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False/flag Alien invasion/arrival?

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posted on Feb, 28 2017 @ 08:38 PM
I've been meaning to post this thread since Nasa's announcement on Exo-planents, there was a lot of smoke but I don't think the fire is in space, if you know anything about space you know how irrelevant and hyped up there announcement was over what 12 new exo-planets? And you would know there have been thousands of them discovered and so far they're a bunch of rocks, Believing in aliens is the norm and is generally accepted most a very high percent of society, And now military projects and holly-wood scifi forces people to believe that it it more of a conspiracy to not believe aliens exist, if not all Unidentified Flying Object sightings have been military projects, drones or birds and most if not all the sighting are recorded with potatoes, Most of the theories and origins of ufo sightings were during major world wars for obvious reasons, and declassified files look eerily similar to the classic disc shaped sightings and classic scifi movies, But the scifi movies are cool and thought of aliens emit various emotional responses so Hollywood just kept them coming I mean why not, But now when someone says they saw a UFO it is automatically correlated with aliens even though ufo is merely a pseudonym for something which is more likely just simply a bird, a drone, military or any other countless "UFO's" Not Aliens. Now Ill get into the yellow bricks

We know the shadows control the entities like intelligence communities, MSM, Federal reserve, Classified projects like d.a.r.p.a., MIC, Space Agencies. If advancement in technology doubles every year and the government and private corporations are expected to have tech 10-15 years ahead of us since we'll just say the 2000's that means by 2017 somewhere somehow someone should have technology at least 100-125 years not more years ahead of the populace.

The CIA releases 12million page of secrets i'm sure you can find several threads in regards to the topic here on ATS I saw a couple this all happened last month I believe, Now most people were saying why?and this cant be true, you download it first etc.. then it was all X-Files, Aliens "UFO juicies" Here is one thread about it

Then you have NASA making a hyped up announcement a big not so big discovery about "exo-planets" and their favorite phrase "may contain"

When Hillary came on video after the election saying the future is woman that she may or may not had an underlying message of imminent globalism all kind fresh faced and fluffy cheeks, yeah it just seemed eerie like the woman in the videos from the movie insurgent. Now some people know what the KeK and 4chan thing really was during the election most were trolls, but the way thought manifestation works well if you believe its real then its real its that simple, then when when something bad happens the person who does not know your'e trolling may or may not attribute it to that depending on their IQ level, its like reverse superstition this all leads me to believe that that whoever it maybe elite, shadow government, tptb, globalist have adapted after the loss in november and Real Alien pic shuts down 4Chan was a PSYOP others have theorized that it was a distraction but I dont really see how that is possible.

And here is another MSM report from today claiming "UFO sightings" are at an all time high, most people would believe that means alien activity is buzzing, it doesent.

Now there was recently a fireball over Tasmania I believe? and it was all sorted out and debunked but the MSM reported " not before it fueled conspiracies on facebook about intelligent life" Why because people want to believe aliens are real, but that sad truth is if Aliens arrive or are discovered this year it is game over IMO.
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posted on Feb, 28 2017 @ 08:52 PM
a reply to: omniEther

I have been reading that this is the Elites current idea for a depopulation agenda. They supposedly control the MSM and enough other means of information dissemination (Google, Apple, etc) that they can fake an alien invasion and blame the casualties on extraterrestrials.

This will also be their excuse for global governance.

I hope it is BS.

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posted on Mar, 1 2017 @ 01:08 AM
a reply to: Metallicus

It's more than an idea, it's a reality in certain spheres.

posted on Mar, 1 2017 @ 03:55 AM
a reply to: omniEther

Basically, you, as with the areas you cite are caught up in a reality check where yesterday large segments of our society--most importantly scientific areas--believed one thing about ourselves, that we were the supreme being in the universe, and today are starting to recognize that acceptance in ETIs is part of the parcel of being aware of the cosmos around us. So there is a rush in some quarters of not being left behind in this startling enlightenment.

I tried to give ATS a heads-up a couple of years ago with a thread jokingly entitled UFOs Made Me a Liberal Democrat...Mostly.

It is not fad. It is not a FALSE flag operation on a grand scale. It is a forced, gigantic shift of consciousness like the world has never known. What we are witnessing is the shifting of governments from half of a century of an anti-UFO stance to a positive stance on ETIs.

It doesn't take an Einstein to see that the end result is the connection that UFOs are, then, related to ETIs. And, of course, that is only half of the deal. The far more serious, day-to-day aspects to come is not the old idea of an "invasion," but a conversion of humanity toward a more just existence with itself. And that is putting it in its best light because all Hell is going to break loose over this issue when societies try to cope with or ignore the reality.

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posted on Mar, 1 2017 @ 01:06 PM
False flag alien invasion is bs
But they will call an authentic alien intervention who will come to stop us from destroying Earth and try to help us from self destruction but governments will then use the "false alien invasion" by sayin they are bad et's.

Everyone is missunderstanding the "false flag alien invasion".
It can't be an invasion if the bad ET's are already HERE!

The ones who are on their way will come to try and help us, tell us and show us the truth.
Of course the bad ET's and those who work with them do not want this!

But believe who you want. It's just so sad to see how gullable people continue to be.
Depopulation will happen, but it is by your (humans) own hands.

posted on Mar, 1 2017 @ 03:14 PM
a reply to: omniEther

I just can't see aliens suddenly landing here. If anything, it's a set up filled with wild conspiracy theories. Aliens are as real outside the planet, as the world is flat.

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