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posted on Jan, 13 2017 @ 08:23 PM
As the clouds parted they revealed a small pristine tropical island. Plummeting quickly the small plane raced closer towards the ground.
In a spectacular escape, the pilot bailed at the very last second before the plane impacted. Hitting the sand and rolling like a rag doll into the shallows.

Some time passed and the pilot came too, at first he rummaged through the wreckage for supplies and anything he might find useful.
As the sun was setting, the pilot gave up searching for bits and bobs and sat down on a crate
Looking at the rest of the island which seemed uninhabited , including the wildlife.
he had not seen a single bird or fish, although he had not been here long but he still thought it was slightly odd.
Looking at the palms he caught a glimpse of something hidden in the tree's. Couldn't figure out what it might be so let his curiosity lead him further into the island.

First he found nothing, just more tree's. But out of the corner of his eye he saw what had lead him further in. There sticking out of the ground was a massive tesla coil covered in moss and vegetation.
" what the .." he muttered
His curiosity now at its peak. He studied the coil intensely.
Finding nothing too give him any clues he decided to continue on into the island too see if something might explain itself.
After an hour he was meet by another unusual sight.
Covered in thick undergrowth and wrapped in vines stood a concrete entrance to a bunker of some kind,
the heavy metal vault door slightly a jar.

The ground outside the door covered in sheets of paper, the only marking on the entrance was a poster half ripped of a man arms out stretched facing the sun.
The pilot now uneasy, picked up some of the paper that littered the ground outside the entrance.
It read. " Test one incomplete. Subject reached threshold at 1456 hours,
He carried on reading, none of it he could really make sense of
until he came across a document, barely readable.
Apart from one sentence at the top
" Global Ascension Statistics "
He repeated it too himself, " What is this place ? " he thought to himself
" where the hell am i ? ".
His first thought that this was a second world war bunker of some kind, but there had been no markings on the entrance, no trespassing signs. no flag or insignia anywhere too be seen.
It started to dawn on him that where ever he was...was not meant to be found, by anyone.

The island itself lost
The entrance hidden deep in the middle
no other structure or sign of civilisation on the island.
He realised that he was way out of his depth and whatever was going on here was far stranger than any military or government outpost he had come across.
He said " Global Ascension Statistics " back too himself
Looking at the vault door slightly a jar, the urge to explore palpable
he muttered to himself " What have i got myself into now jack.. "
Taking a deep breath he collected himself and slowly headed through the vault door.
Greeted by vines,
A tunnel opened up with a stair case going deep down into the ground.
Following the tunnel down into a room overgrown with vegetation with
3 doors 2 or which are blocked. The only one open is a white door.
Jack goes inside to find..
Desks littered with paper, a strange machine at the back and a symbol on the wall
A triangle with a man inside it.

There are bunker doors wide open in the middle of the floor with a ladder going down further.
Again he picks up some paper which covers most of the room
it read " 1792 population ascension statistics "
what ! ?
Jack thought
no way !?
He took a closer look at the room and below the symbol of the triangle with a man on it
was a plaque.
" 1786 1st Alpha installation completed. The site is dedicated to our patron George W. Washington. "
Now feeling very uneasy and very confused, Jack sat at one of the desks pouring over the documents scattered around him.
From what he could gather whatever this place was it had been here for over 200 hundred years, yet the equipment and machines were too advanced for that era.
There were oil lit lamps and quills covered in cobwebs
But the machine at the back, looked like a early prototype for a computer
" 1786 " Jack exclaimed
" How ?"

His mind racing, by all accounts this should be impossible, a place like this with such technology.
He carried on reading through the scraps of paper littered around.
" Subject 21. Age 450 years. Ascension Testing Alpha Group "
Again Jack was dumbfounded
" 450 years what !? "
He couldn't stop reading now
" Subject 21. Found at location 52.31.12. on the 1st of may 1796 "
" Subject was unaware of the date and year. Records indicate he had been a local fisherman for the past 450 years in a remote village. location 52.31.12 "
" Subject was uncooperative. Necessary force authorised for collection and testing "
The uneasy feeling had developed into a sinister one now, Jack kept reading on captivated by the documents in front of him.
" Subject 33. Found at location 67.32.54. Age 805 years. "
Again Jack exclaimed " what?"
He frantically picked up another sheet
reading out loud
" Subject 108. Priority Omega. Clearance level 9. Age 124,000 years. "
" Subject found at location 43.86.54. Had been living in a cave for 100,000 years. Records indicate Subject was a priest too a pre Mayan civilisation. Date of Collection 1802. "

Jacks head now spinning, most of what he knew about reality seemed to be slipping through his fingers with each passing sentence.
What was this place, what had been going on here. Jacks sense of the the world in total disarray.
Taking a moment to take this new information in Jack lit up a cigarette. Breathing heavily. His heart pumping with adrenaline.
He looked over at the door. He could leave right now but his curiosity wanted to take him deeper into the bunker.
with a nervous sigh, he put out his cigarette and stood over the bunker doors in the middle of the floor, flung wide open.
He could just make out the faded words printed on the door " Time Displacement Quarantine "
Saying to himself " You just don't know when to quit " and slowly climbed down the ladder going deeper into the installation.

edit on 13-1-2017 by kibric because: not satirical....

posted on Jan, 13 2017 @ 08:41 PM
a reply to: kibric

Omega protocol!

posted on Jan, 14 2017 @ 02:36 AM
Oh you must continue this story, it's awesome!!!!!!!!

posted on Jan, 14 2017 @ 11:14 AM
a reply to: kibric

That was awesome just like Night Star said! SF

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