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Non-binary gender and gender neutral is offensive

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posted on Apr, 7 2017 @ 01:32 AM
Oioi, its this idiot again! After 72 hours of working and no sleep I have become #triggered after remembering stories of people born without genitals. How you ask?

As you all know by now, a % of SJW's class themselves as a different gender, ok, I get that. You want to be a omni-sexual fruit bat snow flake, more power to you. But, its these morons who confuse gender with sex. More and more I see these people saying "You cant call that a boy/girl, its demeaning and wrong", some even saying that all babies are "sex neutral".

Enter Cloacal Exstrophy:

Cloacal exstrophy (EC) is a severe birth defect wherein much of the abdominal organs (the bladder and intestines) are exposed. It often causes the splitting of both male and female genitalia (specifically, the penis and clitoris respectively), and the anus is occasionally sealed.

Cloacal Exstrophy

This can result in rare cases of no genitals at all (not just splitting), it takes years of development for a child to come to terms with what their parents think they should grow up as in this case, only later on in development these poor souls being able to truly test if they are male or female. I take offence that some jumped up little dipsh*t has the balls/ovaries/fruit bats to use a term which should be used for people suffering with Clocal exstrophy not some rich kid out to hate on their parents because they are secretly gay and dont want to admit it to the world so they invent new terms to make them super cool happy mega fun time turbo extreme totally not that but I enjoy same sex intercourse hippy drum circle.

How dare these little punks use such terms when it clearly hurts a minority! Its sexist!

Please note, this rant in part has been discussed with my brother inlaw and his boyfriend (whos dad is trans!, x2 multiplier hit there).

Brother-in-law & boyfriend - "Only two sexes"
The boyfriends father (mother/father... gets confusing) - "Only two sexes, but identifies as a woman now"

Some moron in university - "their are 27 genders, this ties in with the sex of the person. To disregard this is sexist as its all a invention by white scientists"

I would post a picture right now but for some reason its not letting me, shame really

posted on Apr, 7 2017 @ 03:16 AM

originally posted by: thekaboose
As you all know by now, a % of SJW's class themselves as a different gender, ok, I get that. You want to be a omni-sexual fruit bat snow flake, more power to you. But, its these morons who confuse gender with sex. More and more I see these people saying "You cant call that a boy/girl, its demeaning and wrong", some even saying that all babies are "sex neutral".

Dig. Apparently there really is something to "Gender Dysphoria" (mental 'disorder'), and its hell for them.

But then we have all this other crap, which is all fetish obsession by the sound of it. Hey, have your fetishes. But exploiting Gender Dysphoria people to insist everyone acknowledge and ACCEPT it (where just tolerating it isnt good enough for these people), now thats a whole nother animal. Tisk tisk, bestiality stuff is now amongst the crazy stuff some of this lot are trying to insist onto society.

posted on Apr, 7 2017 @ 04:07 AM
In all honesty, if these people came out and said "Hi, I feel like Im X, that is all" and just lived their lives without getting in other peoples faces I would fully support it. But its the tiny tiny minority (

posted on Apr, 7 2017 @ 01:13 PM
Gender vs. Sex?

Who really cares?

You're a man, a woman, or a hermaphrodite.

If you want to pretend you're the opposite sex, fine, but don't expect the rest of us to memorize your ridiculous chart of identities.

It's all about S E X . Semantic gymnastics is not going to change the fact.

posted on Apr, 9 2017 @ 05:56 AM
it doesnt bother me i someone wants to be identified as an other gender what annoys me is forcing this new cis thing

denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex.

so basically to make a few people feel special (not actual trans people, they dont really bother just get on with life) we have to create a new definition.
i find people who are real trans just change to the gender they feel they are and get on with life, they dont go on and on about it, making a big deal.
the ones who want to create new definitions of gender are the just attention seekers, the ones on twitter and instagram taking 100s of pictures of their face, anything for attention and this unfortunately hurts the real trans people who just want to get on with life, people re turning against them in the process

posted on Sep, 29 2021 @ 09:16 AM
a reply to: Restricted

Whenever the basics are forgotten, chaos an insanity ensues. It's just a cosmic law.

What basics do I mean? Well, basics like 'I HAVE a body' instead of 'I AM a body'.

Body is temporary, energy ( = soul, self, etc.) is eternal, even Einstein knew this. Energy can't be destroyed, a body can. Body has birth and death, beginning and end, a soul doesn't, because it's pure energy.

Soul has no gender - and I don't really make a distinction between 'gender' and 'sex', except that 'gender' refers to body's shape and attributes, and 'sex' is an activity people and animals can practice.

When we put all these basics together, we get an entity that's a combination of body and spirit (or soul). The spirit enters the physical body by connecting the silver cord to its chakra system. Chakras are like 'etheric bolts' that keep soul (and astral body) connected to the physical body, just like you'd staple, bolt or nail curtains to a wooden board, or a calendar to a wall. Something has to keep it there.

From this, we can realize, only the BODY has a gender and genitalia. It's irreversible - once you have been incarnated to a body that has certain gender's brain and other qualities, no matter how much you mutilate that body later, you can't change the gender until your next incarnation (and not always then, either, because people have so much karma, they have to sometimes incarnate to the same gender's body multiple times in a row, which also explains twisted things, like homosexuality - nothing morally wrong, it's just a natural consequence for multiple incarnations in the body of the same gender before switching - so you feel 'uncomfortable', and your sexual preferences take some time to synchronize with the new gender - people are not patience, though, so insted of waiting, they do other things).

Therefore, these 'gender issues' are not YOUR issues, only the BODY's issues that you are temporarily visiting and using right now. You are probably right now in a physical body that has genitalia of a specific gender. It's irrelevant what YOU identify as, it won't change what the body is and will be no matter what you do, until the body dies.

Having said that, we can look at this from the other perspective just as validly (if this is a word).

It's also irrelevant what people with your genitals are SUPPOSED to think, do or identify as. The truth is, you are human being first, you are a soul, energy entity. Absolutely nothing in existence has lawful power to make you have certain values, viewpoints or self-identity, regardless of what gender the body you are using has or 'is'.

Just because you have male genitalia, for example, doesn't mean you _HAVE_ to identify as 'man' or 'male entity' or anything like that. You can still identify as human being, energy, soul, vibration, or whatever you truly feel and think you really are. A body has no power to dictate your identity any more than someone outside of your body that probably doesn't even know your true, core self at all, or at least very well.

(Most people don't know themselves anyway)

It also doesn't mean that you WILL become a woman, girl, attack helicopter or Shiva just because you decide to identify as such. You may internally experience being anything you want, but it's not going to change the physical body you are using. As most people around you will see the physical body first, it would be insane of you to expect the other people to think of you as something contradictory to what they see when they look at you (which is the physical body).

It's here that things get a bit tricky. It's going to be very difficult, if not impossible, to convince anyone else to truthfully see you as attack helicopter, if you are a human being, energy entity, a soul living in a physical, male body with male characteristics and brain.

In today's crazy world, people don't understand ANY of these basics, so many insane people ARE able to make people HUMOR THEM (no one REALLY thinks a man becomes a woman just by mutilating their physical body and eating hormones), and claim they do see them as attack helicopter. No one _really_ thinks this, though.

You can change your gender identity in 'official papers' (this is already a bit crazy, but it wouldn't be, if the basics were included - but the system looks at people as bodies, so a man is 100% male, when the system is concerned, no matter what they feel internally as their identity (I don't identify as anything temporary or unreal, for example, thus the temporary body I use has nothing to do with what _I_ really am, any more than the car you drive has to do with what YOU really are).

So basically the system is saying the physical body is malleable, and a matter of 'identifying'.

Of course, to the system, it is, because system _really_ deals with 'artificial persons' that don't even _have_ a physical body. Therefore, any 'gender' marked on official papers can be easily changed - the 'gender' of a legal fiction is easy to change, unlike the gender of a physical bipedal body.

By the way, do the 'transformers-people' think that you can change a male tiger to female tiger (or vice versa) by just putting a knife to their body and feeding them hormones?

posted on Sep, 29 2021 @ 09:30 AM
a reply to: Restricted

You're a man, a woman, or a hermaphrodite.

No, you're not. What you are saying is equally logical to "You're a Lamborghini, Nissan or Datsun."

You're not a car, you have a car.

You're not a body, you have a body.

Regardless of what your body physically is, has nothing to do with what you are internally - as soul has no gender, because it's pure energy, and human beings _always_ have both yin and yang energies (male and female, if you wish), the best, most harmonious, most true, most beneficial and most logical identity would be 'human being with both female and male energies balanced'.

For some reason, people are so mesmerized by the temporary physical body they're using, they identify with it. Men try to be as macho and masculine as possible, women put 200kg of make-up on their face and 'do their hair' for 4 hours before going to some club to practice their hypergamy.

Of course women are so pedestalized and get so many free things and perks (feminists don't seem to mind, ALTHOUGH they think gender is 100% a social construct), it's no wonder human beings that are living in female bodies, become blind to the truth and start living in their massive ego.

Men are more tied to this 'social construct' called 'male role', which becomes a sort of straitjacket for men. If a man doesn't want to protect and serve a woman, or thinks there IS an excuse to hit a woman, he'll be vilified to the max. Men are not allowed a great many things humans have been enjoying throughout history, including colors and dresslike clothes.

Women are allowed everything - they can be masculine, feminine or express their human side to the max., and NO ONE has any problem with it.

So because men are brainwashed and indoctrinated from birth to be 'REAL MEN' that must protect, work very hard, be stoic, not show emotions, and on and on and on and they must dress in black or at least colorless, masculine clothes (women can wear pants, men can't wear dresses), men become VERY deeply identified with the physical body's gender they're using.

They forget they're JUST AS MUCH human beings, genderless energy entities, as the people living in female bodies.

"Male" and "Female" roles and such, are best used when doing some kind of pairing, mating, intimate and romantic areas.

In other areas of life and even social conduct, it would be better if people realized their true, human being-selves and they treated each other as human beings, not men and women. That is the only way to true equality - to see that fundamentally, we truly ARE equal (this means 'equal in WORTH', not 'equal in SKILL/ABILITIES'), and stop giving perks and pedestalization to female humans, while vilifying and blaming male humans for everything.

Isn't it insane and crazy to anyone to discriminate enormous amounts of human beings JUST based on what's between their big toes? (Or pedestalizing and godifying another enormous mass of people for the same, trivial, purely physical reason)?

It's basically saying that because of your physical body, I will treat you badly, or because of your physical body, I will treat you preferentially and pedestalize the crap out of you.

This is so wrong, but people can't learn anything real about 'gender' until they realize the BASICS.

There's some truth to this 'social construct' gender role thing, but how could such thing even exist in the first place, if there weren't SOME fundamental differences between differently-gendered bodies?

No, YOU are not a herma, woman or man. Your body is. Hermas are rare, but even their body is probably more 'male' or 'female', when you look at the BRAIN, or muscle density, psychology, how their attraction works (for men, it's visual, for women, it's 'status-based', which is hard to explain, as it's not self-explanatory, like 'beauty' is, so almost everyone makes a mistake when estimating what turns on women, especially since women PROJECT so much - even women think 'looks' matter to women's sexuality, but they do not. If the women looked what they're projecting to 'handsome' men, and how many of the 'handsome men' the women drool over have usually an incredibly high status, they might start realizing the truth. Men simply extrapolate their OWN sexuality to women, which is just wrong).

Those rare people, who live in a body that has both genitalia, still have a body that is either 'male' or 'female', and there are SO many ways of finding it out, from bone structure and density, to muscle structure and density, to body size, to brain - but most importantly, which chakras turn which way - it's reversed for the genders.

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