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Never forget, never forgotten

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posted on Mar, 15 2017 @ 05:19 PM
" Im angry, im disappointed, but i know this is what you want " The woman with the peacock hat said to the man who stood right infront of her..
" When we first found you, we said to each other he is broken beyond repair. Yet something was different. You jumped down in a rabbithole, but got up each and everytime. Sometimes you where gone for months and then you brushed it off like nothing had ever happened..
The secrets you hold...... I dont know how you still can keep your sanity "

" You made the maze your own home,your own place of serenity. You made the monsters your friend and they safeguarded you. But this is how the game is played, you hope a little light comes shining in the darkness... I failed to keep you here, but keeping you here would not do anyone any good, I want you to go, where stories are better told..."

The man who stood right infront of her, stood in his darkest clothes and uttered these words;" Thank you Bird, I love you "
And the shadowy man left on his steed.

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