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Dems Say Raising Voter Fraud Penalty Is “Mean Spirited” and “Voter Intimidation”

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posted on Feb, 4 2017 @ 04:31 AM
a reply to: Sillyolme

The real question is do you understand the difference between legal and illegal.

It matters not the crime! If it is illegal then don't do it. What part of illegal do you not understand?

Should they just be forgiven because they vote your way?

More liberal hypocrisy! When will the left ever grow up?

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It's funny I can see it now if Clinton would have won the left would be happy as a pig in crap. Regardless of the fact that her and her husband are two of the most corrupt politicians to ever walk the face of the earth. Somehow that seems reasonable to them.

I believe the word is delusional.
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posted on Feb, 4 2017 @ 04:46 AM
a reply to: D8Tee

The catch with this is people make mistakes they move for example and registered in two places. Or they actually have two homes say one in Florida and one in Michigan they register in both places because they arent sure where they will be. And they believe this to be ok as long as they dont vote twice. And then there is people put on probation for say a domestic dispute or something like that. They dont realize they can vote and you want to send these people to jail. Come on thats a bit much dont you think???? Now if you can show someone willingly violated the law thats fine and it has happened and people went to jail.

But to make it a mandatory sentence taking away the right of the judge to decide the circumstances involved is just stupid. As for voter intimidation no it doesnt really apply however i will say voter suppression happens especially in low income areas. Some body buys a dime bag of weed gets caught gets 3 months in jail and loses there right to vote. in poor neighborhoods your going to have a much larger percentage arrested on drug charges. Simple reason the cops patrol the area more than affluent neighborhoods.

posted on Feb, 4 2017 @ 05:23 AM
a reply to: dragonridr

Valid arguments imho.

The United States has among the world’s most restrictive felon disenfranchisement laws. The war on drugs has been a failure. All of those people that can't vote for a possession charge, or a felony DUI, I'm not a fan of that.
Voting twice isn't a mistake.
Voting without citizenship is not a mistake.
Registering in two places isn't a crime as far as I know (maybe it is?), it's voting twice that gets you in trouble.

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