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87 percent other...on the run

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posted on Feb, 13 2017 @ 11:57 PM
I waited patiently for my ancestry chart to arrive...
The shiny black sedan parked near my house gave me such a case of the eebie jeebies, I took off and caught a bus.
logging into the library computer on a guest account, i quickly read my chart...87 % other 13% southern france...
"what in the world is other!?" I said aloud, ran outside and there was the shiny black vehicle again...
I went back into the library and said to the woman behind the desk..."whheeeze I need an ambulance, 911!" and stood there waiting for the siren.
As my luck would have it, it was fairly busy with folks at the library and I ran out to the parking lot.
A woman with dogs in her car sat using the wi-fi and I offered her 20 bucks to get me away from the black car.
"I don't know you...whats with the ambulance here?"
"Please help i will give you 40 bucks, my boyfriend in the black car won't stop following me...look its perfect, he is blocked off by the ambulance"
She kindly took me away from the ominous black vehicle to a bus stop a few towns down and i just kept on going
further and further...away from "other"
"was my "other" DNA lucky..or would i have to run forever...?"

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