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Blessed we are

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posted on Jan, 18 2017 @ 02:17 PM

Blessings from the prison
I bless my striped suit
for reminding me ever so kindly
That I, am a convict
and I am blessed to be the prisoner
I bless my heavy boots
I bless these iron bars
that hold me firmly in my cell
I bless the penal officer
that holds the keys to the lock
I bless the horrid food I am given
I bless the groans I often hear
from my fellow in mates.
Every sigh is blessed
I realized how blessed we all are
to be fellow prisoners
The high walls in the courtyard
The night guard in the tower
the flash light on the walls
all these are blessed too.
But the night sky,
is frightening and deep.
In my fear.
I’m unable to bless it,
Its freedom haunts my sleep.
I hear its voice saying
blessed are those
who know freedom
and are not afraid to speak.
Blessed are those
who are able to see
through everything.
Blessed is everyone
be them rich, be them meek.

For Uwe
blessed be my friend.

Eliberocelta El Torcal Janus 2017

posted on Jan, 18 2017 @ 02:31 PM
I watched the documentary film "102 minutes that changed America" the other night...I tell a lie, I watched up until the first tower fell. I'd had enough by then, it was too much, I shall finish it later. Most of the footage I'd never seen, it was more personal than anything I'd seen before. Knowing what was going to happen made that harder. Seeing people jump, it felt intrusive watching, almost pornographic, what was to be learned from it?

I was telling my brother, he said those people that jumped were the decision makers of life, that though they appeared to be choosing death, they were actually choosing life, however small the probability it was still greater than the alternative. I found something quite profound there.

Nice poem, thanks


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