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The Curious Details of Prime Minister Abe's Visit with the Trumps

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posted on Feb, 14 2017 @ 11:52 AM

originally posted by: Nyiah
My husband's company has a Japan branch. They do weekly video conferences, and it took him quite a while to figure out why they were subtly treating him like he was beneath them. He assumed it was just due to being new to the position and having to prove himself as the new guy or something.

He wasn't reciprocating the traditional bow greeting at the start of the meetings, ergo they thought he was a rude, pissant asshat blowing off respectfully acknowledging people.

I didn't frame it in those words, but you cut right to the chase of what I thought. Other presidents have had staff coach them in how to correctly approach and deal with important heads of state. I think that both the Trumps are now perceived as rude and boorish (and The Donald's tendency to brag about everything is going to make him look even worse.)

Esquire magazine has a hilarious piece on this, including his 'loss" to Trudeau.

The good (somewhat) part of it is that The Donald does not understand the slights and wouldn't recognize them. The bad is that it's going to affect our ability to gain any cooperation from them.

posted on Feb, 14 2017 @ 11:58 AM

originally posted by: windword
a reply to: Byrd

This WAS an interesting visit, by onlookers' standards.

I think Melania has displayed that she's best at posing in photo's shoots, unlike her awkward husband who had to be told by the Prime Minister how to handle their photo shoot, "Look at me!", lol. Hosting powerful, intellectual a politically outspoken women isn't Melania's forte.

Or she may have been so coached by Trump to be his accessory and to be "seen but not heard" that she's uncomfortable playing hostess without him. Could be a number of things but I agree that she doesn't seem to want to handle that part of the First Lady duties. Michelle Obama was uncomfortable with it but she made the effort and with the help of her staff did manage to be a successful hostess.

It seemed that Mrs. Abe was more comfortable with being "escorted" by the US Japanese Ambassador

I don't think it was "comfortable." I think it was a face-saving maneuver. The Prime Minister's wife shouldn't be left to wander Washington on her own like an unwanted tourist.

The Prime Minister seemed to be miffed at (so called) President Trump's ineptitude with Asian leaders, and called on the USA to affirm their support of Japan after N Korea's missile "test". Trump acquiesced sheepishly!

The eyes of all Asia were on them. If it turns out that all Trump could do was to try and play "beat you at golf" and brag about his women and properties, then I believe his ability to negotiate anything with Asia has declined considerably.

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