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News sources by ideology.

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posted on Mar, 2 2017 @ 07:13 PM
I saw this on Reddit today. A poster made a thread on the subject, scraping two subreddits the_Donald which is a very pro Trump website and EnoughTrumpSpam which is anti Trump. The sites were scraped for what websites they linked to most often over the past month.

Here's the image

And here's the thread for reference

This image really botheres me, because it so nicely sums up the problem with fake news, and people seeking out confirmation bias.

Breitbart is obvious, but at least they publish the occasional true story. On the other hand WashingtonTimes and Infowars crack the top 10 most cited right wing sources. What is really interesting though is archive (the second most used link) is largely used by that website to link to CNN without giving them hits. So it would be accurate to say that CNN is also in the top 10 most viewed websites by the right.

On the left huffingtonpost and rawstory cracked the top 10 despite being propaganda.

If you look at the two graphs together though, a more interesting picture develops, something that's actually a positive counterweight to the harsh truth that infowars is now informing more people than the BBC and WND beats NPR in ratings.

Both the left and the right heavily cited CNN, the hill, reuters, and politico. Which means these four sources are likely to be the most unbiased of the bunch.


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