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Traveling through the various realities.

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posted on Feb, 23 2017 @ 04:58 AM
So I decided to deny time and started to take control in my own hands so to speak. I changed my perception from being focused on causal related events in time to movement within a branch of reality in hilbertspace.

Well if you try this remember this is just a bunch of words , you really have to understand this on a level that is below 'word thinking'. And this is very difficult. Because your soul and not the ego nor brain has to grasp the concept. Be patient it's a gradual process.

Eventually you will see that syncronicities will appear that are meaningful only to you. Syncronicities can be quite 'stark' (German word). And might catapult you into a schizophrenic type of condition. But remember there are no causal relations just a movement in 'hilbertspace'. However acausal related stuff can create quite a 'headache' so to speak. be carefull !

I cant explain this very well but here is an example :

1 A week or so ago I saw a German cartoon of the president beheading miss liberty.
2 I made the association of terroristic attack of miss liberty being attack by Germans.
3 I suddenly came in this reality event stream in which miss liberty indeed was attacked by Germans.

This is kind of mind boggling because there is no causal relation and the context of the above is meaningful only for me (personal stuff). However this doesn't mean I created a macroscopic event , it just means I'm traveling through realities (closely related parallel universes).

I'm aware that many teachings like the law of one give the impression one can 'create' stuff. But in my perception this is very dangerous thinking because this kind of thinking can lead to schizophrenia. Believe me I came back from lalala land fell on my head and am still recovering. The only way I know it is to interpret or teach your soul that it's just a traveler through the various realities...


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