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uk primordial radio startup (former team rock crew)

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posted on Mar, 20 2017 @ 09:34 AM
In case UK people of the metalhead persuasion are unaware, The guys who were the faces and voices of Teamrock Radio are going it alone and setting up a crowd sourced replacement radio and music/video content service controlled and partially funded by the fans.

Their progress so far is limited to podcasts and video play lists while they get their infrastructure organised but they plan to be on air with an Internet station by next month with a traditional analogue fm to follow if it goes well. They have an interesting app in development that will allow you to control the music around the live dj on the fly with alternate streams to suit your music taste. The regular live stream will be free to air but with a subscription service to allow you to tailor your music without the hassle of building play lists etc like on Spotify and it's clones.

I've been following this since its first inception and the crew are seriously invested in the plan but they will only succeeded if the word gets out to the wider rock and metal community so, if you can, please share the bejasus out of the following social media pages and websites.

Facebook Primordial

twitter Primordial

Primordialradio website

If your as sick as I am of Planet Rock then this is something we need in our lives

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