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Together We Are God

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posted on Jan, 17 2017 @ 02:08 AM
In the Beginning, We created the Universe.

There is something unusual about that sentence, because it is true, and yet, something which if not properly understood, can be distorted beyond its purpose.

And that's it: we created this world for a purpose. And yet, being products of the world we created, we have allowed it to become "invaded" by a foreign force - a seemingly liberating ideal - and yet, it is just that: an ideal, as in, not real.

There is something strange to me about the quality of "middleness". Everything that persists persists around this 'vantage' point. The part of the galaxy we live in a safe zone; the star we have is 'in between' a star too large and a star too small; our position between venus and mars is sort of like what happens when things are too "cold" (Mars) or hot (venus) - which of course we Humans redescribe metaphorically as insensitive/apathetic and erotic and desirous.

More basically, all living beings are dynamical self re-creating structures that dissipate the nutrient sources they feed on through the structure of their physically distributed body. On this basis alone, it is rather incredible that an ocean of molecular feedback loops come together to produce a dog - or a Human being, for that matter.

This is why Plato's platonic form is making a comeback - and likely to stay. Plato was wrong in dissociating the physical from the mental, and giving priority to the mental over the physical, thus breaking apart the radical unity of the two dimensions. In systems language, physics grades up to mind in an essentially coherent way - indeed, "coherent" is the term by which physics and mind grow and stabilize themselves. The physical structure only grows if its inner relations are properly timed, coordinated, correlated and coherent. It is through an intrinsic rhythmic time harmony between the parts - operating a literally transcendent level - literal, because the total amount of possibilities is a function of the number of parts which make it up, and all their possible permutations. If you do the math, you end up with a 'timeless realm' which operates along quantum principles in the way and manner it processes electromagnetic dynamics within the material of its structure.

Is the world ending? It seems strange, that as Donald Trump comes into power, the physical sciences are inching closer towards some astonishing, life altering - and finally, blissfully liberating - knowledge about the nature of living creatures. Quantum mechanics is appearing everywhere, from photosynthesis, to the conduction of light through photopsin proteins - which 'tunnel photons through' the protein structure in a way that is only possible through quantum mechanical principles.

It turns out that it is highly improbable - given what our own reason is showing us - that life - and hence, our selves, can be understood in a linear way: we do not operate or exist by linear principles. We are circles!

I Dreamed My Self Through Spheres

At around age 24, after having struggled to sleep for 9 or 10 days straight, I had a dream one night where my mind flew through the emptiness of space, past spheres - planet looking, but had the quality of translucence: worlds that can be known and understood, I sensed.

I have never experienced anything more surreal, and it has stayed with me, making me wonder, is this an intimation of the metaphysics of my existence? A being - or the being - which explores universes, or even creates them?

How fun! And yet, in looking in this world, I was on the 10th night of not being able to sleep - distraught in body, and nerves, I felt a perpetual 'coolness' - really the effect of adrenaline and increasing body temperature and difference with the surrounding air. I was suffering, even as I was floating - bodyless, as the mind - or as the universe which encompasses the products of its imagining.

What I see in this universe are Human beings who fail to understand that love is everything - it is only when we see the person ho fears, who suffers, who feels unloved, unworthy - that we a shade of ourselves, of our own knowledge, of our own incapacities, of our own embeddedness.

Yet knowledge is s perspective-based. There are situations in life which bias how we interpret knowledge - when we have something at stake, and something which our brain compels us to feel we need, it is quite unusual to defy the directionality - or flow - of your bodies 'teleodynamism': its purpose, your purpose, can be multiple, but the knowledge that only matters - which stabilizes and actually creates the Human being - as strange as that can be for a creature which recognizes its timeless source (we must RESPECT TIME, and not rebel against its formative, shaping, and instructive nature) is the knowledge of the perspective of the person you're currently interacting with, so that you can be completely objective in your responding i.e. living with sensitivity to the needs which define the communications of others. Correlation. Or Sympathy - where you consciously struggle to sense more deeply the needs of the other - this is not mere philosophy, but biodynamical reality - a spark, a neurogenic moment of creation: it is readily acknowledged and well known that athletes produce a larger endorphin response when doing things in synchrony WITH OTHERS, than when performing by yourself. Indeed, doesn't the military manipulate just this intrinsic attribute of human mental processes to create war-machines?

The World we created - which our sciences objectively study - has us, in small (as Humans) "looking upon it", to unearth it meanings and significance. It shows us to be profoundly relational beings - "light in motion" would be the truest description, or perhaps, 'light passing through crystal' would be even more apt, as the material and light seem to be two essential parts.

It is matter, of course, which evolves, and it is matter which gets pulled and pushed. The life which forms on this planet is matter. And we, the Human that we are, are a member of the Hominin family of upright primates with large brains. Human beings are a unique creature - we have very large forebrains, unlike the neanderthals, who had a massive occipetal lobe (back of the head), but of course, the iconic sloped forehead - very small forebrain.

This does not mean they were brutes, but it does mean they were naive and didn't have the sorts of recursive representational processes we possess, and probably weren't capable of very deep abstract self-representation (via language) upon the structure of the world around them, as comes naturally to Humans.

It is us, elected by nature, because we OUR nature, electing ourselves in the process of our becoming something more deeply - which our present self cannot fully know but only intuit, and draw more deeply towards that innering spiral - towards the 'holes' that fills us up.

Certainly, life, this world, actual, becoming - its an enormously pleasurable ride - a fun, intrinsically exploratory affair, willed and actuated by a being - ourselves, that wanted this - and wanted its actuation to be based on the middle - on parts forming larger parts out of exquisitely intricate webs of interactions - at different scales, across a planet.

When I first "awakened" to this as a genuine possibility - and now thanks to science, a probable reality (can never kno
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posted on Jan, 17 2017 @ 02:09 AM
w certainly the skeptic will justly say) I was overwhelmed - so used to being 'little', the thought of being so large, so infinite, was terrifying.

I have since settled to this as a beautiful reality, regulated, or titrated, but nevertheless just is - just can;t be something you let yourself become negatively related to - denying what is real.
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posted on Jan, 17 2017 @ 04:06 AM
only when the most intelligent one to lead is seen as a mentally handicapped patient and then baptized in education to be saw as a king of kings.

because that's man understanding that some are born to look aliens in the eyes.
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posted on Jan, 17 2017 @ 06:21 AM
a reply to: Astrocyte

And that's it: we created this world for a purpose.

What purpose?

It is us, elected by nature, because we OUR nature, electing ourselves in the process of our becoming something more deeply - which our present self cannot fully know but only intuit, and draw more deeply towards that innering spiral - towards the 'holes' that fills us up.

'Becoming' some 'thing' will never happen!!

denying what is real.

What is, IS!
The belief in 'becoming more' is the denial of what actually is.

posted on Jan, 17 2017 @ 08:26 AM

posted on Jan, 17 2017 @ 10:19 AM
a reply to: Astrocyte

I too was somewhat terrified when I had an OBE and also resigned myself to fully exploring and experiencing the physical life, with all its tantalizing metaphysical repressed, that is, until my courage rises up again.

posted on Jan, 17 2017 @ 12:56 PM
a reply to: Astrocyte

I have an alternative explanation, if you will, that will explain why we have become "invaded".

In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the earth.

Sometime later, God agreed to create man in their own shadow image. Therefore, our souls are the shadow image of God.

Then at some point we fell by choice, even after being warned, and God allowed it to happen so that our freedom could be that truth could be free no matter how ugly.

Our fallen souls are still in God's shadow image, so for God's own name sake, they offered us redemption of the spirit and a life long restoration process for the soul.

Some of use have chosen both redemption and restoration, some have taken redemption without restoration, and some have rejected both (and might continue this way).

Only those who are initiated in redemption and continue in restoration will be called God's under the creator God....since we are an extension of His own shadow image.

Redemption is in John 3:16

Restoration is in Ephesians 5:26

Redemtpion and Restoration depicted together is in John 3 (entire chapter) with special emphasis on verse 3 (redemption to see the kingdom) and verse 5 (restoration to enter the kingdom, same as Eph 5:26).

Dreams can be misleading. I have had some very strange dream experiences (OoBE's, Astral Projections, Lucid Dreams,etc), every one of them untrustworthy.

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