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ZooTalk ii

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posted on Mar, 27 2017 @ 05:19 AM
First a metaphore.

Imagine the multiverse as a 3dimensional transparant block sitting in front of you. Every point is the state of a universe. A bit like savestates in a computer game. In most states there is absolutely nothing but there are also very interesting states with live and even intelligent beings. Now imagine that you look at a point within that block. Well that point is your own 3d physical reality. If you connect. The whole thing looks a bit like a Lichtenbergstructure.

Now every line within that block is a timeline and you as the observer are following that very same line.

What this means.

Well I more or less described a near infinite dimensional multiverse and an outside observer. With a little fantasy one can call the outside observer 'the soul' and the point at which it focuses inside the block Consciousness.

Within the multiverse (block) there is no movement time or causality. All these atributes are created by the soul (observer). There is no creation just an selection of posibilities.

Use all your minds.

As time doesn't exist inside the multiverse time is not part of it. There is only the illusion of time. Memory is the act of focussing into a certain direction that is close related to the current position in the multiverse. There is no past , there are multiple pasts and that what we call past is just a position in the timeline.

With that in mind Memory implies a certain state of a universe (in this model just a dot in the multiverse).
Now there are many souls exploring the multiverse but they more or less have on thing in common.
That is they need some kind of interface to access a universe. So it follows that they can only access/focus on states that contain live/brains. This again means that there is a very small (relative) number of points in the multiverse that are suitable to 'interface' with. You don't have one brain but an infinite number.

Changing consciousness.

So there is some kind of feedback loop. If consciousness changes it focuses on different brain instances (lack of better word). Again nothing changes within the universe because time is in this model a metaphysical (not part of the block) property. So it follows that a different universe in which the desired parameters exists is choosen by the soul. So it follows that with every change of consciousness reality changes somewhat too. Note in this context a change is defined as a movement in the multiverse so not really a change of the multiverse just a change of the personal view of this universe. Well what I'm saying right here was already known as as above so below.

Feedback loop.

So what I did a couple of weeks ago was it too investigate the 'feedback loops'. That is I questioned myself what part of my inner psyche was projected outward. Remember there are no causal relations in the multiverse so this was a very stressfull experiment. I had to remind myself constant that there is no creation of events at all but just syncronisities. The Ego usually can handle this but in my case , well I survived.


With the data I came to the conclusion that it's possible to steer reality somewhat. Curious I started to steer away from the more demonic reality that I came from. Goal was and still is it to reach a reality that is more kind. Along the way I learned some things that I want to share with your current reality.


Key is it that words/grammatica are the bars of our prison because every of your brains that processes that kind of data is restricted to a very specific set of realities. The consciousness is capable of switching between states at a very fast rate but if it chooses to select brains that can process words/grammatica it looses the ability to do that. I already know that switching of words/grammatica processing leads to very interesting results (being awake) like meaningfull syncronicities but I am not able to control them (yet).

Stepstoning / sleep.

Sleep is more or less an wave state that is consciousness is divided among many of your brains (on different state in the multiverse). A month ago I had the idea to inject intent before sleeping. The intent would carry over to the 'soul' and therefore the selection of another closely related reality would become more likely. Also I trained myself in recapturing that intent just before awakening. It helped that I am very skilled in lucid dreaming. I called that method stepstoning.
This worked somewhat but there is also a lot of innertia.It's like the universe is selfcorrecting.

Learning curve.

Along the way I learned alot about the true nature of the universe and even why humans were 'created'. It was a kind of eyeopener when I realized that there is absolutely no difference between 'aliens' (whatever that may mean) and humans. In a way I thought (and I was wrong) that humanity was Imprisoned by a dark force. But the truth is that souls that live inside human vessels have decided to explore a limited 3d world. That said it's very hard to understand that the contents of 'brains' is decisive of the collective physical-reality (focus).

Dream of master (lucid dream , astralplane???)

As some master told me it's very necessary for many species that humans don't know the truth or become spiritual. To be very blunt If every one starts to awaken reality will fall apart and that is what those who we call 'aliens' dont want.
In a way we (humanity) are stabilizing the 'timeline' and at the same time giving the 'aliens' all their amazing properties. For now this universe/timeline is theirs. But remember there is no real difference between them and us. It's just , well they are exploring the universe somewhat more in a physical sense. And that is the reason why they (most of them) don't want us out there. They consider the universe their own and us (humans) just immature children.
In a way the 'master' confirmed that there is another level. With this he meant that there is another () non-human race on earth that is controlling disclosure. He even hinted that they might be angels , but continued with saying that we should not rely on them. I asked him if they were living in Antarctica but to my disappointment he said that there is no space on my earth were I would see them bummer..
At the moment there is a real problem with timelines. For some people it's quite confusing (me included). The reason he told me was that reality made a very hard u-turn somewere in 2009/2010 and then again in 2015 and in dec 2016. The reason that he told me was that physical-reality was infested with entities that shouldn't be in our timeline/universe and at the moment the earth is being cleaned.
The reason of that infestation was that many people dabbled with magick in the past. And he urged me to stop using my stepstone method. Eventually he told me that magick opens portals and in a broader sense any though of playing another person than you really are is dangerous (!). I asked him if he meant actors and he replied. Acting or playing a role game is always very dangerous every movie is a ritual and every picture a sigil if it is not your own free will. Then I asked about god and his answer was simply 'being is God' God is all. Then I awoke....
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posted on Mar, 27 2017 @ 05:55 AM
Look here for a discussion about the acceleration of time.

posted on Mar, 27 2017 @ 03:14 PM
a reply to: frenchfries

Thanks for sharing.
This kind of post provokes many ideas, and many days of contemplation.
Don't have any other comments or questions just now.



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