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Ecuadoreans Tell Presidential Candidates They Want Assange Safe

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posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 06:07 PM

The next elected president of Ecuador may expel WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from his asylum at the Ecuadorean embassy in London. A Twitterstorm demanded they don't.

The action, led by WikiLeaks and mostly organized from Ecuador, made #ElMundoConAssange, translated as "the world stands with Assange," a trending hashtag in Ecuador.

"In the end, it was a beautiful thing — so much solidarity," said Felipe Ogaz Oviedo, who launched the campaign in Ecuador, to teleSUR.

He said that a network in Latin America and the United States came together to pull off the event and estimated that tens of thousands of tweeters participated in around 20 countries across the globe.

This is a site I discovered today. Don't know if it's affiliated with fake news propaganda sites, just reading the articles.
Thought I'd bring 'em here fer ya's to determine.

I guess we'll know soon who Ecuador will vote in as next leader...

On a side note, it looks like par for the course;

The Twitterstorm, besides trying to change the minds of the leading opposition candidates, was meant to challenge the "manipulation" of Assange's story — where right-wing politicians portray him as a criminal rather than a "hero for the freedom of information" — in order to gain more votes, said Ogaz.

_______ a conservative banker, said he would give Assange a month's notice before forcing him out on moral grounds.

"Ecuador had no business spending a single cent protecting someone who definitely leaked confidential information," he told reporters.

His competitor, _______, has said that the public money invested in keeping him there should be redirected "to be able to use (the money), for example, to buy lunch for my schoolchildren."

In another area where speculation persisted...

Ecuad or emphasized its decision to give asylum to Assange on the basis of his legitimate fear of political persecution “due to his journalistic activities as editor of WikiLeaks, and will continue to defend his physical integrity until he is able to reach a safe place.”

According to the ministry, the decision to restrict his access does not impede WikiLeaks from continuing its journalistic activities. Ecuador also said this decision was not made following pressures by any state.


I'll have to return tomorrow...HGN

posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 06:23 PM
a reply to: loveguy

When is the election. Thought it was sometime about now.. That lasso chap is not so luckly to get in. Time will tell...

posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 06:35 PM
a reply to: loveguy

I checked some of the main Ecuadorian newspapers and didn't find anything like that. I speak Spanish. All I found is from 2016.

posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 07:09 PM
a reply to: loveguy

The election is least the first round.

posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 08:09 PM
a reply to: Trueman

I think op used telsur just use the search on the home page
edit on 19-2-2017 by the2ofusr1 because: (no reason given)
telesur would be a kind of RT equivalent pretty good site I havent looked at in awhile
edit on 19-2-2017 by the2ofusr1 because: (no reason given)

posted on Feb, 20 2017 @ 02:23 PM
Australian page

With nearly 82 percent of the ballots counted, Moreno had just under 39 percent of the vote, with nearly 29 percent going to his conservative rival Guillermo Lasso, figures published by the National Electoral Council showed.
To avoid a runoff, Moreno needed to win a majority of the total vote, or get 40 percent while holding a 10-point lead over his nearest rival. Given the tight race, electoral authorities decided against announcing a quick count of results and instead appealed for patience as official results came in. But a count of statistically representative tally sheets nationwide by a respected private group said would Moreno finish on top with 38.8 percent to 28 percent for Lasso, with a one point margin of error....

“I have faith we’ll reach 40 percent,” he said before breaking into song. The opposition candidate showed no sign of throwing in the towel as hundreds of Lasso supporters gathered outside the National Electoral Council, saying they would remain there until a runoff was confirmed.
“We’re protesting so that there’s no fraud,” Eduardo Ponce said while police in riot gear nervously cordoned off the sometimes rowdy crowd shouting anti-Correa slogans. “Everyone I know voted for Lasso, so how can Moreno be winning?”
The early results come as one of the leading candidates threatened to revoke Assange’s asylum.

The main reason for this thread was to show how our emotions get manipulated by the news makers. I'm prematurely? assuming that Moreno will win and JA can stay 'bound up' in the embassy after all the hype of a contending candidate who promises to evict JA loses his shirt.

If per chance a candidate promising to evict JA wins, JA or a 'body-double' will have to walk the 'gauntlet'.
I want to believe JA is still 'with us', but it just feels like a big head-game, that he is gone and the hope for justice we shared in him died at the end of his rope...

Having JA or a body-double walk the gauntlet would also be a lost hope in the cause of justice...because we already know the mechanics of fugitive from justice...He gets apprehended so to have a trial of his innocence/guilt.

The leaks having been handed to a journalist/news reporter eg; wikileaks- is the same evidence the courts will use to prosecute Mr. Assange...meaning;
Forget about the footage Manning handed off that showed poor policy of the gov. Manning handed it off was why he/she got prosecuted. It's like forget about us killing innocent journalists, that's our policy- it's ok because we say so...

So if Moreno wins, the story of hope somehow will live on through the use of twitter and a kitty that can type.
Unless of course Julian reveals product key for the goods on our shopping list this holiday season?

Place yer' bets?

posted on Apr, 3 2017 @ 05:05 AM
It appears clearly that Guillermo Lasso is a EU paid and funded colonial administrator and a stooge controlled by the EU secret services.
Again the present situation shows exactly how the scheming of the colonialists are falling as quickly as they perverted minds can hatch them.

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