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Possible Karma dream or maybe even time travel.

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posted on Mar, 29 2017 @ 02:24 PM
I had this weird dream I was with a random friend who look like the race of European possibly tanned(as they weren't as white). This dream is so weird. We went what feels like North of Europe (it might not be Europe as we pass certain ship ports/lighthouse) for some adventure tourism just the two of us. But the funny thing is I saw Alligators the size of what you see in Florida Golf Course. There was a person who had two alligators pets on leashes and went the road we came from(felt like South or East). The other side of the road where the person with two alligators came from was some rock climbing.

People where hunting alligators for sport for fun with a sport crossbow. The European friend got a crossbow and I had no weapons. The area is so open no fencing like its alligators territory. The alligators won't attack unless they are close to you. There was a small hut like building with stairs that go up the hill to a road and an entrance down the road where we came from, it was fully open with no doors both back(road to rock climbing) and front(road we came from), three way through. There are two roads. One up the hill of the hut. The second one is the road we came from and it leads to the rock climbing area same time the road turns left.

As I went into the hut with my friend. We became trapped between three alligators in the hut. The first one is on the hut entrance that leads back to the road going to the rock climbing area. There was a second one up the stair hills that leads to another road and a third one on the east side, the entrance we came from.

My friend killed an alligator to the road entrance leading to rock climbing(west).
I started to become desperate knowing my friend can't protect me with just his crossbow and thinking of getting the most basic weapon, a sword. It did not exist there and there weren't any swords for anyone. All I saw was just sports crossbows. I ran out of the rock climbing entrance of the hut and back to the original road.

When my friend was going to kill the alligator on the east entrance we came in from, I saw a Mammoth with broken tusks running past the hut on the road that leads to rock climbing. Then I started seeing people running and screaming for the hills and I followed them looking for the most basic weapon, a sword. As my friend was stuck between more alligators in the hut. I was too busy going up the hill with other people and didn't look back to see what happened to my friend.

As I stopped almost to the top of the hill where everyone else ran over the giant hill. I had a feeling that a simple crossbow wouldn't kill the monster, as I listened to his scream. All I heard from his screaming was "help" (with my name) and "Monster!" I couldn't help him because I had no weapons to go back and help.

I was still thinking about getting a sword after I woke up.
I felt that this monster was bigger than a mammoth. I woke up and it felt like Karma disarming certain people and only giving weapons to certain people. I also had a feeling that my European friend was a soldier before that never gave weapons to other people for self defense as he claimed the crossbow for himself selfishly and started shooting alligators.

I never even met this guy in my life time. The monster came from the east(the road we came from) without warning and it was a feeling that in the so called bible talks about the Kings of East. Instead, they were the ones who fallen first instead of the West, so the Monster get to roam freely from the East to West. Yes, I googled Russian race. He was not Russian. He was tanned and most likely from the West.

It was no dragon. The monster was the same color of the tan person, but lighter and it was not Asian Yellow(for those who about to point fingers) more brownish.

I don't know what happen to the person with the two alligators on leashes, but he/she was wearing some sort of armor, kind of warlike.
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