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Final Awakening are Steps to Realization - The Yoga of Jacob's Ladder

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posted on Mar, 17 2017 @ 08:52 AM
In this thread, I will give you one key to all my other threads. We have made it here to the top of the ladder, now walk back down to see where your older self is still waiting to realize this truth. From this, look back to the end of the sequence again.

Master Key

In Genesis 1, Elohim and Ruach Elohim (feminine mind of God / Holy Spirit) created our present reality. Within that reality, God placed themselves (Father and Mother) into Adam (Manu). Parallel to the world around you, the world within contains the God of Creation. Their image is ONE (Echad), which is a word that means unity of the whole. While you have learned how to remove the Ego to find the stream of consciousness, do you yet realize what this means? Echad means one (marriage), which is how Adam contained his whole essence.

Once Eve was divided, there were two, giving the image of creation an Ego. This is Yachid, or alone, yet Adam is never alone as long as Eve is producing a family. This is the essence of God giving the Ego a helper. Above, Adam has a Spirit parallel to the flesh. This is his guardian, or Yama (Self-Control). Yahweh / Yama made Satan the accuser Arum (cunning). Manu was formed Arummim (naked). One had to be clothed with knowledge to be the accuser. This is our conscience. We each have a Satan to silence and defeat with virute development. Yama means Self-Control. Read how Yama silences Satan in Yeshua / Joshua in Zechariah 3. This requires a new body and mind. See it in the symbolism.

In Genesis 2, Elohim (ONE UNITY) rests from all their labors. From this, Yahweh (Ishvara / Lord) rules and reigns as the Ego of each divided image named in creation. We are all the relative to Adam, or E=MC2. This is Tao (Tao Te Ching). Named things are predicated by the naming (Predicatory mind) of them. Why is this? What is the purpose? Necessity dictates that an image must first be broken into parts (Bread Broken for YOU). This is the first symmetry and invariance broken so that the Ego could then individuate each person. Who are you? The original essence of who God created into Adam (First Man). Within Adam, all of us exist in perfection, perfect copies of the original God. LIFE is the point of creation, yet life requires a messy bit of suffering in the middle. Individuation breaks symmetry by necessity, which is managed by cause and effect. God knew this ahead of the design.

We are asleep, just as Genesis 2 states. YOU are wake here as an Ego. In Adam, YOU are still an individual latent mind, yet perfect in every way, resting within the WORD (DNA) of each person living. We all exist within each other, always perfect in every way as ONE Son of God. All of life in the universe is contained in each part. Awakening is realization of this, seeing your true self, yet never losing your individual essence (higher nature within the one Son). Not only do you realize your own individuation, you also gain the collective memory of all beings, knowing every experience that has ever been realized (All in All). The cycle of birth and death will never end. You will explore the entire universe one day as you (individual), yet awakened to who and what you are. Will you be born again with amnesia? No. Each new birth ends in the true birth of YOU into the Kingdom. When this larger cycle ends, Shiva destroys and remakes the entire thing again. The promise is that entropy (death) will be defeated once and for all. Death is the last enemy for any of us to defeat, yet it is a collective work. We each take part.

Just as a child is in the dark of the womb, awaiting its birth into this life of suffering (light), so too that light of suffering makes the new child an individuation and composite of all the lives lived before (all lives, not just yours). Herein is the truth of your job as a human. Make this life count for the next by bearing fruit. Eventually, Elohim awakens again and you know yourself as the whole of existence. This is liberation by identification of your true self. Read Genesis 1-2. This is waking up to who you are, yet now being a new individuation from the origin. Your seed is now free to remember forever, yet fellowship with all the other individuals that have developed. This is the Kingdom of God. By losing yourself (Ego), you gain everything.

Now, look back to the beginning. Take the steps back down the ladder.

1 Human Being or Human Doing?

2 Spiritual Sense Activation Part 3 - Filling the Bucket
3 Spiritual Sense Activation Part 2 - Loving God
4 Spiritual Sense Activation Part 1 - Opening the Flower

5 How to Operate the Body - Luxor Aphorisms

6 The Physics of the Mind - Beyond Reason

7 DNA as WORD Programming the Essence of Mind to Form

8 YOU are the Book of Life

9 The Essence of Adaptation of Mind to Truth

10 The Power of the Aimless Journey to Seek

11 The Monkey King and his Kingdom

12 The Matrix and its Hidden Jewels to Find

13 Why We Seek

14 Gaining the Holy Spirit is a Riddle of Life and our Fortune in IT

15 Why are We Sick - What is the Medicine - How are we made Well?

16 What is Turth Part 3
17 What is Truth Part 2
18 The Truth of All Religion Part 1

19 Star Wars and YOU as Rogue One

20 How to Think at Right Angles to See the Hidden World by Dimension

21 The Hidden World by Dimension (10 Directions to Travel)

22-ALEPH - The first letter and the one containing them all.

Jacob's Ladder - Compare to step 21

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posted on Mar, 17 2017 @ 09:21 AM
The problem of "This is the Kingdom of God. By losing yourself (Ego), you gain everything. " is when you have no ego you also have nothing. Nothing is everything. Zero equals infinity. But when you have no ego you do not exist. Somewhere in the middle between having and ego and having no ego is a proper balance of consciousness.

The problem is life is constantly throwing us off balance. On the one side we have our inner divine child with no sense of boundaries but having the emotional euphoria of being connected with everything in the Universe. And then on the other side we have our inner warrior who is cutting us off from our emotions and experiencing everything in our Universe with strong powers of discernment. So at the proper moment our inner warrior knows when we can make an attack with our sword and chop up the Universe into divisions.

I'm not sure there is a "right" way of being between the two sides.

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posted on Mar, 17 2017 @ 05:24 PM
a reply to: DayAfterTomorrow

Grateful for this series of posts.
Perhaps they are not from you, but through you.
They are full of grace, and presents.

Blessings, and may Peace be with you.

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