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DARK ELECTIONEERING How the DNC-MSM-RNC Work Together In Lockstep To Subvert The Nation

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posted on Feb, 9 2017 @ 06:28 PM

DARK ELECTIONEERING: How the DNC+MSM+RNC Work Together In Lockstep To Subvert The Nation

Another build-up release in my march towards releasing my fake news 'Double Feature" I've been slaving over for over a month now. This would be my 16th release in this end game (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15). I had wanted to write this one before the election, but couldn't get it time. So then I hadn't planned on making a thing out of it until 'whenever', but now this part is needed as it's too big to put into the fake news project while that story can't be put into a proper complete perspective without this key facet already been hammered down. This was running in the narrative in part two of the Double Feature project ("It Came From The Internet"), but got too long and too important so I decided to yank it out and drop it in as a stand alone. It's kind of rushed, as I never really had time to even stick on in politics post-election, but this FAKE NEWS war being waged against US in the name of Internet censorship is too important for me to not step up. As such, it kind of starts off where I cut it out of my other paper, but here goes DARK ELECTIONEERING...


PROLOGUE: Is there a 'Nazi' lurking inside of YOU?

CHAPTER 1: Human Vs. Nature (Intro to Self-Deception & Brutality)
CHAPTER 2: Politics as a Sadomasochistic (BDSM) Spectator Sport
CHAPTER 3: The 'Patriarchy' is REAL
CHAPTER 4: Dark Mind Sciences: The Cult of PC
CHAPTER 5: HATE Speech Hillary
CHAPTER 6: DNC Paid Riot Squads
CHAPTER 7: 5,000,000+ Strong Civilian "National Service" (SJW) Brigades
CHAPTER 8: Radio Music As Mind Control

CHAPTER 9: Dark Electioneering: How the DNC+MSM+RNC Work Together In Lockstep to Subvert The Nation

Electioneering is the engineering of election results. It plays primarily on the shaping of perception, and works primarily by propaganda (persuasion & diversion) means, but it goes far beyond that as well. I can't speak too much to how it goes in other places, but here int eh US imagine there were only one real system that is represented by "two parties' whom act together as one. Like professional wrestlers they act like they hate each other, but when the chips are down they work as one to smash all other opposition. They're primary purpose is divide & conquer, and to those ends they keep the masses forever bickering about Moral Emotion Wedge Issues, while the real agendas forever march onward mostly unchecked. The news media is supposed to keep them honest, and keep us informed, but instead they're the primary vehicles of said propaganda. The 'MSM' is 'all' owned by the same international mega-conglomerates that more or less own the politicians after all. These vested interests tend to lurk out of sight, their propaganda subtle and ubiquitous, but when outsiders manage to wiggle their way into the polls that's when the full force of their Dark Electioneering schemes come out into full view. Given the past 3 presidential elections, those with eyes for spotting them have seen them with their pants all the way down now, and below is my story of how I've come to know them, followed by my guide for knowing their games so that we might prevent their subversive operations in the future.

Omissions & distortions are typically deceptive in practice items of self-censorship, and they go on all the time. As in perhaps every single report on every important topic. Simply failing to, or even worse refusing to convey any outside perspective on a story can lead to all sorts of problems. We're all used to seeing this in left / right politics here in the US. Where it counts the most however is in the coverage of foreign events and especially foreign policy. (Note: all of this will be covered in-depth in the next 2 chapters...)

Now to be fair, the way the MSM has been functioning as a corporate & government propaganda outlet the way it has been for generations now, a lot of the time many of the people involved in those huge organizations may just believe some significant portion of the propaganda themselves. Yet the more you look at it all the more clear the people at the top must know what reality actually is. Of course part of the problem is the left / right paradigm, and how everyone on either side seem to constantly self-deceptively help play coverup for the true perspectives on se the wars their sides start (same old war mongering no matter the anti-war lip service one party might wield against another during election time). The problem is I've been doing this long enough, which includes countless debates with both sides, that I've seen people call it empire building when it was Bush, and then turn around and patently reject it being the same thing when Obama did essentially the same exact things. So far I'm still focused on American Imperialism, of course, which is the true root of essentially all foreign policy adventurism during my lifetime (and for many decades before it).

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posted on Feb, 9 2017 @ 06:30 PM

Above and beyond foreign policy, this whole 'left / right politics' thing is entirely at the heart of the problems we face in so many ways. The total analysis there ("Us vs. Them" divide & conquerism) could easily go on as long as this project has so far, but one on topic area of realization is in how the MSM works towards left / right political ends. First, note that this isn't merely a philosophical issue, this is a systemic issue which we've all effectively been subjected to (there only being the Democrat's & Republican's and them supposedly representing everybody). Now, back during Bush (Dubya), FOX News was just atrocious in how they'd coverup & defend every possible negative story about him. The way it generally works is they wont even cover 'it' until the Democrat's / Liberal Media scratch & sniff out the story and start hammering with it. Then the Conservative Media would step up and run their games of damage control.

When Bush the "Republican" was on the out, and now it was to be Obama the "Democrat", I talked about how now the roles would flip, and to hear the actual dirt on Obama you'd have to turn to the sordid FOX News. Where of course on the Liberal Media all you'd get is damage control. It is an interesting thing to observe, especially being a self-invented "Socio-Agnostic" (naturally immune to their games of keeping us whipped into self-deceiving myself by blaming the "other" side for everything that happens). As the pendulum swings, you tend to see all kinds of truth from the 'underdog' side of things. Even if they might sensationalize something a bit too much, it's probably pretty close to realty. As long as we're not expecting to hear the truth about foreign policy anyways (American Imperialism), or even worse, their own dishonest generally hypocritical self-perceptions.

At this point of the left / right self-censorship model most might declare this simply as being "bias". The problem I see though is this "bias" term has come to having far too broad of a meaning. Cant there be preferentialism of a side, and outright cronyism, and they be two far different stances? Apparently not, in my experience, as far as most everyone else seems to be concerned. During the Bush years, when ever I'd (constantly) attack his war mongerful foreign policy, and domestic tyrannies, I'd have people (Republican's) consistently try to cream my credibility as allegedly being a "liberal". Nowadays, out of nowhere last year, following a long absence, came out guns blazing against Hillary & Obama for in large part the exact same positions, and now I'm consistently smeared as being a "conservative".

It seems to me that to most left / right people all 'bias' is one and the same, and the meaning is you're completely self-deluded into your side of the let / right party ideology if you're not on their team. Of course I patently disagree with this binary perception of reality (or at least of what reality should be). To me "bias" should mean preference, but it shouldn't inherently mean (party driven) self-delusionalism. Yet with we humans, we are evolutionarily predisposed to self-deceive ourselves when it comes to the "tribe" (it's literally a survival mechanism). You see our own egos are rooted in self-deception. When we self-adhere to groups we take on the group identity, and then when our group is attacked we take it as a personal attack. Only now groupthink is involved, which makes us exceptionally dumber than when thinking as individuals. And the Social Engineers that rule our world know all of this and how to manipulate us via these mechanisms.

This could all easily be taken way out or outside of context at the point. Let me make this as clear as possible: It's one thing for someone to prefer and support 'one side' of the partisan politics game. I'd call that bias. It's another thing for a paid corporate news media organization on 'one side' to deliberately bury negative stories (especially when they're in the know to be the ones to first break a story), and then deliberately go into full (often entirely deceptive) damage control mode in defense of such stories after they break elsewhere. I would call this corporate-party collusion. When both sides of the collusive corporate media both work together to stomp out other parties, and self-censor perspectives critical for the populace to be able to perceive actual reality, I'd call that cross-party corruption. When the party's and media are documented as working together as one I say that cements into reality these ideas of corporate-party collusion & cross-party corruption. Now, when both sides of the MSM, and both the government & military all work together to push wars while deliberately inundating the populace with the false reality that they aren't an imperial nation, I'd call that conspiratorial monolithic cronyism. And when all of that combined finally fails to prevent the masses from waking up to the truth, and then work as one to push a concocted hysterical "fake news" narrative bent on further propagandizing the "news" while scrubbing outside perspective from the Internet, and the supporters get in on the undoing of their own freedom of expression, I'd call that sadomasochistic one party totalitarianism.

In that big section now we have several talking points I need to address. I did already mention "corporate-party collusion", and how "bias" has come to mean to most any of the above examples of stoogery. To me, a news organization ought to have room for some different viewpoints. It should have amongst its team all the right parts to take on any story and hound them down to the last spatter of blood no matter the potential terrain. Yet, even if an organization prefers to stick to one side, it doesn't mean they have to have a organized mandate to flush out entire perspectives in general, and stories that support them in particular. When you get that kind of scenario, and there are only two party's, and they work together as one to stomp out any and all outsiders (including individuals & organizations alike), while also over the long run proving to generate roughly the same kind of outcomes (with se foreign policy), then that is duopolistic sadism.

The Illusion of Choice.

The way the "Two Party's" collude together as ONE to squash the minor parties, it's like a scene out of the WWF (WWE) where on camera or stage the two wrestlers are doing a performance in pretending they're bitter enemies only to go out partying together after the show. They, with the MSM, also work together stomp out party members whom aren't insiders. I don't know how anyone could assert that a mere two parties could somehow represent over 300,000,000 people, even if they were good guys that truly cared about anybody outside of the power structures they are a part of. Yet in the real world we allegedly have two parties, that actively engage in all kinds of crookery to maintain their power, both against each other, and against any outside forces or different viewpoints within their parties. And the MSM is right in the game with them in a total symbiosis. Inseparable.


posted on Feb, 9 2017 @ 06:30 PM

Now with all of that in mind we're ready to begin, and as far as politicians and their candidacies go it all begins with the elections.

We've been hearing an awful lot this time about "election rigging", "election tampering", "election influence" and "election hacking" (mainly to do with all this "Russia" noise in particular). This open obsession with such practices is my experience is a new thing, although I will admit I didn't much tune into the 2012 election. I was too busy and too disenfranchised to even waste my time with it following the deep study I did during the 2008 election (which we'll be getting to below). Anyways, those terms there the way they're being spun in the news in such a way they're virtually indistinguishable. I believe it's all being kept deliberately vague, but we could go way off topic covering that here, so for now the hot topic is Electioneering.

Electioneering is all that all of those phrases really mean. From my perspective it's beyond fiction that they Two Party's with the MSM and even the Federal Government all as a whole have come out bare knuckles against electioneering. For as long as I've been into any of this politics stuff I've been against all of them with their decades of perpetual electioneering against the population (up around the top of my list of grievances with the lot of them).

Electioneering, if you go by the basic definition of it anyways, is "(of a politician or political campaigner) take part actively and energetically in the activities of an election campaign." To me, it's a far more complex thing, which in practice the way it goes with the Two Party's it's perpetual (it never ends), and is all too often diabolical (every which way). Re-election is the constant obsession (that and keeping the outsiders mute and hopeless). I doubt anyone that knows much about the schemes could disagree here, but I'll include one choice example of what I mean. I've come to be at odds with the two-term Presidency (POTUS) model, as what I've personally witnessed twice now is the play where the administrations they play much of their game but they hold back... until re-election and then the gloves finally comes off and we finally see what they're really made of. Everything up until re-election victory is showboating, silver tongue rimming, down-playing and so on. I recall quite clearly reading a Bush insider talk about how re-election began they day Bush took office. I think most people paying attention back then will recall how in 2005 that's when they really went nuts with domestic tyranny bills and the like. And anyone that followed Obama's tenure should recall the same thing in 2013.

So that explains the game, but not how it actually works: Of course it involves propaganda and it's ugly cousin censorship across the board. The MSM are there lockstep every baby step along the way. Now whichever side has the White House most definitely gets the bigger reigns in the kinds of propaganda ans self-censorship that you'll find in sources like the New York Times & Washington Post. No doubt about that. With the TV networks it works a bit differently, as there's the clear thing where FOX pushes the hardliner Republican noise, and the others (CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC) tend to push more towards the hardliner "Liberal Media" noise. So for many casual observers, and especially the ideologues, it seems pretty obvious whose side each is on. And there is a ton of truth to it. But where the notion falls to pieces is when it comes to American Imperialism (as will be covered in-depth in upcoming chapters). Yet in terms of party line favoritism its pretty slam dunk. As Obama was heading I already knew it'd play out on the flip side of how it had been: to even hear any kind of scolding truth about Obama, now we'd have to turn on FOX, where with Bush we had to turn on se CNN. At this point it's important to remind everyone how media ownership works here in the US:

So the MSM (whom represent the Corporatocracy) collude with the Two Party's (whom represent the Corporatocracy) to maintain their stranglehold over the Federal Government / Military, and electioneering is their forever ongoing first-and-foremost methodology to do so.

Aside from 2016, this whole electioneering game couldn't have been in much greater display than the 2008 election (although it was hardly any different in 2012 than in 2008). While I didn't watch it play out on TV, up until deep into the Primary's I did play (again and again) every single news broadcast clip that made it onto the Internet in terms of Ron Paul & Dennis Kucinich anyways.

(Elizabeth Kucinich, Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul & Carol Paul)

This would include all of the RNC & DNC debates of course. There was also hardly a single print hitpiece put out on Ron Paul that I missed. You see I was making a film about the election, for the election all the way up into January. It began as a little Star Wars parody joke thing I was doing, but as I was gradually doing it from my studying of the whole electioneering process I realized that I could work the debates into it as the central theme, and thus I ended up with a full length film which became "NeoCon Wars (2008)". In it you can see for yourself in 'live action' much of my analysis from that period. The following segment spectacularly illustrates how primarily FOX News the "Conservative's" went off the rails to derail Ron Paul's bid:

This little 'infographic' that is in my segment there perfectly illustrates one of the primary mechanisms of Electioneering:

Then following his getting trounced by the Republican's and the MSM (mainly for having a non-interventionist foreign policy), later (after the nominations) I finally got around to watching an Obama rally video and it was entirely clear to me that he was going to win. McCain hadn't a chance. It was dramatically clear that only Ron Paul ever had any chance against Obama's rally machine, and if you had followed Ron's 'rEVOLution' I suspect you'd say the same thing. To me it played out as the Republican's essentially deliberately torpedoed their bid at maintaining the POTUS reign's to stop Ron Paul the anti-corruption anti-imperialism outsider (at all costs). You might recall that back then the Neocon's war mongering obsession was entirely out of style, and that that fact alone pretty much sealed the fate of the affair. Yet, despite all of that the election results were still pretty close in the end. And that my friends is the power of Electioneering.

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posted on Feb, 9 2017 @ 06:31 PM

Note that this whole era might be hard to even imagine for a lot of people nowadays. This was back when Myspace was still the place (especially for political activism). Unfortunately so much of my work from that era went down the memory hole there, but anyone that remembers my work from that period should recall how I'd promote Dennis Kucinich right along side Ron Paul (often in the same posts). Dennis was the Democrat equivalent to Ron Paul, and while I'm more of the libertarian viewpoint, I'd actually vote for Dennis (along with others from that period such as Ralph Nader) despite being very against a lot of their policy positions. You see, things are so far off the rails for so long now in DC that just simply getting outsiders in there should be just adamant to everyone following the conclusions I've reached following many years of outright dedication to understanding how all this stuff works. I hate to even have to speak in the first person and such so much here, but following intense experience in debating both sides in all the same ways about this stuff, I'm certain it's critical that I try to establish myself as an outsider for this effort to have any hope of having the impact to make this vast project even worth it. To wrap this point up: during the pre-Obama years on essentially a daily basis I'd get labelled as "liberal", where immediately post-Obama I started getting labelled a "conservative" (in my old Myspace this was the case even by some people who had been cheerleading me smearing Bush's maniacisms on a daily basis).

Now that we got that out of the way, if you play my full Neocon Wars film you'll see I have a segment in there where after intense debates coverage of Ron Paul versus the Neocon's (on mainly foreign policy), we heard all of the same arguments from the "Neoliberal" candidates (Obama, Hillary, Biden, Edwards, etc) in their debates. Now if you actually watch their debates you'll see them all railroad Dennis Kucinich in exactly the same ways that the Neocon's did Ron. It all starts as the networks literally bend over backwards to avoid giving the outsiders any airtime. When that doesn't work then the others on stage (the insiders) all set about laughing at them. When that doesn't work they all set about ganging up and trying to smear them. Along the way the MSM, especially in post-debates coverage, go into full attack mode. The big phrase in 2008 about Ron was "unelectable". Also don't forget "don't waste you vote" (I imagine everyone has heard that one in reference to propping up the Two Party's and their Neocon/Neolib candidates).

Sadly for Dennis he didn't get nearly as much traction in 2008 as did Ron, but then again, he didn't actually have to endure the smear campaign level that Ron found himself to be the center of. In this most recent election, supporters of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump should be able to relate to what happens when outsiders get too far along.

Now don't forget that the 'real election' happens during the Primary's. So in 2008, it was FOX's job to obliterate Ron Paul, and the rest of the Liberal Media's jobs to mute out Dennis. The task of each side of the Party's and their MSM stooges is to block out the outsiders (each from their own side) from making it past the Primary's. As long as only Establishment picks get any real traction here it really doesn't matter which "side" wins the rest of the circus, in my view, in terms of the Power Elite that rule our world. This year we all witnessed what the MSM does when someone not "supposed" to be there makes it the duration:
Exclusive MSM Analysis Reveals: They Have Gone FULL TABLOID (Trump Tapes vs. WikiLeaks Reveals All). That bit was towards the end though. All long the RNC & MSM worked tirelessly using every dirty trick in the book to keep him from winning the Primary's. Since he was the frontrunner for pretty much all of 2016, here we saw the bulk of the MSM cover him where Ron Paul never got so much heat because he wasn't such a threat. Bernie Sanders got a similar treatment is my understanding, although I doubt FOX much bothered to cover him to the same extent as CNN because it's not like Bernie supporters would really be watching FOX for worldview insights. Anyways, so once Trump was sure to get the nomination now all of the Liberal media went into total complete 'Trump = Hitler' overdrive. For FOX to have any credibility they had no choice but favor Trump, and yet when you look at the numbers they weren't all that much better than the rest.

Now don't get me wrong, I understand he said a lot of 'dumb' things. But then again trolling the MSM was part of his scheme to get free coverage, while the MSM & DNC completely blowing out of proportion so many of the things he said, I mean outright twisting his words into seriously deceptive narratives, is well documented. And then there's the part where between the Bill & Hillary duo, essentially every single major allegation about Trump's character and the like is absolutely proven now (and yet liberal's have been literally crying, rioting and committing atrocities by the score ever since Hillary lost).

But as far as where this narrative is heading, for the sake of trying to keep this thing keeping on a non-partisan course let's cut to examining some of the various methods by which dark electioneering is perpetrated, and see where it goes from there...

NOTE: Most of the work above was chopped from my narrative from the bigger project I'm working on. I probably would have structured this piece along different lines had it been the original goal that this has come to be. For now let me break the narrative flow format and switch over to a categories format.


posted on Feb, 9 2017 @ 06:31 PM

Perception Is Reality

Note that game I explained above, where 'each side' is tasked with omitting & distorting the campaign's of anti-establishment (by this I mean Ruling Establishment, not merely what people call the "political establishment" of old school cronies) candidates within their own ranks (which is ultimately their paramountfully collective task). And one simple yet key metric by which to gauge this game is their coverage of political rallies. The bigger the rallies, yet omission of them, the more absurd it all becomes, of course. Now the rally's coverage example is but an extreme form of this category. As far as propaganda goes, there are endless angles to explore, but we'll just zoom in here on the grand exhibitions of pageantry of all of the melodrama: the rally's.

Now while I didn't follow Kucinich enough to recall the depth of the rallies he was pulling, I vividly remember the depth of Ron Paul's rallies, and the non-coverage of them by FOX. Insane McCain as I called him, I don't recall him ever even really pulling big rallies during the Primary's, and couldn't find any telling images of his crowds until after the nomination. I also didn't keep up on DNC rallies until post-Primary's. It's easily historical fact that of the RNC, Ron Paul had all the enthusiasm, where with the DNC it was all Obama.

Then in 2012 a similar thing occurred, where Romney's rallies where pittance compared to Ron's, yet their size was over-reported while Ron Paul's were on mute by FOX. Obama was the incumbent so nothing to gauge on the DNC side of this form of electioneering, in 2012.

Finally, in 2016 essentially all the enthusiasm was in Bernie's court (but the MSM kept beating the "polls" data over everyone's heads that it was "all" Hillary). Note in this case is was so outlandish that not even after the nomination could she ever manage to pull half the crowds during the General Election that Bernie was pulling during the Primary's. Contrast that to how McCain did manage to get some big rally crowds going during his G.E. stretch despite the war mongering republican's being in disgrace that year for Bush's evils, while in 2016 the liberal's were still in love with their party's games despite so many evils from their administration (arguably even worse than Bush, whom didn't campaign on "CHANGE" like Obama did). In fairness, I did manage to find a few pretty impressive rallies for Cruz (apparently the Christian Conservative's got energized for him down the line).

With all of the photo data in, to wrap up this section what better way then to show how the MSM camera's refused to pan around and show the depth of the Trump rallies. Love or hate the guy, who couldn't admit how slanted the MSM was with all of that and how funny the clip of him calling them out is?

Now in case you missed all that era, the obvious reason to many observers was so that the rallies wouldn't look any more impressive than Hilary's embarrassing "rallies". The reality is in too many cases they seemed to have more paid protestors at Trump rallies than actual attendants at Hillary rallies.

Mainstream Media (MSM) Collusion

This subject is something like infinite. This is what the 18th build-up piece now in my march to releasing my "Double Feature" expose, to even have any real shot at putting this entire subject into perspective.

Here I'll cut it short in pointing out how thanks to the WikiLeaks email server releases last year, we now have totally documented proof and insights into how the Two Party's have hatchetmen in 'all' major news media outlets (all the way up to the CEO level in the news organizations and even their parent companies). When they're pushing party and/or government perspective reports and narratives in that process folks this is known as institutionalized propaganda. And here, for pretty much every major politics related subject I could carry on at length in criticizing, I blame them even more than the politicians. It's sort of nature that the job of politicians to lie to the public. Therefore it's the inherent job of the news media to factually inform everyone. That bit is like Journalism 101 Day 1 material. It's essentially an oath they take not unlike the Hippocratic Oath doctors take. Yet the news "reports" that pump endlessly out of the MSM these days or more akin to "Opinion / Editorial" material than actual journalistic Pulitzer Prize material. SO most of the MSM "reporting" is borderline smut, and that's before even getting into all of the crap they peddle (i.e. Justin Beiber fanaticism).

SEE ALSO: Hillary's Leaky Campaign Trail: The Lapdog Media Files

Disgustful Debates

I talked about this quite a bit above in the narrative section. The general idea is to keep the "third parties" out of the debates, to which ends both the Two Party's and the MSM work as one. The outsiders that make it into the debates get railroad questions from the moderators, that is when they get actual airtime. Other schemes abound such as described in that Hillary campaign Podesta email just above there.

Character Assassination

Mudslinging aka Swiftboating has been major a political campaign ploy in essentially every election since after our very first. This so goes without saying there's no need get into the history of it, or hardly get into most recent history of it for that matter. But to show how dark this can go, I'll dabble for a moment. This concept is so inherent to campaigning that Hillary was insane to have even run. I mean sure, Trump with his dubious history & style was rather crazy to have taken it on himself, but given the well known scandalous history Hillary has in her wake there's hardly a comparison between the two. I'm talking actual scandals here, not just actual character flaws for which they're probably about even. As long as the scandals are kept out of the conversation of course. With them it becomes so much worse. And this so far is before we even get into the WikiLeaks revelations.

With the WikiLeaks revelations we'll examine but a few. Yes, Trump said all sorts of stuff. But the focus on WikiLeaks here is the point as we get so much of a big picture when examining their own insider words. First, how their jaws dropped when they got a hold of the photo of Bernie Sanders they were so stoked to release to the tabloids. With their campaign against Trump there's no outdoing how they set about posting now hiring ad(s) in Craigslist painting him as a sexual predator of an employer. Then of course the scripted campaign to smear him as being "Hitler".


posted on Feb, 9 2017 @ 06:32 PM

"Outsider" Within Their Party Gang Stalking

This category I covered in-depth in my opening narrative section. In short, especially during the Primary's, its the task of each party and their more aligned news networks to crush any in-party outsiders chances of succeeding the in race. This activity goes on across the campaign, especially on stage in the crony MSM rigged debates. It runs much deeper though, with candidate campaign political operatives to MSM hatchetmen to party insiders, from above & below, ultimately working as one to destroy the insider 'outsider' (the one who isn't a stooge of the Ruling Establishment). The main big fight is expected to be over during the Primary's, but if that fails they have all manner of dick moves they can and do pull at the party conventions. From there, even during the general election we've now seen Ruling Establishment grade party insiders work to hand the election to the 'enemy' party.

Moving Up Primary's

As Ron Paul rightfully lamented about in 2008, with Ron Paul's unexpected grassroots uprising the GOP went into panic mode and set about hastening the Primary vote dates in several states, as a desperate check to get the votes in before his momentum could catch on.

State By State Obstacles

With the Two Party's maintaining dominance over the state ballot schemes across the nation, just as they do in DC, third parties find no more love in getting on the ballots across the US than they do in getting fair coverage in the corporate MSM.

There’s a more fundamental challenge to third-party candidates, however. America’s winner-take-all or plurality vote elections—where the candidate with the largest number of votes in the race wins the seat, regardless of the proportion of the vote he or she won—favors just two parties, rather than three or more, a reality that’s known in political science as Duverger’s law after French sociologist Maurice Duverger. That’s because a party or candidate can win a sizable chunk of the vote in a given district or state and still walk away with nothing—no seats or delegates, depending on the race—because they didn’t win the most votes among the candidates. Proportional representation voting systems, which prevail in most democracies, awards a party a certain number of legislative seats proportional to the percentage of the vote they won nationally or within a given region.

Primary's Vote Rigging

Since Ron Paul we've gained a real insight into how things go, and the way it goes in state Primary's is that there's far less security involved in the Primary's voting stage than we expect there to be in the General Election. This point drives so deep that it eventually came out that Romney straight stole the election setting Iowa Primary vote. Not to condone rioting and violence, but after seeing the modern Democrat's out literally crying & committing hate crimes & rioting over perceptions of personal differences with Donald Trump, if there should have ever been a national march it should have been all American's as one in protest to such a scandal.

The best way to rig a Primary would be rig the opening round, in Iowa:

How the Republican Party Stole the Nomination from Ron Paul
If you follow mainstream election coverage, you might think Mitt Romney has coasted to an honest, easy, well-deserved Republican nomination. Unfortunately for Republican voters, nothing could be further from the truth. ...

Iowa: Days before the caucuses, Paul held a commanding lead in the polls and all the momentum, with every other candidate having peaked from favorable media coverage and then collapsed under the ensuing scrutiny. Establishment Republicans, like Iowa’s Representative Steve King (R), attempted to sabotage Paul’s campaign by spreading rumors he would lose to Obama if nominated. Even though the Iowa GOP platform reads like a Ron Paul speech, shortly before the caucuses, Iowa Governor Terry Barnstad told Politico , “[If Paul wins] people are going to look at who comes in second and who comes in third. If Romney comes in a strong second, it definitely helps him going into New Hampshire”. The message from the Governor to voters of his state was: a vote for Ron Paul was a wasted vote.

Huffington Post reported that Paul was ahead by one point over Romney and Rick Santorum in entrance polls conducted by Edison Media Research for the AP before the caucuses. For the first time ever, the Iowa GOP changed the final vote count to a secret location . After the caucus, results from 8 precincts (including those with colleges, in a state where Paul won 48% of the youth vote) went missing. Interestingly, these were all precincts Romney lost in 2008. In addition, GOP officials discovered inaccuracies in 131 precincts. Though polling in a comfortable first place, Paul finished third in this non-binding straw poll, behind Romney and Santorum.

Apparently Hillary Clinton did the same thing to Bernie Sanders this past Primary season, too.

From there, the list of dirty tricks between Iowa and the conventions is beyond counting, although a lot of that is mentioned herein. Then there's various methods of proper "election rigging" in the general election, although that goes beyond the scope of electioneering. In the case of Primary's "rigging", it sets the stage of momentum for the rest of the Primary's (and beyond).


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Party Convention Stonewalling

If a roughshod Primary's process isn't enough insult to cause injury, then what you would expect as a contestful outsider surely would be. In 2008 we got a taste, and in 2012 we were forced to suck, of the delegate bullying game that goes on in a convention as Ron Paul learned first hand on our behalf. In 2016 Bernie Sanders supporters were forced to swallow, thanks to the DNC and their subservience to Hillary Clinton's War Machine. ]

Another way to put it is, I really didn't fully understand nor appreciate the role the Electoral College played. I mean I understood how state 'votes' towards it ensure a balanced democracy, and had not many odds with the general notion of it. I even understood that there are 'these people' who get the say so after each state is decided. But what I didn't appreciate was that that this lot they are the last straw, the final check and balance in ensuring that crooked candidates don't take office. Now that I grasp that, I appreciate the general concept of it there. You see they fill the role I did already grasp since 2008, that is how the voting of the delegates is the same such check & balance against a crooked rigged Primary result.

Being rather adept at understanding how things go in the halls of psychopathological power structurizational mongering (known as Washington DC under the Corporatocracy dominated "Two Party System"), with all of this stuff herein, who these "Electoral College" persons are and how they work, I didn't have high hopes of it not stinking of corruption. And it does. Despite having rather impressively dynamic ballot rules and Primary voting dates, it's surprisingly uniform when it comes to the Electoral College. While only certain states have "winner takes all" rules in the garnishment of weights in terms of the allotment of state delegates in regards to partisan Primary's results, without much surprise, essentially every single state has "winner takes all" rules in the allotment of Electoral College picks. As with essentially the entire system in general, much of all of the above is at the peril of "third parties", but that final point ensures defeat like few others. You see they don't just have to do well in a state to get a federal count, they have to win an entire state against both Republican's and Democrat's.

15 Dirty Tricks The GOP Establishment Can Use to Stop Donald Trump
#1) Cruz, Rubio, Kasich and Romney will cooperate with each other to help block Trump outsiders at key County and State conventions.
#2) The RNC Rules Committee will likely change the rules back to a five state requirement needed to put a name in nomination at the Convention.
#3) Make sure that you have your own people chosen as delegates to the convention.
#4) The place of the caucus that selects the actual delegates who go to the district or state convention may suddenly change without your knowledge.
#5) The time of the meeting may suddenly change.
#6) The chairman may say “Ayes have it,” even if they don’t.
#7) Off duty police may arrest and detain your newly elected Donald Trump GOP officers.
#8) Precinct, County, State leaders may charge a last minute tax.
#9) If the Caucus Chairman is replaced or does not like the outcome of the vote they may suddenly declare the process invalid.
#10) State Conventions will prepare ballots misspelling Trump and then later discount them in the voting for those pledged delegates.
#11) Fake ballots will be distributed listing establishment names as the official Trump delegates, confusing the voters.
#12) Counting the ballots at the various conventions will be an exhausting business with delays, postponements until the next day, seals broken on the voting boxes, and all kinds of chicanery.
#13) They may cancel the voting due to weather in a key precinct that is heavily Trump, throwing the State.
#14) At convention you may find hotel rooms cancelled.
#15) When you leave the RNC don’t think it’s over.

And all of that is pretty much what outsiders trying to win the convention face, outside of outright domination of the Primary process (and all of its trials which are no to be reckoned with).

Voter District Gerrymandering

manipulate the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party or class.

This yet is another well known dirty Two Party trick. It's more of a states level scheming Modus Operandi commonly used by "both" party's. Political operatives of either side would know all about this game, without even having to be involved in it in their operations directly. If you set about finding out about it you'll hear all sorts of bickering about "both" party's doing this where they can to remap the local voting districts in their favor. Like with everything, we see subjects from "either" side support the exact same things they can see their "own" party do while simultaneously screaming about the other "side" doing the same things. Since Ross Perot, there hasn't been any real "third party" challenge to the Two Party System, so perhaps they haven't gotten around to working in a general unison towards pushing third parties out via Voter District Gerrymandering? Maybe not. Yet it goes without saying that they're ready to.


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Executive Privilege(s)

I suspect that it'd quite a task to try to squeeze all the various examples under this category into but a couple short paragraphs. I imagine there will be all new creative examples to look forward to in the future as well (presuming the system were to keep marching on as usual), but here's some quick examples off the top of my head.

This idea of re-elections doesn't seem 'right' to me. They get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer paid salaries per year to what, spend half of their time posturing to rake in yet more cash & incentives in their all too often endless career of getting re-elected. And then there's the actual elections themselves, and all that jazz they and their power structures put into all of that. This is troubling in so many ways, but to keep things on point, then we have the part where sitting politicians go out campaigning for other politicians! Never mind running the country, nope, go out stoking your ego on the campaign trail. You're a rockstar woot! Yet the part that offends my socio-psychological insights the most is this: It's well known the whole "incumbent effect", whereby sitting (i.e. career) politicians tend to have a cakewalk of holding their seats in the face of oncoming challengers. So then we're going to have se the President of the United States of America have time to go out campaigning practically daily for the better part of the year in promoting their favored candidate?

Then there's all sorts of other 'tweaks' the POTUS mantle has at its disposal including (but not limited to):
-Directing agencies and such (i.e. the IRS, FEC, FBI) at political opponents and/or groups that support them.
-The inherent power the POTUS mantle gets in influencing the favoritism and such committed by the MSM in their election coverage (I'll be going in-depth into the paradigm in the next 2+ upcoming chapters...).
-The power to plant party-insider hatchetmen into key governmental positions from which they can better perpetrate their electioneering schemes.

Then as a spiteful outtro move we've now seen with Obama what we might call "stacking the deck". On his way out he made various moves, such as with Russia, where he hypocritically railroaded diplomatic relations with Russia so that incoming Trump would be forced to look like Russia's whipping boy in order to try to smooth out said diplomatic relations. Mind ou he already had stated intent on such in general, while the Dem's had been hard at work for months promoting the urban folklore that (self-made billionaire) Trump the nationalist is somehow a minion of a foreign power.

Think Tanks

As if the mass scale social psychological warfare perpetually waged by the MSM & "Madison Avenue" against everyone aren't each bad enough 'alone', then there's the deep party / state Think Tanks. They all (and the politicians / parties / government) go hand in hand really. Most of them will never be known; these diabolical tacticians will never be famous no matter how legendary their work ever plays out. Then again, quite often the politicians themselves are part of the cycle, and the MSM organizations (and lets not forget about the intelligence agencies) add to the pie. There's also famous 'super bands' such as the RAND Corporation & Stratfor. But perhaps the most diabolical are those whom are way off the books, and they specialize in the long term divide and conquering the Two party's do the the Citizens of the United States (whereas se the CIA tends to focus on dividing the peoples of other nations). While the MSM tends to fall under the acute "Weapons of Mass Deception" category, the Think Tanks more specialize in "Weapons of Mass Disruption". That is, engineering the so the ever increasingly divide cultish hordes, wherein the individuals are becoming more and more that of being certifiable cases of having deep seeded mental illness(es). Sure the MSM spits out all the latest propaganda that spews from the various social engineering / 'Dark Electioneering' spigots, but in the deeper sense of why things are so screwed up politically I'd shift so much blame in their direction. Do note not all "Think Tanks" fall under this "Social Group Warfare" (SGW) model.

To all of these sorts 'deep state' of henchmen: You all deserve to go down in flames eternally like the fountainheads of the Nazi Party.

Fact Checkers (AKA Reverse-Propaganda Outlets)

This is a sort of newer trend, and a subject that is most fascinating on several levels. I mean for starters, this should mostly be the domain of the news media. Yet the news media has been perpetually pushing out high level propaganda for so long, and as a result they believe their own propaganda, there actually was a bit of need for these 'new' "fact checkers". The problem with them is, well, they tend to all end up being by yet more politically biased hacks. In cases such as David Brock's "Correct The Record" / "Media Matters", they're more like the cream of the biased crop whom resemble nothing of the sort of se actual impartial outsiders.

Now note that this doesn't mean they don't contain Truth. Guess what... neither does the "News". I mean the say lots of true things, most of their stories are 'real' stories per se. The thing is though, rarely do we the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If anything, we might as well expect that we never do. In my experience, people seem to have this picture of "propaganda" as being some sort of 'mystical' thing, but more directly that its all about lies. The reality is that truth is any old propagandists best friend (as long as it suits their agenda of course).

Snopes is an interesting example of an "fact checker" organization. They've been around for over a decade now. I guess they got started in debunking the kinds of crazy stuff that goes around in chain emails. In this realm they're quite a useful tool. Of course they also started taking broader subjects such as what the MSM / government / etc prefers to smear as being kooky "Conspiracy Theories". The logic with that kind of crowd (the social group known as the "Skeptics") always seems to tend to be that conspiracies don't exist, and that government official versions are always the truth (not to say this crowd cant be useful in seeing to truly kooky pure conjecture stuff debunked). So here comes Snopes: they rose to credibility in debunking loony chain emails and the like. And now they're an authority in shaping reality about explosive events for us. And on down the evolutionary chain they rode in on now they're going to spend what seems to be more time "fact checking" politics for us as well. If only they were ever really impartial observers to the grander social experience, the crap sure has rolled down hill as they basically self-admit they're hardly anything better than politically biased bloggers over there now. And the partisan bias is plain in sight.

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Third Party Marginalization

I touched on this above, in previous chapter(s), as well as in many other works over the years. This little category here is where real quantifiable (as opposed to qualitative) data cements the case that the "Two Party's" work as one. A couple good analogies comes to mind here. The first one, two party politicians are akin to professional wrestlers (actors). But the one that is arguably better is the Pirate Ship. Imagine pirate ship, and how the politics worked in that old culture. On the ship there would often be different factions vying for the power, and they'd often fight to the death amongst crew mates towards these ends, all of that was internally that is. The more you look at pirate politics the more it makes sense here. Although I admired how they were essentially the original rebels from tyrannical governments (outside of slave rebellions anyways), their idea of freedom was also that of finding ships and such to go and brutally plunder. And when it was score time all of their petty differences were stowed away in Davy Jones' Locker. I can just see them now, when in the meantime, them talking amongst themselves rationalizing their brutal murderous way of life, I'd bet it wasn't much different than when we see people of both parties both rationalizing wars that were started by both parties.

Third Party Candidates Fight for Debate Inclusion
The Commission on Presidential Debates, a bipartisan private organization, has ruled that only candidates with at least 15 percent support in public opinion polls will be invited to participate in the commission’s three debates. Under those rules, currently only the two major party candidates — Republican George W. Bush and Democrat Al Gore — would be eligible. In most recent polls, Nader’s numbers are around 6 percent and Buchanan’s hover near 3 percent.
Buchanan has argued that the Republicans and Democrats who run the debate commission have an interest in blocking third party inclusion, and the 15 percent threshold is arbitrary.

In 1992, Reform Party candidate Ross Perot participated in the debates and won 19 percent of the vote in the elections. Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, another third party candidate, saw his numbers double after participating in debates with his Democratic and Republican opponents.

Libertarian Party Gets Victory in Suit Aimed at the Partisanship of Commission on Presidential Debates
To quote from my previous reporting summing up what was at issue in the lawsuit, which while technically against the Federal Election Commission (FEC) is ultimately targeting the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) for locking out third parties while pretending to be nonpartisan, the L.P. and its co-plaintiffs claim that:

the CPD has always been a deliberate duopoly for the two major parties and has "been violating FECA and FEC regulations limiting debate-sponsoring organizations' ability to use corporate funds to finance their activities" since its efforts are not truly "nonpartisan."

The suit accuses the FEC of "refus[ing] to enforce the law and ignored virtually all of this evidence in conclusorily dismissing the complaints even though there is plainly reason to believe that the CPD is violating FECA....

The Court the FEC to do its job, which is to enforce the law and put an end to the CPD's biased, anti-democratic, and fundamentally corrupt and exclusionary polling rule.

Power Structures

If you want to expect to dominate the most powerful nation on earth (which just so happens to be based entirely on competition), you've got to have a ruthless power structure.

Donald Trump didn't have the support of the RNC (at least not until towards the end), so he had to pave a lot of his own way rather impromptu as he went was my impression. Specifically how well oiled it was from the rip I'm not sure, but what he ended up with was impressive, and for a peer into that see here.

(Full-size Image)

Now in the case of the DNC's, and the Clinton's, their power structures we know lots of those details. Note that we the public lack open leaks of their emails, but int he case of the RNC vs. DNC, I expect their general organizational structures to be roughly identical. The style of many of the various players in may be different, but much of it is surely the same especially the general power structure itself. One could write an entire book detailing their various crony networking scheme, maybe even an entire series (on 'either party' that is).

In simple terms, they operate by this general intense collaboration between the parties, political action committee's (PAC's), lobbyists (Big Pharm, the Military industrial Complex, you name it), Power Elite henchmen (including foreign dictators), MSM, Hollywood, polling companies, think tanks, "fact checkers", and so on. Often times the same diabolical multinational corporations fund both parties / candidates. Their games include everything in this entire piece, and a whole lot more it's safe to imagine.

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We the public also have immense details into the Clinton War Machine, beyond it's mere DNC power structure that is. Books will be written and sold on just this case alone for decades to come, so I must try to be brief here. It begins as a tale of the circumnavigation of POTUS term limits. Here comes this political duo, Bill & Hillary Clinton, into the POTUS seat. Immediately after being impeached from office they set up thier political "charities", the Clinton Foundation & Clinton Global Initiative, and then Hillary set about becoming senator in the most populated state in the union. We'll just skip past tales of the corruption that went on during that campaign, but do note that MSM pundits loved to dismiss Ron Paul's POTUS bids on the grounds that only senators and governors ever become POTUS. Less than a decade later she runs for POTUS in 2008, but it wasn't "her turn" apparently (the race card is ever more powerful than the gender card after all). Yet she did secure her spot as Secretary of State in the Obama administration, and all during this time she and Bill both were out taking in ridiculous amounts of money into their "charities" (which all to often resulted in things like major weapons deals following soon there after). Sometimes they came as "gifts" (to the tune of millions of dollars), typically it came in as "charity donations" (sometimes to the tune of excess of ten millions dollars), but perhaps more striking is how they'd skip the charity dues to do "speeches" at various big shot corporations and such (to the tune of $225,000 per speech). There are endless pages out there detailing all of this sort of business for anyone interested in truth, and on and on the stories from that whole world go. But to wrap this section up here, if POTUS eligibility were based on power structure alone, then no candidate in history ever deserved to win more than the Clinton's re-election.

Art of War Law xx: Co-Opt your enemies.

When the Ruling Establishment faces proper anti-establishment movements, the general rule of iron thumb is to co-opt the movements with paid radicals. I'm more familiar with how this went down with the Tea Party Movement, but I'm aware it also happened with the Occupy Movement.

The real Tea Party Movement was started by we Ron Paul supporters during the 2008 campaign. It involved actual mock Tea Party ceremonies across the nation, complete with mock crates of "tea" that were tossed into the drink! In the face of this rising anti-MSM tide, the Ruling Establishment went into panic mode and set FOX News about co-opting the movement as their own. Glenn Beck was the primary hatchetman in this operation from what I could tell. I heard him numerous times on his radio program describing how some old lady in some place like Georgia was the founder of the movement, while not one single time did I ever hear him mention Ron Paul or any of us. Before long it was just another party establishment project, actually supported by FOX News (whom was our bitter enemy from the get). Then it got spun into being a racist movement, although then again merely being against Obama's policies had the Liberal Media & DNC henchmen out in the open labeling his detractors as being racists merely for opposing his policies.

Around that same time came along the Occupy Wall Street Movement. I dug this concept when I initially heard about it. And it was warranted. But then SJW crazed "liberal" co-opt operatives took over the efforts and ruined the whole party. This is where the "Progressive Stack" that the SJW minded "liberals" are so bent on came into the public square (quite literally in the public square). The movement collapsed soon there after. It makes sense, as initially I would have been out there with them if I lived up there, but after they went out of their minds with Identity Politics I would have pushed off as well. Hillary campaign rally agitator hatchetman Aaron black is documented as being out there stirring the pot.

Sowing Defeatism

Every time I hear someone says "I want to vote for so & so but I don't want to waste my vote, and so & so is unelectable" I want to take a cheese grater to their face. Okay, well maybe not them but definitely the high level electioneers (MSM etc) that pump this damn noise out against the anti-Establishment folks. This little tactic goes on in every election I can recall from start to finish. It's cliche, lame, pathetic, dastardly, etc pick your word it's all of them every time a person wields it deliberately for such ends (and about half of them for when regular folks actually buy into that BS).

FEC Violations

This category could go on quite a ways. Perhaps its best said as, whatever general rules the Two Party's and their long stretch campaigns are supposed to follow, one way or another they pretty much don't. And the FEC never does squat about it. While the third parties are so screwed each time they have no hope to even get to that part (which is something considering the FEC rules are part of whats keeping them down if anything).

Given the WikiLeaks DNC email servers leaks all last year, we now have a very clear picture of how the campaigns & parties & PAC's all work in total lockstep (when FEC regulations say they aren't supposed to). By this power structuring scheme ideas such as campaign financing limitations are the sick joke as anyone and everyone (including foreigners) can dump endless cash into the PAC's for the campaigns to run amok with. It goes on and on from there. Pick a specific topic, and any general election campaign for the past 20 years, and you shouldn't have too hard a time pulling up stuff about it & them via web searching.

Blood Money

The Two Party's specialize in self-perpetuation via blood money. This fact just goes without saying. Everyone into politics knows examples (on the part of their opposing Party anyways). And limiting funding from these kinds of sources is what the FEC Regulations are supposed to prevent. But hatchetmen at every level and step of the way ensure it all goes on unpunished. If you require examples to be convinced here go ahead and ask in the comments. This could and probably will be a major chapter in this series at some point (where no matter 'how long it is' it'd probably just be scratching the surface).


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Pay To Play (AKA Bribery)

We shant forget to consider proper "corruption". These days they openly call bribery "Pay To Play". It goes on in every way imaginable. Apparently, it even goes into paying off the FBI (who has as a primary mandate fighting government corruption).

The Trump Effect

In case there's any doubt left on the "Two Party's" being essentially one in the same, regardless of your personal views on Donald Trump, the way the election played out it was not unlike how if Ron Paul had managed to totally crush his way past the Primary's. When the GOP pulls out endless stops even past the nomination to torpedo "their own party" candidate, when the only other real outcome was the DNC would have killed it on election day, it should be plain as day how the "Two Party's" are but the same creature. Sure they argue about Moral Emotional Wedge Issues (to which they're always prove to be precise binary opposites on), but so what. Between Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, over the past 12 years we've had multiple clear case studies that when the chips are down and there's an outsider candidate whom threatens the Ruling Establishment's iron grip, then overall they come out as one to stop such persons. As if the Insane McCain + Sarah Palin ticket (that preached Dubya's foreign policy no less) ever had any hope of defeating Obama.


Any PR pro worth their salt knows that getting ahead of the next story is a key goal to any campaign, but not always that easy. Often, the first one there has a chance to frame the conversation and in turn, reap the results.

Nothing says 'getting ahead of the story' as efficiently as does labeling your opposition what you yourself in fact are (known in psychology as "Projection"). This went on in breathtaking display by the Clinton Campaign in 2016. Whether or not the character flaw allegations about Trump are true I will not try to dispute, but what we all now know for a fact is between the Hillary & Bill Clinton duo, quite literally everything they ever tried to smear Trump for being, 'Billary' are every bit of all that. From bad temperament to being authoritarian to being warmongers... even including the sexual predator stuff. Sexism, racism, etc, it's all there. Okay, fine, they aren't Islamophobes (but they still blew up countries causing the death & suffering of millions of Muslim's none the less). The best one perhaps was their overt campaign of labeling Trump the new Hitler, after the most violent campaign in US history they waged against Trump while demagoguing the campaign with outright hate speeches at essentially every single major rally & event in those closing months (see CHAPTER 5: HATE Speech Hillary).

Hillary's Leaky Campaign Trail
The Bernie Sanders Files
The Clinton Foundation / Clinton Global Initiative Files
The Character Witness & Ethics Files
The Collusion / Corruption / Election Rigging Files
The Email Scandals / State Secrets / Benghazi Files
The Al Qaeda / ISIS / Middle East Files
The Lapdog Media Files
The George Soros Files
The Economy & TPP Files
The Social inJustice Files

Identity Politics

The whole "Birther" thing is a choice window into the world of modern Dark Electioneering. "Gaslighting" is a standard practice of perpetual electioneering utilized by both parties against their opponents. It's so commonplace that adherents to each party tend to just discount and ignore any and all 'dirt' that comes out against their party elders. Both sides do it. The more real the dirt the better, of course, but that doesn't mean total malarchy isn't constantly peddled either. OS then comes along Obama with his rather unique background & childhood. There came along various little bits back then to help paint a dubious picture of if the guy even really was eligible. I don't claim to know all of the in's and out's of the whole affair, the validity of each and every point, as I never got all into the stuff when it was hot.

None of that really matters here. What matters is this: the immediate game by the Democrat's was to paint any and all whom might subscribe to or even entertain the whole idea as being "racists". My favorite part is how Obama the 'Proud American' made the public wait years to see his birth certificate. That would have put the whole to rest of course, but because he wouldn't that only further fueled the whole melodrama. I argue this was a deliberate troll move, but this part is my opinion. Needless to say, there were plenty of other reasons one might have dabbled in the ordeal including but not limited to: conspiracy theorist 'hobby' (some people just enjoy such scratching & sniffing at such sketchiness), partisan gaslighting as usual (of course), Islamophobia (hey, this was still the post-9/11 era and Obama certainly has dubiousity in this terrain then and especially now), and so on.

Now beyond that, this little section could go on for pages. Identity Politics is a particular pet peeve of mine. I'll wrap it up with these two past words (from 2007, and 2016, respectively):

Neoconservative (Nazi) Mind Control was used by Bush
The best past example would be the way the Nazi's converged different social mindset biases into one solid construct. What they did was they turned the Nazi political party, German Nationalism, Race and Religion into one single concept / mindset. That meant, to question something about one level of social group was to question everything. For example, if you questioned the Nazi party itself it meant, in the minds of those who had been indoctrinated / brainwashed, that you were also questioning / attacking the Race and the Religion and the Nation and so on.

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Take a breather... in...out...
Tha'ts a lot.

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originally posted by: IgnoranceIsntBlisss
So what the Neocons did was merge party with nationality with religion. If you criticized Bush or Republican Big Brother / war policies then that meant you were an anti-American Islamofascist. What I never got around to doing however, was how soon after Obama took office the Liberal Media started labeling anyone who didn't support his policies as being "racists". So right after Bush stepped out, the DNC crowd already started basically resorting to the Bush social psychology propaganda playbook, or rather the Nazi playbook of race politics, where the Neocons didn't actually use the race card overtly, and with Obama it was double-down race cards all up the sleeves. This was an early sign the SJW phenomenon we're seeing today, or perhaps better explained as the kind of Media policy that helped to create it.

The point of those is in exposing the ambitions of the Two Party's in how they're geared to turn their followers into cultish minions, and that the merging of these higher order mass social groups as one (for total knee-jerk mind control). Just picture how nuts any person might get in defending se religion or race. Now merge them along with others as one with political ideology.

Next in line of an exhaustive outline of the realm of dark identity politics would come the subject of "Plantation Politics", although that would require an entire chapter to properly explain. Suffice to say, everything above this subtopic in this Identity Politics section is a major part in what inspired me to create and take on this massive series.

Now, in closing, to be fair the "right" has plenty of their own identity politics too. But theirs just pales in comparison to this new 'Age of SJW' our society has found ourselves in. SEE ALSO: here, here and here.

Rabid Opposition

With MSM & party fueled modern Identity Politics, we've seen unprecedented political campaign violence this past election. It was so over the top, well, it's still ongoing. In fact, it's actually been intensifying (if the related BLM protests aren't to be considered). The recent Berkeley campus riot is a wicked example. It followed a similar "protest" from about a week before (and a week before that, and then that, following weeks of perpetual protests, riots, violence, torture and so on). The "Black Bloc" rioters at Berkeley were apparently lead by this "BAMN" (By Any Means Necessary) group. It's a most fascinating tale that the organizer carried on about after the fact. According to her, they were they to stick it to the what she calls the "fascist movement", and yet, play the videos if you want to see what a fascist movement looks like.

Now backtrack to nearly a year ago, when all of the riots were going on at the Trump rallies. Of course, as with recently with Berkeley, the MSM was blaming the riots on Trump supporters. Yet when you review the videos it's plainly obvious that the agitators were the protestors in nearly every possible instance (and there were a lot of instances). Later on towards election day, some 'hot mic' videos came out from Hillary campaign organizers basically admitting that they were behind the violence. Now to be fair the source of the clips, Project Veritas Action, does have a dubious history with what essentially amount to being staged videos. Yet many of the most important clips here spoke for themselves (including tons of other material relevant to this larger discussion). Upon deeper analysis much of the material all panned out. My epic piece, "Entered Into Evidence - The case for the United States v. Hillary Clinton - Paid Riot Squads", went to extremes to verify the puzzle of players in their piece, and more. Of course many leftists flat out reject any and all of it, which to me is odd because if it were Paid Riot Squads leading the charge it actually makes their movement not look so insane, but in any event the lead players exposed in the affair were immediately fired from the campaign.

-Interview with Berkeley protest organiser, most rabid and disgusting Ive seen yet
-'Leftist Fight Club' Trains Students to Fight Republicans


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Dark Electioneering, in the United States, is the orchestrated collusion effort between the Two Party System and the Corporate Media in order to control the outcome of every major election. It does so by ensuring only "it's" own preferred candidates are ever given a spotlight. Whether or not it ends up being a Republican or Democrat victor is mostly irrelevant, as long as third party candidates or outsiders are never elected in the end. It operates mainly by propaganda means (propaganda being any communication intended to influence opinion or decision making).

In conclusion, the "Two Party's" are de facto one in the same. They work own their own to stomp out in-party outsiders. They work as one to ensure that outside parties have no shot at challenging their rule. They're like competing factions in the same pirate ship. They wield all sorts of dirty "Dark Electioneering" tricks in these efforts. The MSM along with so many other brain washing / social engineering type outfits march with them in lockstep. They feed off of blood money, in order to keep the public divided while ever more atrociously cultish in their own ranks. In short, they stop at almost nothing in order to remain in power as one, and it's been going on for so long now they believe their own propaganda, while if we don't all wake up to this reality and evolve beyond it I warn that the lowest depths this is all sure to reach will be horrifying to say the least.

If there's one thing the DNC emails prove is how the party colludes with the media to electioneer. And you can bet the RNC does the exact same stuff just the same.

The Two party System operates as a duopoly. They share the helm. They do their own bickering and warring against each other sure, but as long they stay at the top with each other alone is the ultimate agenda. Together they make a nice and tidy Us vs. Them machine. Simple, and effective.

They, the Republican & Democrat parties, pay lip service to liberals & conservatives, but when you look at what they tend to keep everyone's attention on it becomes clear what's going on. On issues such as those related to the people that own 'everything' (including the corporate political system) such as the Bankster Cartel / Military Industrial Complex / Prison Industrial Complex or other Wall Street special interests, or on things that involve empowering the system at the expense of Liberty (i.e. the Police State), the two will generally 'agree' or merely fall silent in general. The real stuff they historically tend to keep everyone whipped up about are "Moral Emotional Wedge Issues", and they conveniently rarely agree on any of them.

I argue that this diabolical arrangement has been going on so long these "two" parties have defined the modern philosophical meanings of liberalism & conservatism. This basically goes without saying, but it is important to note because the outcome is this most polarizing situation. It is the perfect subtle Us vs. Them machine to keep everyone divided and subverted from getting together to solve the things that screw us all over mutually. Do note the importance there, because unlike many or most Moral Emotional Wedge issues, these other problems actually could be solved in a way we all satisfied.

How could anyone vote for the Ruling Establishment at this point?

It baffles my mind that anyone could vote for and support these obvious cronies. It was already painfully obvious how rigged everything is by 2008. With the email leaks and all the rest this is just plain absurd now.

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posted on Feb, 9 2017 @ 06:49 PM

originally posted by: gription
Take a breather... in...out...
Tha'ts a lot.


posted on Feb, 9 2017 @ 07:14 PM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

This is going to take awhile to work my way through, but for now I will just thank you for taking the time to research and put all of this together. I think many of us understood that "electioneering" was a thing, but you've done the footwork, put it all together and articulated what's going on behind to scenes to actually explain it (and demonstrate it in action) to everyone.

S & F my friend..

posted on Feb, 9 2017 @ 07:57 PM
Holy crap that's extensive. You just mapped out how the Fed gets outcomes it desires in a "free democracy"

What amazes me is Trump still won! Even with every media outlet backing Hillary.

My question is do you think Trump being elected is truly off the script or just a plan B?

posted on Feb, 9 2017 @ 09:13 PM
a reply to: FamCore


Yeah, it drives me nuts when partisan types insist all the time that the Two Party System is just, that it is to be defended. When it's all a diabolical divide & conquer sham. It's an ongoing rigging scheme. Rigging is its very nature. So naturally it drives me up a wall every discussion that plays out as if the US political game isn't rigged. It is Absolutely. They need not even rig the ballot boxes, the people that truly rule our world that is. And it's high time everyone comes to understand it. Without diagnosis cancer only spread and rots everything in its path.

posted on Feb, 9 2017 @ 09:15 PM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

I'm not going to pretend that I've read all this yet, but I have skimmed through it and I wanted to tell you how refreshing it is to see such a thorough compilation of topics that should help people to see what is really going on in this country today. I believed that after the election was over that the partisan bickering on ATS would taper off and we could once again focus on the real roots of our problems, but the divide and conquer campaign seems as strong as ever.

From my skimming, I think I'm aware of most of what you presented, but I'm sure that the sheer volume of what you presented must contain many new gems of knowledge that I will appreciate. So, starred, flagged, bookmarked, and looking forward to some serious reading.

Well done!

posted on Feb, 9 2017 @ 09:45 PM

originally posted by: SuicideKing33
Holy crap that's extensive. You just mapped out how the Fed gets outcomes it desires in a "free democracy"

What amazes me is Trump still won! Even with every media outlet backing Hillary.

My question is do you think Trump being elected is truly off the script or just a plan B?

The MSM sure went ballistic with their propaganda campaign. Trump blasted past the Primary's and they went into total overkill mode. For this reason I couldn't mostly ignore this election like the last one, as with their pants down like that I had to behold it. The perspectives gained when the Ruling Establishment's pants are down is something priceless.

Early on in the election I knew (in advance actually) that Rand Paul was going to run. I expected they'd play the same games on him as his father. All seemed in order when they had what 15 other opponents up on the stage to ensure he wouldn't get squat for airtime. And then I heard Trump was amongst them, and thought oh great he's been put up there for sure to be the ultimate distraction. So I didn't even click another thing beyond that point. Then in mid spring last year a friend of old from my IIB early days was on the phone with me all ecstatic, like Trump is a real guy, and pointed out that he's up there "being called Hitler by the MSM 24 hours per day". He knows my position, the 'Law', that you judge if a candidate is of the Ruling Establishment by how the Two Party + MSM System treats them. Insiders are propped up, outsiders are ignored until they can't be, and then they're destroyed. Yet still, despite his advice I was still entirely hesitant to give him a chance (him being celebrity billionaire I couldn't imagine anything besides being a plant). Nor did I ever actually have time for getting into politics again. But I did start catching the headlines, this was when the Paid Riot Squads were running amok. And those got me clicking on them. At this point I was still so deliberately out of politics (and social media trends) for some years I had no idea this SJW mania stuff was even going on. So I wasn't initially able to put into perspective what the riots were about. But I did note how the MSM kept spinning their stories about each of the many riot incidents as if it was the Trump supporters as the aggressors. All of which is starkly bizarre to me! But I come beginning of summer I finally took full note of the SJW insanity stuff that's been going on. This was a major development actually; it went way beyond typical left / right politics as usual. And then I reviewed the riot videos and saw that it was the SJW crowd out there starting the fights. And then it all became so clear to me, the propaganda game the MSM was playing at.

I fear not too many people entered this election with my "you judge if a candidate is of the Ruling Establishment by how the Two Party + MSM System treats them' "Law". My impression became it was too dangerous of a game the way they played it, if it were all the Ruling Establishment's design. And for what, to appeal to a statistical fringe group such as I'd belong? They even had their international MSM outlets going nuts cranking out their barrage of articles, which to me looked like they were directed towards US.

It seems intensely implausible they'd go to such lengths, and so much expose themselves, and still be at it... for what???

Yet I always keep my sneaking suspicions. Trump is certainly an odd one. And there are some red flags I've been making mental notes of. I see what people are saying. I dont forget much of anything. So far the MSM are all over him still. And the rabid left is keeping me motivated to decode their BS. Trump is seeming to live up to his 100 day pledge. That would be a good start, even though I dont necessarily agree with the entire list. So we'll see what happens. It's hard to imagine there would e a POTUS who my constantly wringing their nuts thru a vice wouldn't be the bulk of my political work. May he not require that of me. For the moment I'm loving every bit of his war with the corporate corrupt crony MSM. So for now I'm appreciating that. It really is a spectacle not to be missed by a natural counter-propagandist. But beyond now, if he wants to end up the center piece of upcoming chapters in my little 'book' here all he has to do is follow the modern business as usual shenanigans of the Ruling Establishment's Two Party System (see previous chapters)....

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