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Angry justice - blacklight superheroes

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posted on Feb, 27 2017 @ 12:04 PM
I'm snowed in today, so finishing up a few pieces for comicon next week and here's what I have done so far

Spawn: taken to hell

Raven: shroud of mystique

Hulk: bad genes

Batman: more of a night person

Wolverine: doesn't play well with others

These are all blacklight reactive acrylics on canvas with satin varnish and a nice frame. They will be on display at the top floor of the WA convention center for comicon next month. Super excited for thousands of people to see these.

As usual, thank you ATS for checking it out and for your feedback

posted on Feb, 27 2017 @ 12:30 PM
Bad. Ass.

posted on Feb, 27 2017 @ 12:35 PM
So proud of and for you, Aliquandro. You is about to be discovered is my guess. These are compelling works and I can only imagine how cool in blacklight. Knock 'em dead at Comicon!!

posted on Feb, 27 2017 @ 12:39 PM
a reply to: Aliquandro

Excellent way to make the best of indefinite isolation!

I used to do a lot of black light art many many years ago. I can't tell you how ecstatic I was the day I found a blue highlighter pen that was UV reactive.

Why didn't you take pictures of them in their intended light source?

posted on Feb, 27 2017 @ 12:48 PM
Oh come on!

You post blacklight reactive art, but not pictures of it under a blacklight?

That's just mean Aliquandro.

Awesome stuff, as per usual. Love the colors in the Raven one especially.

posted on Feb, 27 2017 @ 12:56 PM
Excellent. Different style than previous but can still tell they are yours. Would love to have seen under black light. You must spend quite a bit on paints.

Good luck with the show.

Suggestion. of trump then under the black light the devil. Sorry if you trump supporter. But this just popped into my mind the tricks you can play with black light. Also tonic water glows under black light.

posted on Feb, 27 2017 @ 01:09 PM
Ok I wasn't being mean, just making sure you were paying attention (plus i needed time to upload the blacklight shots).

The pics are pretty hard to take with a cellphone and a low budget blacklight

edit on 27-2-2017 by Aliquandro because: typos

posted on Feb, 27 2017 @ 01:23 PM
a reply to: Aliquandro

The eyes on Raven get kind of creepy under the blacklight! I dig it. Though, I think my favorite under the blacklight is Spawn. Just seems appropriately thematic.

I suspect you might have quite a few fans here that are ALWAYS on the lookout for a new thread with more of your art.

We are always paying attention

posted on Feb, 27 2017 @ 01:43 PM
I cant hear your spirit with these
hooooman i smell

posted on Feb, 27 2017 @ 01:44 PM
Can you film when you paint and upload it? I want to see the technique

posted on Feb, 27 2017 @ 02:41 PM
Way cool, I love it. You have a great style and it is very expressive!

Do you have any more of your art available anywhere? I wanna see more

posted on Feb, 27 2017 @ 02:52 PM
a reply to: constant_thought

I have a bunch of threads I've created with various works:

Surreal and abstracts

Surreal landscapes

Over view

New piece

Bunnies vs Pandas

I will creating new threads with my work more often since it helps keep me motivated

posted on Feb, 27 2017 @ 03:03 PM
a reply to: tikbalang

I have at home a short video of me creating a commsioned piece in fast motion, I'll look into how to post it when I'm done housesitting.

This current series is kind of darker than normal, I'm getting ready to show the bunnies vs pandas series at my residency over the next 3-4 months, and break them into chapters. By the 3rd month I plan on being into warfare and I want to create some new extra dark pieces with powerful messages, also some wonderful happy themes.

posted on Feb, 27 2017 @ 05:52 PM
a reply to: ColdWisdom

Weirdest thing is this is Seattle and weather changes fast, the snow last night/this morning wasn't expected, the 3" melted off and disappeared by 2, just now we got crazy lightning and hail that turned immediately back to snow and 1" and increasing. I'm just gonna focus on finishing the last pieces and be ready to bus some art.

posted on Feb, 27 2017 @ 07:54 PM
a reply to: Aliquandro

Ahh, I've seen your bunnies vs pandas work before but I never saw the entire collection you have, even more amazing when you read the narrative you have set out! Good work, any progress on the graphic novel? I and I am sure many others would love to read it.

Have you considered running a Kickstarter campaign? I see projects similar to this turned into graphic novels all the time, with a snazzy video outlining what you mention in that thread it would definitely garner interest

Worth looking into if it is something that financial support would help

posted on Feb, 27 2017 @ 09:38 PM
a reply to: Aliquandro
That was quick, thanks for giving us a preview. Just curious, what sizes are your babies? Oil or acrylic?

posted on Feb, 27 2017 @ 09:58 PM
Love the maniacal look on the Hulk!! Great work and talent!!

posted on Feb, 28 2017 @ 10:59 AM
a reply to: MaxTamesSiva

These are all acrylics (mostly since UV oils are not fun to use) and I think the largest is 16" x 20" amd the smallest I think is 9" x 12"

Getting all the finishing touches done and getting ready to hang them today, hopefully I'll have a few more pics later

posted on Feb, 28 2017 @ 05:45 PM
Just hung this show, always fun to visit this coffeeshop, great coffee, really cool baristas and music. They are already talking about the storm coming that is ComiCon!! They are in for a busy few days and the walls look great with some of my art, along with a few other friends' work.

Theses are the 2 pieces I finished last night

Catwoman: watch them scurry!

Phantom: Dog is my copilot

thanks for lookin!

edit on 28-2-2017 by Aliquandro because: tiepoe

posted on Mar, 1 2017 @ 05:53 AM
a reply to: Aliquandro

Hey buddy how are you? Can you get a pic from a distance with the juice shining on em please?

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