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Dr Owens and his Phaistos Disc

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posted on Jan, 27 2017 @ 09:48 PM

"Hello Dr. Owens" A shadowy figure appeared behind a man who spent all his life trying to unravel the Phaistos Disc and its mystery. Dr. Owens looked backed and asked;" Who are you? ". The shadowy figure smiled, and stretched out his hand and said " Can i see the disc? " Dr. Owens somehow knew he would get his answer to a quest he spent all his life with, even the shadowy figure wanted his journey to reach an end. Dr. Owens gave the disc willingly.

The shadowy closed his eyes;" My people once traveled the stars with the seven gods and their mother. Its just an ancient creation myth with the cycles of the Venus Goddess. The story started in the east and ended up at the start of the west."

"What i offer is a simple gift, cause you gave your life for a simple purpose "

The shadowy figure gave back the disc to Dr. Owens, and he could finally read how the world once began.
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