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Participation Trophy

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posted on Mar, 30 2017 @ 08:03 AM
7 billion parallel universes, all on a ball
Gazing up at the stars, but some only wall
Wondering if there is an answer
"Why is there a reindeer named Prancer?"

Many, many Rudolphs cry into their pillows
Or into the flames of COPD bellows
As we smoke our cigarettes over-priced
Or tell our neighbors, "Ya know, that'll kill ya twice!"

We all imagine how much better it could be
If everyone won a participation trophy
But if you have charisma yet imagination that sucks
Then you certainly deserve a million, million bucks

And to what end do we share our toil?
As an audience of toads do come to a boil
And for what prize do we tell dirty-white lies?
Will these yet beget some pretty hot thighs?

Of the culinary avian I do not speak
Neither of lambs, nor cows, nor any inedible freak
But of a beautiful woman, confident in Summer
For females, yourselves, for me, my eyes

Knowing the future as chance would have it
If I show my wife, she'll certainly damn it
But I must, I must, I must defend
Vehemently the point in the end

What do we gain by sharing our mind?
Acknowledgment, validation, or ties that bind?
Or even then, what if it's not compulsory?
Irony is the only word that rhymes with sorcery

Therefore, do not fret, for we are all ugly, nay, fugly
And smell like the master tool used in colonoscopy
And no one is better than me, er, I mean you
So here's a participation trophy from me to you

Good job on the YJA2017 contest everyone.
If you haven't read any entries yet, spend your day doing that instead of arguing about people wearing the suits of hypocrisy.

posted on Mar, 30 2017 @ 08:20 AM
I was inspired by Neith's stream of consciousness style. I wanted to bring more attention to the last day of voting for the contest. I suppose my stream of consciousness is hopelessly poetic. Bahaha!

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