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The Message

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posted on Feb, 17 2017 @ 10:18 PM
I have been watching your home which you call Earth but is remembered to us as Gaia.
I have been watching for what is accepted as nearly one hundred years of the measurement you know as time.

Before I continue please call me Joe. Know this is not my name of which I am known here. But to attempt to translate it from our language to this language would take far longer than this entire transmission. So it is my belief Joe will do fine and be mutually benificial.

I began watching from a device which orbits my home planet that recieves signals from a device which orbits your world that some refer to as "the black knight satellite" It may also interest you to know they are both the same device, yet exisit both here and there. The comunication therfore has properties only speculated at by some of you. On what is even beyond a sub atomic level. This allows the signal to be sent or more appropriately to exist simultaneously therefore both here and there in real time.

My study of your home began with my education, upon my first year of existence. I was sad and scared to leave my family but such is life... It was time to begin my schooling. And my father was really pressuring me and sometimes hurt my feelings even calling me lazy. He did apologize when I left and informed me of his pride and I even seen a tear. I know now he was right, it was for my own good...

So I left my planet with my new friends as we embarked on our journey to our school which is a construct which encompasses one of our stars. A dyson sphere is what a handful of your kind refer to it as, and have any inkling of. It serves a multitude of purposes some of which provide energy not only to the contruct and world but to all of our devices we create. It matters not where they are located in all of space and time. It also nourishes us and aids to elevate us spiritually, as it praises the creator without ceasing in the oldest language known to our kind. Yes we know of the creator. But of this I am bound not to share of my understanding this journey must be your own for this is the law.

I am at liberty to inform you however... That other's not of my kind have not kept to this law in attempt to thwart your progression. Because of the same jealousy which disgraced them to begin with and did your kind a great injustice. They have used abilities and their superior knowledge to infiltrate your existence. They have been doing so since before your recorded memories allow understanding of in order to decieve. Ontop of this most dishonourable practice they have infected your true genetic make up and robbed you if your true selves. This has affected longevity, overall body condition,and your spirituality... Leaving you weak prone to disease deterioration death and ill equipped to know what to do and with little connection to the only source which could truly guide you.

My learning is almost complete, as I approach my final year of study and my adult phase. As I have said I have been watching a long time. I have run a full gambit of emotions as I have done so. I must admit I am frightened and disgusted by so much that you do. But undeniably I have seen your potential and know full well your short comings and how you do struggle. But still... Even in your confusion show fleeting glimpses of your greatest trait. Although in short supply you are capable of expressing such beauty in its purest form for one another. If not for this I believe you would surely be doomed. Because of this I have come to love you also. And I wish to prove it.

My final testing for my studies therefore by my choice is to go to Earth and begin to undo so much of the harm done to you and which you do to yourselves. In doing so wish to prove my elders wrong. And that you are not lost to hope and you are ready and capable of moving forward and joining many of us from beyond your reality.

My craft is being prepared as I write this transmission, which I have fought long for the right to aquire to accomplish my mission. It needs so many costly additions for the work I must do. Much of it to heal the harm done to Earth itself. Which will begin immediately upon my arrival before formal introductions my presence will be made known as I begin the healing process. I look forward to ridding the Earth of the nuclear damage done through meltdowns first then move onto everything else...
So please dont think it rude of me for not saying hello before I do. I assure you it is because of the great urgency. And know I truly look forward to interacting with you. And I am capable of doing so with a great number of you at the same time. But I am unable to while working because of the distraction of my efforts. And because I must then switch to different devices which are able to elevate you by vibrating you to an elevated state of being to communicate...
Know I will enter your thoughts and it is here we will comunicate and I will come to know you all and you I. Please stay safe until my arrival and be good to each other.
I heard that you know... I told you I recieve transmissions in real time instantaneously.
No I am not God, or your salvation... I am your friend Joe I'm coming to your aid and to help you prepare...

I look forward to our time together
Your little buddy Joe
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posted on Feb, 18 2017 @ 09:01 AM
When will you be arriving Joe?

Nice message s+f
a reply to: 5StarOracle

posted on Feb, 18 2017 @ 07:10 PM
a reply to: lottawizdumb

I am glad it was not lost on you...
It is unwise to reveal the time...
But just as soon as I am allowed, in the blink of an eye I am there...

Until that time do not be afraid to reveal more of yourself to other's... I sense a great desire within you to do so. Although it is wise to watch silently, to keep your true self hidden is not... For if you do this long enough even you will forget who you are...

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