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A LIGHT* misconception (they are working to help the species)

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posted on Feb, 13 2017 @ 03:55 AM

At times there exist a misconception that those who attempt to SHINE LIGHT* upon the consciousness of others who are dark/lost consciously seek to do so in a egotistical manner or to seem special to others encountering the shine. Why ignoring that others are attempting to actually SHINE to help others from basic failure? who are in darkness (consciously).
How much power is required to keep a Light tower shining to save and direct those out afar?
Hence the misconception…

Yes through a intelligent observation you can begin to gain a feel of those “attention seekers”. But through further evaluation and intelligent observation you can also see (maybe with those third eyes) the energy or information stream the attention seekers and the actual compassionate are feeding from.
That information stream of inter dimensional fringe data to conspiracy theory X-files like U.F.O/U.S.O & Unidentified Spacecraft data and the inhabitants related and also some religious data seems to be ignored by those who only center in on the information broadcast from the attention seekers and not the information signals from the actual compassionate or those who seem to invest large amounts of time and resources if possible in an attempt to unlock minds enhancing conscious/spirit protection from potential unseen (without third eye perception) grasp that may be upon the Spirit energy of man that prefer the ignorant over the intelligent for the ignorant are easily controlled-fooled and mislead…


posted on Feb, 13 2017 @ 03:57 AM
It is disturbing to observe from various perceptive standpoints the attacks upon those actual compassionate who only seek to assist in the better development of the species of man. As if they are not potentially exhausting their minds, souls and bodies as they observe many blocked consciously further trap themselves and others in cocoons of social/spiritual ignorance. Cocoons preventing them and others from even looking beyond what the group is thinking and potentially blocking ascending beyond.
Many of those actual compassionate have and live lives and sadly from the exhaustion if they are not immediately strong enough mentally & spiritually to balance the things they haven been consciously exposed to (in effort to help mankind) they suffer and attacks upon them cause more suffering to add awareness.

-Keeping in mind these are not the attention seekers these are the actual potentially contacted humans having their bodies/minds/souls interacted with by inter dimensional and or E.T beings and they may not have all made contact with the benevolent sadly, for the immensity of the ABYSS of Creation seems to carry various forms of energy carrying various frequencies on the benevolent, malevolent scale-


posted on Feb, 13 2017 @ 03:59 AM
That is a reason why 1 tries not to glorify (as to not immediately attract many into the processes) other then the pre processes of acknowledging your soul potentials and recognize your frequencies of your souls vibrations have effects upon reality and those around you not only human…
For the upgrading of the awareness brings the perception into better or larger focus of where many may be and who many are and who is interacting with them in the grand scheme of things overall.

Consider for example farmers and livestock on a farm realizing what they are to the farmers and them contemplating then what is life for them? and the farmers?
Extreme example but you should get the point (good reason not to get beside yourself) as the saying goes there may always be bigger and badder.
That awareness alone can place large amount of pressure on a untrained or unprepared Spirit that is seeking some form of Special ability but has not learned that those abilities may also carry responsibilities…


posted on Feb, 13 2017 @ 04:01 AM
It is as if the closed minds are so attached to their subjective model of thinking that anything beyond their political-religious and scientific thinking is either doubted-feared or just out right ignored. As you ARE given a free will to exercise your consciousness at your own leisure and increase your level of awareness accordingly, this is where those who attempt to shine must recognize and sort of back off. For there is no force to acknowledge, just recommendations…

It’s more like the LIGHT* has been shining for you to help you shine for others if you can, but others are still lost in the darkness (consciously) and it is not fair to ignore them if you seek to ignore the signals sent to you and so as a photon beam in a L.G.R.B seems to flow on as must the signals.

Which in turn allows a basic LEARNING experience for those who wished to ignore as the LIGHT* continues on to provide Service To Others S.T.O
A experience that may be un-pleasurable in lack of LIGHT* to those who experiencing it that did not take some things into consideration that the actual compassionate attempted to convey.


posted on Feb, 13 2017 @ 06:18 AM
a reply to: Ophiuchus 13 I agree that a big light creates a big shadow in the first perception of the observer, however I find it out of place to involve any of the popular ET rumors in discussion on similar topic. Also I find highly disturbing when people speak of the ET like they have every morning a breakfast with few of them. ETs belong to ATS sections: Aliens/Ufo, Skunk Works, Dissecting Disinformation. When philosophy gets immersed in sensationalism we have a pseudo-philosophy. I advise all of us to be more careful in that matters.

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