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NY Times: What Do Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly, Bill Clinton and Roger Ailes Have in Common?

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posted on Apr, 9 2017 @ 11:06 PM
a reply to: TruMcCarthy

You must've missed this part of the OP,

Stop dressing like you want to be Sexually Harassed Dam. Its really that simple.

I wouldn't be surprised if the OP himself sexually harasses women based on his attitude. He fits right in with Ailes, Trump, and the rest of the ilk.

posted on Apr, 9 2017 @ 11:32 PM
a reply to: Swills

He figures he is going to be a cop, or wanted to be a would you like this guy on a rape case?
Seriously f'd up.

posted on Apr, 10 2017 @ 12:01 AM
Oh, my.

I saw one of the feminists slogans that goes something like "remember: just looking at a woman is RAPE".

And lets get real: like females in the US dont tend to go to obsessive lengths to get us to look at them as a norm?

(at least when I was growing up)

Then we have rape happy Islamist types running round gang raping women in Europe. Such a twist when they force their women to wear 'baskets' over their heads.

I couldnt help but chuckle when I saw the part of the OP here everyone is having a riot over.

There, I did again.

You can all play along as if your brain isn't hardwired to jolt when you see a hot chick. But I aint buying it. It's neurological. There are physical systems in the male brain that do this on their own.

If this sounds to fantiastical, well dig this: You dont see with yours eyes! You see with your brain. Dont believe me? Did you know that the ability to see human faces is entirely dependent on a very specific part of the brain? If you damage this tiny part you will not be able to see human faces. You can learn about this various documentary series and species about the human brain. Other animals (except maybe dogs; certain breeds of them) cant see our faces either. The part not mentioned in the numerous documentaries I have that mention this phenonema is, I'd bet anything that, not only does it manage the visual processing of faces, but it also is in a constant tug of war with the rest of your visual cortex in its never ending quest to "find the face" as you're out in about. It's been a thing of mine for about a decade now, so much so that when crossing a street I make sure to point my face (er look at the drivers) of any cars that might have a chance of hitting me. The logic is that I;m forcing their brain to register my presence where otherwise their consciousness off in autopilot mode like people go into might not compute me otherwise. I've lived in the city for years and had my little shops all around me and barely even drove ever for years. I've played my little mind game for years that is, years of observations with this, and I'm a true believer of my little theory as a result.

It turns out so much of our behavior, our reactions, are totally involuntary. And in my experience, the more we try to act like they aren't the more serious a 'condition' each item of interest is. I have numerous threads about such subjects, and oh the crickets they often are doomed to be.

I watch people you see. For me observing crowds and individuals reactions and behaviors is my own sort of involuntary thing. My brain jolts too when seeing hot chicks, but its got nothing on half the dudes I've known. Some of them practically crash their cars when seeing one walk down the road, the reflex to bob around and honk the horn, you couldn't even talk down this behavior.

Me at a comedy club is a real riot. I prefer a balcony type viewing angle. I become mesmerized in study the waves of response from the crowd. I've seen the laugh response wave literally roll across the audience from the point of origin (the first person to burst a laugh out loud) again and again from each joke. You can find the same effect in a comedy film theater as well, but its not the same as a good comedy club with a 2nd floor. I'm the bastard who sees the humor, but also gets off on the math involved in each individual convincing themselves that they laughed all on their own.

In other sex affairs news, in the UK "cat calling" has been turned into a sexual assault charge. Well damn, knowing what I know about the male human brain and what it does to the male human mind, when women wear bikinis or anything like that out on the streets and get cat called, if they then press charges well if there were justice in this world then what they were wearing should get a case thrown out of court on grounds of entrapment, and face a counter lawsuit.

Yet none of my 'odd' points and arguments justify sexual assault.

One does have to wonder why would they keep dressing like that if they cant handle it? One easy answer is they tend to get off on it.

Even this one isn't showing any skin:

And still gets preyed upon. But seriously, what with showing all all those features? What are the genetics involved in doing that, if any?????

Ladies, I know when people try to insult me, or anything along those lines, I thrive on it. It becomes all about the comeback. They usually regret it. Same with bullies. They never see me coming. Even the big, even the black, bullies get bruised egos when they come my way. Yet I dont fight them, other than crush them with mind power. If cat calling is something on par with bullying to you, make a game out of it. I have a gut feeling that cat callers just haven't met enough intelligent counter ball crushing (of the metaphorical variety).

This one seems to get it, and appears to be enjoying it:

posted on Apr, 10 2017 @ 12:36 AM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

My dear dear husband ran over a median at Home Depot.. right through the little landscaping... staring at a woman. LMAO!!! Bitch wearing a bikini top to a hardware store.. she's GOING to get looked at and knows it. Good thing it was a truck. I slapped the hell out of him and laughed at him. Its been 12 years since then.. I still bring it up once in a while for a chuckle. Men.. they can be totally mind controlled very very easily. I dont hate it in them.. I love it. I also find it very funny! Let the poor men look... theyre hardwired to do it and its almost beyond their control. Now touching and being lewd.. thats different. But looking? Ive heard the 3rd wavers go insane-o over it. Hell, some of them may not be so repulsive, but then they open their mouths.

Ive been sexually harassed.. in a real and dangerous way by a "superior".. I was an RN and he was a Dr... it was a touchy and difficult thing. It all depends on how you handle it. I was attacked several years ago in a grocery store parking lot.. I told about it on here several years ago.. I fought back and I imagine the kiddos will rethink messing with anyone in that way again. I realize not everyone is able to fight them off or is aggressive enough to handle the harassment. Thats the world, though. It not a fairy tale, its not fair, everyone isnt decent and business is business.. and women get harassed. I cant imagine these grown women didnt realize how they carry themselves and dress just might encourage crappy behavior out of crappy men. I cant imagine Monica was a victim pushed against her will to blow Bill. There are victims and then there are victims.. figure out which is the true victim that NEEDS help. Not the silly ridiculous women who havent figured out that they live in a world where there ARE predators and maybe they shouldnt encourage them... or minimize real cases of harassment by their whiny BS cries of rape because a man looks at them.

posted on Apr, 10 2017 @ 12:46 AM

originally posted by: Advantage

I slapped the hell out of him


posted on Apr, 10 2017 @ 01:48 AM
a reply to: Stevemagegod

exActly! The liberal MSM media is always propounding its leftist agenda which is radiculous because america is a free society not a liberal one!

Good job, OP! Ive had enough of snowflacks and I wish theyd just melt allready!

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