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Review: Defending America against the Fed

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posted on Feb, 11 2017 @ 06:37 AM
End The Fed first heard largely by Ron Paul.

I think that this is something that needs to be abolished, soon. It's all about to go south anyhow right?

Better now than later!]Defending America agaiinst the Fed.

Reuters Breakingviews) - The U.S. Federal Reserve can be a dry topic. Danielle DiMartino Booth makes it anything but. Her new book "Fed Up: An Insider's Take on Why the Federal Reserve is Bad for America,"

The Fed isn't, however, quite the dominant cause of America's problems that she suggests. Bank executives and those in charge of fiscal policy, for instance, deserve a hefty share of the blame.

But Booth highlights the danger of central bankers being seen as almost omnipotent when the record shows their fallibility. The loss of humility is a constant risk. She quotes a Lithuanian central banker: "We are magic people. Each time we take something and give to the markets – a rabbit out of the hat." That's a sentiment Yellen and her peers should strive to resist.

posted on Feb, 11 2017 @ 06:49 AM
a reply to: JesusXst

The Federal Reserve does appear for all the world to be a threat to the American people, and indeed the sustainability of its economy. A privately owned concern, which raises debt to create currency without a proper value is fundamentally bad as a concept. 1913 was a dark year for those concerned with finance. However, it must also be said that the people running the White House and also the Congress and Senate, are ALL beneficiaries of this system. There is not a one of them who has not done relatively well out of that system. The tendency, therefore, is going to be toward keeping that system running at the expense of those who have no power to stop it.

I would be shocked if any meaningful action were taken to deconstruct the Federal Reserve, or even audit the thing, to be quite honest.

posted on Feb, 11 2017 @ 07:11 AM
I've always thought that, it wasn't so much his other policies that kept Ron Paul out of the race, it was his determination to end the Fed. He was very vocal about it and any real threat to the Global Bankers, is going to get slapped down fast.
When you have enemies that powerful, it doesn't really matter what else you stand for.

posted on Feb, 11 2017 @ 07:33 AM
a reply to: DAVID64

Well that could change in the near future. The Globalists have run the Country long enough, now it's pay back time.

posted on Feb, 11 2017 @ 07:38 AM
a reply to: TrueBrit

Yeah i agree on some points here that you've mentioned for sure. It only takes a few good men to stand up and change it for everyone else, i'm Optimistic on all points with this.

A brief history on America's Banking System here, and the dudes that have been running it since the very beginning.. This includes Lincoln's attempt to circumvent the Banker Families by circulating his own Debt free Currency in 1862. And he wasn't the only President to call them out for their unrighteous deeds.

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posted on Feb, 13 2017 @ 09:48 AM
"Give me control of a nations money supply, and I care not who makes it’s laws". Mater Amschel Rothschild

During the Civil War (1861-1865), President Lincoln needed money to finance the War from the North. The Bankers were going to charge him 24% to 36% interest. Lincoln was horrified and went away greatly distressed, for he was a man of principle and would not think of plunging his beloved country into a debt that the country would find impossible to pay back.

Eventually President Lincoln was advised to get Congress to pass a law authorizing the printing of full legal tender Treasury notes to pay for the War effort. Lincoln recognized the great benefits of this issue. At one point he wrote:

"(we) gave the people of this Republic the greatest blessing they have ever had – their own paper money to pay their own debts..."

The Treasury notes were printed with green ink on the back, so the people called them "Greenbacks".

Lincoln printed 400 million dollars worth of Greenbacks (the exact amount being $449,338,902), money that he delegated to be created, a debt-free and interest-free money to finance the War. It served as legal tender for all debts, public and private. He printed it, paid it to the soldiers, to the U.S. Civil Service employees, and bought supplies for war.

Shortly after that happened, The London Times printed the following: "If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of the civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all coun­tries will go to North America. That govern­ment must be destroyed, or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe."

posted on Feb, 13 2017 @ 01:09 PM
a reply to: dfnj2015

Yeah that's right good reminder to all Civilized Countries not to let Idiots run your life, your finances or anything else that's none of their business.

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