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The dark crow

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posted on Feb, 12 2017 @ 08:41 PM
The shadowy figure came to visit the old man;" They were convicted, what they did, they did in their self interest. She was pardoned, he was not " He said with an empty glare.
The old man didnt say a word;" He knew the law, and he knew what happens when you broke it for your own good "

The shadowy figure sighed and said;" They fooled me for so long, did you know? " The old man didnt say a word.. ;" He knew the answer, he never thought the shadowy figure could embrace all 722 spirits in to his body, and still be in control "

" What did they hope for? To be in control? You been my mentor for so long, and now you sit there quiet?! " The shadowy figure said with a unique calm in his voice. "

A dark crow flew by and took a seat on the shadowy figures shoulder;" The old man looked with an angry stare at the dark crow;" Its all your fault " he said, biting his teeth.

And the dark crow siting on the shadowy figures shoulder took their departure.


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