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Have you been abducted

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posted on Apr, 3 2017 @ 05:01 AM
Hi guys,

I'm a massive believer in aliens although I've never seen any ufos personally or had any abductions I would be interested in hearing people's stories of what they truly believed happened. I'd love to hear some from the U.K. As they are always normally American stories in small towns where people have very minimal witnesses. Please don't hold back I'm not here to judge or ridicule I'm genuinely interested in people's stories.


posted on Apr, 3 2017 @ 06:31 AM
a reply to: Bfletcher618

If truly interested in abduction cases and not wanting a few minutes of thrill by reading somebody's subjective account on ATS, I suggest that you frequent some used books stores, online or brick and mortar, and gather some of the decent accounts that have been researched and documented to some degree.

Yes, it seems to be that abductions mostly have been in the US. I think that there is a very good reason for that, but that concept doesn't come to mind without much forethought. And I'll be the first to say that the "very good reason" that I mentioned may be entirely wrong, but it comes from a long interest and contemplation of my own abduction experience and many of those that I've been acquainted with. Knowing about UFOs must come first before the understanding. So you are on the right track. Good luck.

posted on Apr, 3 2017 @ 06:48 AM
a reply to: Bfletcher618

Check out the gray area and paranormal forums

posted on Apr, 3 2017 @ 07:03 AM
a reply to: Aliensun that's fair enough and I shall take that on board but I'm just looking to have convos with people about their experiences.

Yes I can go read all the information out there and educate myself ok these UFO abductions but for the most part I can't speak to them with a short notice period. Where as if I hear people's abduction stories here I can ask questions etc which is something I'm interested in.

I have a huge interest in ufos and Aliens being out there in the vast universe and I read and watch as many documentaries of cases and I strongly believe there is something out there.

What I can't work out is if they have been coming here for so long.

1) why is it that the government won't say Definitively that there is something else out there.
2) why would they go to our government why wouldn't they just land and announce themselves to everyone.
3) there seems to be lots of different shape crafts so are there more than one genuine species?

There are lots of missing pieces of the puzzle that make it a very bizzare one, so many questions left unanswered.

posted on Apr, 3 2017 @ 08:05 AM
a reply to: Bfletcher618

You describe the larger picture I was trying to say that you needed to be thinking about beyond abductee stories. I'll give you very short answers to the questions that you pose.

Many different types of strange craft witnessed since we split the atom is evidence that we have attracted the attention of other sentient members in the galaxy if not beyond. Different kinds of ETs being witnessed backs up that assessment.

Our human history of evolution and early civilizations is very checkered and some of the blanks filled in by human sciences fail miserably to explain some very hard evidence. We probably have been helped in both areas by ETs.

Mars is a dead planet, but it wasn't always that way. Phobos is a very strange moon around Mars and just may be the home of the greys that do the abductions.

If vastly older, more settled civilizations (from Mars or elsewhere) are interacting with us on a personal level, it seems reasonable that they also are interacting with our major world governments and organizations behind our backs. On that same situation, they probably have some requirements about how we treat our fellow humans and demand that they be instituted. (You can see that in Western societies if you have a broad, general view of the social engineering that is going on across Western societies.)

Lastly, and probably most importantly, no earth government is willingly going to invite ETs down to tell us how to mind our store. Our earthly versions of good and bad, right and wrong may not be according to a universal code of conduct and our age-old systems are not wanting to conform to change. Actually, that is simply a nice way of saying that our governments closely control us and they will NOT relinquish that control unless...well, they won't. At least, the governments will always get their pound of flesh from the citizenry because that it the way the old style works. So, all in all, it is a very complicated situation of the UFO coming down to mingle.

We abductees only have simple, personal stories to tell. And those stories are only what the ETs have allowed us to believe.

posted on Apr, 3 2017 @ 09:46 AM
I'd love to see some personal stories as well. I'm especially interested in

  • Anything note worthy in the abduction scenario after they moved to a new country.
  • Any sort of training or mental tasks that they were given.
  • Any accounts in which the person had a being assigned to them.
  • Any Contracts that were made.
  • Any experiences that might inform us of factional associations between governments, nations, organizations, and groups of people.

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posted on Apr, 3 2017 @ 11:38 AM
I've never been abducted before but have seen many UFO's/unidentified craft in my old town.

Was 12-13 at the time, me and my old friend were playing football and saw yellow/blue lights​ in the sky across the field, we said (what is that flashing) and​ went over to investigate it, as we got closer the craft was (metallic silver long in shape) with no sound at all, with unbelievable speed descend towards the hill across the same field, it was hovering over it, we said (let's go over) as we got closer it again "super speed" up towards the clouds then in a flash disappeared. was cool but strange.

Had others, once i was looking out my window and saw a black craft was "changing shape" (too my eyes at least) as it passed, hovered for about 10-20 seconds then disappeared (no camera phone's back then)​, about 40 minutes later it was over the same field i described in the last post.. Now i wonder why these UFO craft have been trying to get something from the field or the hill? got other stories and all in my old town.
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posted on Apr, 3 2017 @ 11:48 AM
a reply to: DarkvsLight29 pretty interesting stuff man, where about was this ? How close to it were you?

Are you able to go into some of your other stories man that would be great
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posted on Apr, 3 2017 @ 01:16 PM
Abduction stories are hard to tell. It was 1962, I was sleeping fitfully as usual, since I've been a lifelong insomniac.

I had the feeling of being conscious, being lifted through the ceiling, past the trees, into something or somewhere above.

I have no real memories of an actual encounter with beings, just the "feeling" of being examined by entities in the area or enclosure. I may remember lying down on something, but not sure since I have no visual memories.

I don't remember anything further until my descent back to my bed amongst the trees and through the roof.
I had been trying to scream my head off as soon as I became conscious of my release and return - when I hit the bed, I woke up screaming.

The memory is still vivid, you'd think it would fade over 50 years.
I've worked to keep the memory from being embellished from movies, TV, or something I read about abductees or other alien encounters.
But in these later years, looking at abduction scenarios, a huge number are reported to occur while sleeping.

Or it could have just been a dream. I wasn't much into sci fi at age 6, TV was still black & white, and I didn't get to go to the movie theater yet.... So where did I get the raw materials to fabricate such a story?


posted on Apr, 3 2017 @ 01:43 PM
a reply to: ganjoa I don't at all doubt for a second that this happened but it does sound an awful lot like sleep paralysis, excuse me if you know what it is I apologise in advance but

Sleep paralysis happens when parts of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep occur while you're awake.
REM is a stage of sleep when the brain is very active and dreams often occur. The body is unable to move, apart from the eyes and muscles used in breathing, possibly to stop you acting out your dreams and hurting yourself.
It's not clear why REM sleep can sometimes occur while you're awake, but it has been associated with:
not getting enough sleep (sleep deprivation or insomnia)
irregular sleeping patterns – for example, because of shift work or jet lag
narcolepsy – a long-term condition that causes a person to suddenly fall asleep at inappropriate times
a family history of sleep paralysis
sleeping on your back
In many cases, sleep paralysis is a one-off or very occasional event that occurs in someone who is otherwise healthy.

all of the above are all causes of sleep paralysis and it kind of marry up with what you have said, you were an insomniac etc, either way I can imagine it was a scary yet thrilling experience, I haven't yet been lucky or unlucky enough to experience it, my girlfriend on the other hand has and she said it was awful she lay in bed next to me and felt like she was being suffocated and was screaming my name for help but I couldn't hear her, now thats only her version of events many other people have had various other things happen to them, I know someone who took a large amount of ketamine and he said he can remember coming out of his body and floating round his roam etc but this will be due to being awake for long periods of time then coming down and crashing will put your body in the perfect state to easily slip into sleep paralysis.

hope this is of some help

posted on Apr, 3 2017 @ 02:42 PM
I will contribute my story here...
Have told very few people about this series of events during my childhood.
Perhaps someone will gain something from this. Will also be nice just to put all these thoughts down somewhere.

This happened between the ages of 8-17(1988-1997).
As a child I was a sleep walker and talker. Usually just mumbling as I roamed the halls of our house at night. But on occasion my parents would find that I opened the door and walked outside in front yard. Usually just standing there in a daze. Now I never gave much thought to it as a child. But as I got older and I was able to look at all the incidents as a whole that's where things started to fit together.

I remembered these very vivid dreams that would always coincide with these events. The dream was always the same. Me standing in the dark in the front yard at home flying a kite and all I could see was the kite string trailing off into the darkness. Much like how a fishing line trails of into the darkness of deeper water. After a few moments I would be enveloped in a green light followed by deep sense of unease and the dream would end. I could never see the source of the light. I could see my hands and the ground where I was standing was illuminated but when I would try and look out past the light for a source it was just darkness everywhere.

During my teenage years these dreams faded and so did my sleep talking and walking habits. Until a family trip to Lake Powell in 1995. One night sleeping on the roof of the houseboat I started to have the same vivid dream flying a kite in the dark except this time I was on the boat not in my yard at home. Startled by the whole thing I remember snapping awake and was already sitting up in my sleeping bag looking straight up at the night sky. In that instant there was what can only be described as a thunder clap(sonic boom) but with no lightning. I saw nothing only a clear sky and the stars as I drifted back to sleep. I would have ignored all this just assuming it was just a dream... If the discussion around the breakfast table the next morning wasn't about the "weird thunder" that woke everyone up at 3am. I chose not to say anything about my personal experience and just agreed that the one lone "thunder clap" with no clouds or lightning was indeed weird.

The last incident was when I was around 17(1997). Much like all 17 year old kids I was enjoying partying and experimenting with mind altering substances. I hadn't thought about the strange dreams or events for a few years and had just chalked it all up to being strange dreams of a young developing mind. One night after an evening of partying and debauchery at a neighbors house I clearly remember my buddy locking the door and turning the lights off behind me as I crossed the yard to go house. Locking the door then climbing into bed and going to sleep.

But woke up the next morning very early back on the couch in my buddies living room in only my boxers. I am a shy person by nature and would have never passed out half naked on the couch. No mater how inebriated I was. All the doors were still locked and lights were still off in his place as I quickly grabbed a blanket to cover up and sprinted home. The front door to my house was unlocked and as I burst through I found my dad in the kitchen making breakfast. I startled him at first but then he started to laugh at the story he was about to be told. Until he could see by the look on my face and in eyes that something was clearly bothering me.

I asked him as calmly as I could if the front door was locked when he woke up. He confirmed that the doors and windows on the ground floor were all locked including the deadbolt and bar on the glass door that can only be locked from the inside without a key. Yet my keys and clothes were still laying on the floor in my bedroom where I remember taking them off the night before. Either I had become a sleeping cat-burglar who breaks in only to couch surf or something else occurred that night between 2-6am that I can't explain. Now at the age of 36 I haven't had one of these dreams or experiences in a long time but still think about it from time to time.

To finish. I am still not really sure what to think about all these experiences. The human mind can play some weird tricks(especially when you introduce foreign substances), and as individual experiences they really don't add up to much. It very well could be just that, unexplained quirks of the human psyche. But when I look at these experience as a whole it gives me a weird sense that there is a correlation between these events. Mainly the same sense of unease I would have throughout every experience. The only other time I got that same sense of unease is when me and a friend were actively stalked by a mountain lion during a day hike. This almost primal fight or flight feeling where every internal safety mechanism was active telling me something was very wrong. That I could literally crawl out of my skin trying to get away. A rather humbling feeling I must admit...

In addition.
I don't remember ever encountered an ET directly and never saw an unidentified object in the sky till I was about 20. Just the weird events as a child. There was however a weird story my great grandmother used to tell my mom. Back in the 30's my great grandfather heard someone in their house late one night.. When he went to investigate he described a naked bald tiny person with a big head running across the lawn. My great grandfather who happened to be interested in the same paranormal things as me and almost looks like my twin...

Sorry to ramble everyone.
But like I said I have never actually put all this down in a chronological order for anyone to look at. At most perhaps someone will gain some insight from all this and put some pieces together I missed. At least I put it out there for my own piece of mind...
Thanks for reading.

posted on Apr, 3 2017 @ 03:01 PM
a reply to: JAY1980

Interesting read for sure, these stories are very interesting to say the least. Can I ask what mind altering substances you took and what doses because I have a bit of experience with psychedelic drugs and have had some mind bending experiences when I've been largely intoxicated. So it would be interesting to compare my experiences and see if it correlates with the substances you've taken. Ever since I tried '___' I've had this massive urge to understand the universe and learn what I can to expand my knowledge about subjects that people are ignorant to. It's a very strange sensation I must say

posted on Apr, 3 2017 @ 03:41 PM

originally posted by: Bfletcher618
a reply to: JAY1980

Interesting read for sure, these stories are very interesting to say the least. Can I ask what mind altering substances you took and what doses because I have a bit of experience with psychedelic drugs and have had some mind bending experiences when I've been largely intoxicated.

Just some alcohol and cannabis nothing psychedelic prior to that event.
All the other events I was stone cold sober.
My experiments with psychedelics never gave me a similar feeling and were always a positive experience.
These dreams or whatever they were as a child were NOT a positive experience.

posted on Apr, 3 2017 @ 03:41 PM
Hi OP, me and my mate weren't that far from it, probably 65+ meeters away at the bottom of the hill, the craft/UFO was hovering just above the hills surface, was pretty close and scary at that age.

Oh my old town is UpHall in Scotland, small town that has many strange features if you look hard enough, if not it's just a quiet place.

Anyway another story...I was alone in my local park down from my house around (8-9pm) and i was going home walking thru the graveyard (small graveyard) and out the corner of my eye saw a shadow/ghost figure in the window (Window was not high up but you can just see inside) , i go up the stairs and look thru the window and their standing was a black mass and a smaller white mass looking at me mostly "human looking figures​" then i started to quickly walk down the stairs (hair was on end) and FU*K they were in front off me then vanished i just ran home, still gives me the creeps...Ok not a UFO story this time but do have anothers.

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posted on Apr, 3 2017 @ 05:58 PM
a reply to: Bfletcher618

I suffered from sleep paralysis for decades. It's truly horrific and I absolutely believed that all of the things I was experiencing were actually happening at the time.

I was very young when this started and had never heard of alien abductions so never once thought that that was the reason. I think popular culture has made it far too easy for people to jump to that particular conclusion nowadays.

posted on Apr, 3 2017 @ 06:28 PM
a reply to: Bfletcher618>>>> My brother and I had a missing time experience while in high school, a whole day. I can't say it was aliens, at the time I thought maybe some very misguided feds abducted us for interrogation and then realized that they were really barking up the wrong tree. I had a big feeling of unease about not reporting it for risk of endangering my family. Years later I did relate the story and that triggered some paranoia about being abducted again but that's since passed. Around the same time in school( 30 years ago) my friends and I noticed we were being followed when together. A strange car would follow us when we got together or went home. Then around the same time, maybe earlier, I woke up naked in bed with my clothes on the floor. I had a thought that I was transported through the ceiling and my clothes didn't transport with me. I never knew what that was about, but when I saw a UFO a few years ago( on April 1st) I had an anxiety episode and got obsessed for a while with looking for UFOs. I had a dream about men in black and alien greys that startled me awake, like I had met them before. I have the impression that anyone involved with aliens is either an asshole or up to no good. But then there's the stories about Project Monarch, MK Ultra, ritual abuse of children by feds, you don't know what to believe or if its all tied together somehow.

posted on Apr, 3 2017 @ 08:52 PM
Ia reply to: Bfletcher618

I don't know if I was actually abducted when a kid, but I remmeber waking a few times with these small men surrounding my cot. They had rounded heads and large eyes and each time I would wake up with a bloody nose. Now you should know, this was around 1944 or close. So yes, I suppose they fit the description out there, but in that day, I did not know what a tv was and was egnorant of all this, yet there it is.

Later in life like others I had fragments of memories, but still don't know if they were real. Like being taken up in a light and then fading through this living organic ship's skin. Inside I felt right at home and it seemed more like reuniting with an old friend. From my vantage point, I could look out of the ship in all directions, it was like being in a clear glass bowl. A few other memories come of being in waiting area where others milled around silently, some undressed or partially dressed, just waiting.

Traveling to a planet is more like getting the timing right mathematically and just ascending like in an elevator, kind of scary. My last feeling of this was being on Pluto or at least in that memory or dream and where we were was an atmosphere or base, but then I won't claim it is real either. More, much more with my wife envolved. Cheers and stay grounded.

posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 09:13 AM
a reply to: Dutchowl

Disrobing is the first procedure once someone gets abducted. They typically spend their entire time on the ship naked but without shame. For some reason the abductors are really bad at figuring cloths out. They often put people back with other peoples clothes on or shirts backwards or inside out. Across the board these creatures are really bad at all the simple things in life.

posted on Apr, 5 2017 @ 06:29 AM
I have, started out as red flashing lights around our open windows, I always avoided windows, my mom and older sister was making popcorn until they heard a growling noise at the kitchen window, it was open. They both frozed, my mom said, what is that???? She was looking directly at whatever she saw her jaw dropped her eyes got big and said oh my god. Then a red flash lit up the whole kitchen, of course I looked away had my eyes closed tight, I heard a loud flash go off. They stood there a minute later not remembering anything before or after that incident. Whatever it was erased their memories I heard it jump down and run off it was sun setting that time around 9pm.

Several months later we all woke up with nightmares at the exact same time, including my male cat in his own dog bed. My mom asked if I had a weird dream, told her yes, I was being dragged out of my bed all the way outside for half mile maybe a mile towards a mountain ridge. Was dragged by 3 grey like creatures. 2 had my arms and one holding my legs. I was so frightened, my natural instincts kicked in, I tried defending myself, kicking, punching, running when I had a chance, nope, more creatures held me down and they was getting bigger everytime I snapped out of it every other minute. Think I fought 8 of them, last one was 7 ft tall and quite strong. My youngest sister was pregnent that year 2003, she saw everything, they did some type of 3d ultra sound on her stomach, didnt do much to her because of her pregnency. She felt strong vibrations from their hands though, some type of power she never felt before, possibly feeling her unborn baby energy. I fought them off her me being over protective, they darted me with some strong tranquilizers took em 3x to knock me off unconscious. Then I woke up startled, sweaty, green grass stains on my clothes, grass in my hair. We all woke up like that. Then they got us again before my sister had her baby. Same routine.

After my neice was born, 3rd time was a charm the greys and hybrids came back, they told me keep a close eye on my youngest sister and my newborn neice, they claimed em as their new experiment once my neice is old enough, if my neice is unhappy with her life, they will take her and my sister. This happend during a electric storm. They looked like hybrid greys to me, human looking from outside but showed no emotion no expression while talking to me. This time they was speaking to me through mind control. When I got abducted the first time, they took my ovary eggs, cut me open but had the power to heal my wounds completely, I woke up with black tar gooze down there. I went to the indian health clinic have them do tests on my uterus. The doctor freaked out and jumped back when he was about to do a pap smear, never seen black tar down there. Anyway he gave me some antibiotic shots and let me go and he refused to do my yearly check up. My sister thinks they was mixing my eggs and genenaticly engineering cloning my eggs with their alien race kind. So I might have a hybrid clone out there. I was told by friends that they see me but I completlely ignore them. And calling me from phone asking why was I being so rude and avoiding them? I told them I have no idea what you are talking about, I dont even go out, I am a hermit. Of course they all hunged up on me. This was a year later after my first abduction. For the past 12 years I have a doppelgänger or a clone out there and a bit snobby. I did see her once at our local gas station but she drove off speeding. Was like looking at myself in a mirror. She is still around and people noticed she is a bit off not a normal person. I am a middle child, twins does not run in our family. Only one friend of mine believes in my story she has crossed weird creatures also.

In the fall of 2003, me,my dad and young sister, we saw a tall huge grey or tannish muscular looking creature peeking through my bedroom window from outside back deck porch when we came back from Safeway grocery store my sister had pregnency cravings. We all frozed for couple minutes. It looked spooked and confused more then us. My house is haunted so I think it confused us with our house spirits. I think it can see our souls our energy our auras. I have a little girl ghost that is attached to me. The creature kept looking back and forth at my window to our truck for about 30 seconds, like what? Who is this in house then? Reading its confused expression, it walked and ran funny, jumped off our deck 20 feet in the air and ran completly weird, legs looked different from the greys. Was a different creature, alot bigger, broader shoulders, muscular body, head was shaped different, a reptillian. It ran on foot for couple yards then turned around and ran on all fours behind our house. Ran off in the dark hop fields. We still sat there, our eyes was completely blood shot and dialated from shock including my dad, he never gets scared of anything unless its a brown bear or a cougar because he is a seasonal hunter. This was around midnight. My dad told his mom of what we saw, she thinks we either saw an angel or a stick indian, they are ancient spirits in our mountains. I have seen stick indians, that was not it at all, no angel either. I did some research on my reservation people have witnessed this also not far from my home. People been spotting 2 different alien species in Washington state. I do have weird markings on my chest to my neck and inside my ears like something is stapled inside my ear or they stuck something inside my ear after their experiments from abduction.I do wake up with black tar coming out of my ears once in while. I am doing my best to raise my teenage neice. She has a gift of drawing, she has a photographic memory and makes friends everywhere she goes. She is an honor role student an athlete. I will always keep my word to make sure nothin bad happens to my neice. My life is all about her, keeps us on our toes. Hopefully she will live a long beautiful life then me after my time is up. I try my best to not put down another alien race, they can read our minds but also the high technology to visit us humans. I am just trying to keep peace with their race kind.

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