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How many worlds

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posted on Mar, 16 2017 @ 07:45 AM
I never said i was writer, i only said;" I want to tell a story " and i want to become a good storyteller. If i hire a ghostwriter and thats cheating, well , then im a cheater. For some it seems like there is a "gift" to writing and telling stories, and if you cant master both then you are no scribe. Hey!, even the rumors in the darkest corners states;" Shakespeare didnt write his work",and im still smelling the echoes of his greatness..*sniff*

Or wait is that i dont fit in? An animal? A gypsy kid? How many worlds did you master? If i look at the works ive seen, only one and barely that, or is it safer to yell your own name into the cave and wait for the echo. The beast can take you further if you befriend it. Watching and observing is much more, safe, isnt it. Never really have to engage in anything, if it isnt called philanthropy.

The real world is much crueler than the other, isnt it? Everyday is a struggle, everyday is a fight, among real monsters and beasts, in the real world there is very seldom a happy ending, and people in general, arent stupid.

Now tell me, how many worlds did you master? I had to learn how to not judge someone, and i still fail at that, but maybe some should try that also.

The rules abide even for me, despite my argues against ethical and moral conduct, i follow the laws where they have their place, they are there for reason.

Or let me ask a simple question in here;" How many stories did engage you in the last two decades? "

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