief" for a moment and read this thread.


Expect Us!

posted on Apr, 16 2017 @ 09:49 AM



There are truly no words to express how frustrating it is, when one of the videos we have provided in an other "Perfect Post" does not show up.

In reference to "Perfect Post 8" this is the Light Worker and Modern Day Saint whom we wish to highlight:

Must admit, quite annoyed that this Video is not showing up.

Well, alas:

We will try again. Computers are so very annoying. We prefer scrolls.

Here you go:

Introducing Teal Swann --- our favourite Modern Day Saint:

After you have digested all of our message. Please take heed of hers. We Stand Behind Our Saints and Our Heroes.

Thank you so very much!



posted on Apr, 16 2017 @ 11:10 AM
a reply to: OwenandNoelle

You have A LOT of energy and dedication. Wow.

If I am understanding you correctly, then this life is a playground?


Is it wrong to laugh at the failures of the bloodlines? They seem to get so worked up and then fail ... fail ... fail.

But this time is different? So it begins?

posted on Apr, 16 2017 @ 12:36 PM
a reply to: ClovenSky



Thank you so much for taking the time to read our Message!

"Your interpretation is 100% correct!

The very best way to make our satanic elite weaker, is to indeed 'Laugh at them!' They are so despicable and disgusting --- they are truly ridiculous!

You 'see:' There are negative, very low vibrational entities that our Elite worship. These disgusting pieces of filth, look just like Gray Aliens.

These entities feed off of our suffering and or pain. The seek out our Innocent. So guess what? The solution is so simple that it is indeed, truly absurd!

Just be choose to be joyful and laugh at these "numb nuts" every chance that you get! Starve those mofo's out please!

There is indeed going to be an upcoming battle in which Humanity is going to need to stand up and Protect our Innocent and fight against Injustice.

Please do not fear: Humanity has already won --- but still, we all must play our parts, while at the same time, having as much fun as possible!

Our life previously was a Test --- We are now in a Game!!! And this last part --- was written by US!!!

F-K Lucifer!!! hahahahahah

'God does indeed have a wonderful sense of humour!'

Thank you so much!"



posted on Apr, 17 2017 @ 01:33 PM
~~~ Perfect Post 10 ~~~



“We are all very excited to answer any of your questions.

Unfortunately today, we are on a bit of a timeline.”

“You SEE:

Today is my Birthday! And I have a very important message that I need to share with my Rabbit/Reddit people!”

“However, we will be back tomorrow and in the coming weeks to answer any and all sincere questions. After all of this reading material has been digested of course!”

"We would like to stress one more time that:

We will no longer be tolerating Racist or Hateful Behaviour.

Thank-you so much for your co-operation!”

I AM the White Rabbit

Brief Addendum:

“There are simply not enough words on earth to express how much we love this song. Thank-you so very much!!! F-k you Lucifer! Guess who’s back b*tches!!!”

“For decency purposes again, we will not actually be including this video, but here is the link:”

However, we do “BELIEVE” that this video also very “neatly” sums up our role here in this coming “Apocalypse NOW:”



posted on Apr, 17 2017 @ 02:16 PM
~~~ Perfect Post 11 ~~~


“A Gentle Rant and Musings upon Intolerance” --- “A Short Story”

Brought to you by:

---- The Jolly Old Joker and the Gentle Old Fool

Brief Prologue from our (gentle) Old Fool:

“Well, it appears that the white supremacists on the “goat/voat social media platform” have CENSORED!!! Our special introduction to this ‘Message of Hope --- ‘Apocalypse NOW’ that was written just for them.”

“Not happy. But don’t you worry, we had our puppet save this message and we will reproduce here right now.”

“Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately haha) for you, we have had to remove a great deal of the language to abide by the decency standards set by ATS.”

~~~ Chapter 1 ~~~


I am writing a little story for my “Social Justice Warrior Class” in school. This “short play” will likely seem absurd and “in no way, shape or form is any of this story intended to be taken seriously any more. We are now in a game.”

“But my Teacher is going to be checking this short ‘play’ in a few days and so as above so below, we ask that you please do not delete this message. This is important. My Very Grade depends on it.”

Thank-you so much!


Dear Racist and Intolerant People:

(And also sent with much compassion to our gentle Old Fools who are consumed with self-loathing and hate.)

“STOP IT!!!”

That is all.


“Just kidding. We have many more thoughts on this matter that we would love to share.”


“The anger you feel is 100% justified. It is the people who aren’t angry at the state of the world, who are the biggest problem right now and we truly worry about them the most.”

“However, your anger is blinding you to the Truth.”

“How can you not SEE:

That every single wide-spread crime ever committed against humanity has been orchestrated by our satanic elite?”

“All of us have been lied to by the very same people. In case you were not aware, these would be the satanists --- Lucifer’s puppets.”

(Both our old Fool and our Puppet very strongly refuses to capitalize Lucifer’s puppet’s name on principle. “WE ARE ALL SO VERY. VERY. VERY. P*SSED!!!”)

Now back to our story:

“The reason why so many of YOU are so very angry, anxious or depressed is because you see how unfair and downright evil our world has become and you are very sensitive to cruelty and injustice. More so than most and this because you are so very Innocent and deep inside your soul --- so very kind.”

“You do not belong in this world. You heart, your soul is too pure. The horror that you see all around us, is crushing your humanity. Our heart truly breaks for you.”

“You have been led astray, but we do not judge you. This world is a pretty tough place for people who have a heart and give a sh*t about others.”

“Deep inside your soul, you are a very good person, better than most in fact and you are suffering tremendously. You might not believe us right now, but it is YOUR vibration, the purity of YOUR Soul that has brought the ‘light’ back into this world.”

You are truly a “Saint” and are INDEED “very special.”

“In the Name of Truth and Light --- we would like to suggest a new path when you are ready. Kek is our symbol, we are Anonymous and WE ARE the Jokers and the Fools. We are the real Illuminati and we are YOU!”

Lucifer is but one of 11 soul families that make up the Illuminati and “she” has been running a muck for way too long. It our time now. This next chapter was written for our “soulful and saintly old Fools” and our “rascally rabbit” Jokers!

“We are so proud of all of you, for standing up for both yourself and against injustice; however, you very misguided when you direct your hate at anyone other than the EVIL satanic elite.”

“This is also going to be a very tough one to hear, but you are doing yourselves no favors by staying in such a vengeful state. By focusing only on the horror and lashing out from a mindset of hate, you only end up pulling more hate and disappointment back into yourself.”

“The very best way to get a sense of what your true state of mind is, is to take a look around at your surroundings. Your immediate surroundings are often a direct reflection of your vibration.”

“Furthermore, it is very difficult for us to reach you, when you are this unhappy. It is quite the paradox I’m afraid, because you are the most sensitive of our Soul Family, yet we cannot reach you until you make the choice to let go of fear and hate and make the choice to be happy.”

“You and I come from a plane of existence that is pure Joy, Love, Mercy, Compassion and Light. The land of real life Cartoons. Our real world is very much like what Alice in Wonderland is based upon; but there is no room in our world for hate.”

“Anger at injustice or deception on the other hand is absolutely justifiable --- and, well, let me tell you right now, that we are all so. Very. P*SSED!!!”

“We protect the innocent and stand against that which is unjust. And we have been waiting patiently in the wings for a VERY long time for humanity to be ready. The time is now.”

posted on Apr, 17 2017 @ 02:19 PM
~~~ Chapter 2 ~~~

“You might not realize this, but many of you have been chatting with the Real Life Mad Hatter.”

“You are very lucky people, if I dare say so myself.”

“And I’m going to tell you right now, for what it’s worth, that God doesn’t give a sh*t what colour your skin is or what your sexuality is at all.”

“God doesn’t care if you are fat or lumpy, covered in scales, pierced or tattooed. God created 'All of Us' --- you woefully misguided fools!”

“God created endless variations of perfection for all of us to enjoy and wants nothing more than for each and every one of us to be joyful and happy.”

And as long as you’re not out there and I quote: “F--king little kids and sh*tting all over his magnificent creation!” I assure you, that you are good. And even then, still, inconceivably, God has already forgiven everyone.

Well, I may have paraphrased there a bit.

“Your life, all of our lives here, has been a test. That we all signed up for ourselves before coming into this life. And you have already passed. It is time for you to come home now please.”

This song is written for you:

“Truly, when we look at the state our world is in, how could it really get much worse? Our politicians are eating and torturing children and animals on a massive world wide scale. All around us we see nothing but endless wars, violence, greed and hate.”

“My Dear Old Friend, if you could think of a way it could get much worse, I definitely don’t want to know.”

“They manipulate all of us so that we are too distracted to see who is really pulling the strings. In case you might not be aware, that would be Lucifer.”

“Do you really think the solution would be more hate? More violence? More intolerance?”

“Or is it perhaps time for another way?”

“Never forget:

It is our satanic, tiny-dicked, inbred elite --- who have exploited, manipulated and lied to all of us!”

“At the very least, might I suggest that we learn to prioritize? Lucifer would have no chance if we could just put aside our minor, cosmetic differences and focus on exposing these child f--kers.”

“Keep it simple!”

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