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Disassembly of a soul

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posted on Feb, 8 2017 @ 11:40 AM
Main topic of this thread: Discuss "what is a soul"

What is the first "spiritual" concept you hear as s child? You are guessing it probably - the existence of some guy named God. He's super cool and super good. That's what all tell you. Lucky for you, you are just a kid and don't put on your mind too much, the ramblings, adults have the habit to tweet at your small and full of interesting things head.

Now what is the second "spiritual" concept you've heard as a child? Exactly! That you have a thing called "soul". A thing that is yours, or borrowed from God for a period of time, depending on the religion you are raised in.


It all makes sense but neither you, nor anybody else can give a realistic description of the thing that you(and others) have and they say its so special. All they give you is metaphors, hypothesis, mixing it with stories or myths. They say its complicated to be explained in the way you want. Probably being a kid you wisely forged about it and go play outside.

However it starts to raise questions in your small child's head, when the adults start to connect properties to the thing they name soul. They say things like:

originally posted by: joemoe
Our souls are immortal even if our bodies are not.

And not only your mom or your dad, but so many folk, that you start to think there is something wrong with your intelligence and you just can't get what they mean. Thus you forget about your childish questions and stop critiquing in your mind the nonsense of the adults and simply go ahead and accept it - you have a soul.

And you never asked them the simple question your childish mind generated - How and why they decided to attach rational properties to a concept, which nobody managed rationality to describe?

That's for beginning,
discussion is open for ideas

posted on Feb, 8 2017 @ 11:52 AM
Most children get their concept of the soul with the lessons they learn as children in Sunday school or religion at home.

I did, but what my parents were never able to understand was that when I was a child I was able to see people that they could not.

Now imagine what a shocker, when I was told that the people I was seen and listening too, where not really there and that is was bad to do that.

The soul is the part of the humanity that doesn't died when our body does.

Is the knowledge, the essences that makes humans individuals, is the conscience that that can not be found in the brain because while is link to the human brain it can be found outside of the brain as well when we are dealing with paranormal issues.

posted on Feb, 8 2017 @ 11:55 AM
We do not have souls. We ARE souls. And we are not immortal.

posted on Feb, 8 2017 @ 11:57 AM
a reply to: Argentbenign

What is the first "spiritual" concept you hear as s child? You are guessing it probably - the existence of some guy named God

I know, huh. The first thing they teach little kids is to look outside yourself.

Kids are confused because they are taught concepts they are too young to understand.

Children are born knowing only love and laughter. Nurture that, let them grow up and start asking questions on their own instead of you force feeding them your constructs.

Here kid, heres a bible, football and toy truck. Play by the rules.

posted on Feb, 8 2017 @ 12:20 PM
a reply to: Argentbenign

Your soul is your psyche.

Your psyche is made up of the entirety of your conception.

Your body is the image of your conception of your spirit.

These words are the image of my awareness of my will. These words are what I conceived of my spirit.


Think about it like a math equation where you are the equation or measurement and you are constantly adding to yourself new concepts.

The will of addition would be your spirit, the measure of your spirit is your soul, and the image of the measure is your body.


As you learn you inject new measurements into your equation/psyche/soul:


I suspect we literally start with just a few concepts passed on as "instincts" from our forefathers which we then use to add to our psyches.


You are given the conception of light from your parents and then you conceive of light, then with light you conceive shades/colors, then with colors you conceive of dimensions or shapes and distance. So, it's additive (cumulative). Then you mate and pass on some of your new concepts to your offspring and that's what evolution is.

We are all just learning what is good to translate of the Spirit and passing those concepts on to offspring, much like we use conversation for: you saw,within your spirit, that it was good to translate your will into the words of that post [so as to pass on or gain concepts to better your own conception, or others conception, of the Spirit.
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posted on Feb, 8 2017 @ 01:20 PM
A definition: The soul is what's left over after the body dies.

Apparently it consists of what we call our consciousness. It at least sees and "hears" after a fashion, and it can interact with others. I have been studying the OBE/NDE experience for some time now. What strikes me as relevant is that no matter who you are or what culture you are from, whether you are a youngster or much older, the basic traits of an NDE are the same. People find themselves floating outside their body, for example in an operating room. There is often a "tunnel" with a bright light. There are people, especially dead relatives on "the other side." If people were raised in a religious manner, whether or not they "practice" or "believe" that religion, they tend to see "Jesus" or "God" or "Gabriel" or an "Angel of Allah" or someone else they interpret to be some sort of "superior being." They often feel an "overwhelming love," experience a "life review" and are told, "You shouldn't be here. It's not your time yet."

The same overall story is told by ten year olds and eighty year olds. Very religious people often see heaven or hell and feel their religious beliefs are vindicated. You will find that so-called "atheists" and "agnostics" who "see Jesus" invariably have a religious background. They were "raised Catholic" and rejected the religion as young adults. People who were not raised under the aegis of a religion often do not see any historical religious figures, but it is not unusual for people to interpret "the light" as "God."

Materialists, of course, reject all these stories and insist they are nonsense, the product of hypoxia or endorphins as the brain is shutting down, just hallucinations. The interesting thing about these folks is that they are often vehemently antagonistic to the very idea. Their explanations are not based on scientific research, but just untested ideas they are sure amount to a possible answer. An interesting fact is that these stories are becoming more common. Why? Because medical science can more easily bring the clinically dead back to life than they used to.

Those interested might want to visit YouTube and search for 'NDE' were hundreds of these stories are documented.

posted on Feb, 9 2017 @ 04:31 AM

originally posted by: Argentbenign
Main topic of this thread: Discuss "what is a soul"

1) A Soul cannot be 'disassembled'!
A Soul is the smallest unit of volume, a Planck volume!

2) We are all unique Conscious Perspectives (Souls) that perceive the One unchanging Universal Reality, uniquely, every moment of Universal existence!
A 'moment' is not a unit of 'time' (a Planck moment is, literally, timeless), it is a unit of perception, a 'percept'.
Every point in the Universe, ever, is 'occupied' by a unique 'Soul', completely transcendental to all that it perceives.
Thus all is Known/experienced, thus We Are Omni-!

posted on Feb, 10 2017 @ 07:40 PM
Soul is your portion of what animates you.

Oscillation independent of matter to detect and quantify its motion, an unknown force that scares certain types.
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