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Dealing with police and private security the right way

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posted on Jan, 13 2017 @ 01:26 PM
Hello ATS

I've been wondering what's going on with the police and private security for some time. while I'm based in the UK and this is from a UK perspective, I'm sure it applies to many other countries too.
I've noticed over the years the rise in private security firms, G4S for example, and the way in which they almost mimic the police in the roles they perform. Alongside this seems to be a watered down version of the police in the form of PCSO's and no "real" police to be found patrolling community's.

I've also noticed how they are all beginning to look more or less the same, especially riot police! Around the world look like they could all belong to the same country these days, and private security acting more and more like they are actually the police. While the real police are finding they have their hands tied in many cases and are having to spend more time filling out paper work than doing what that they are supposed to be doing (preventing crime if anyone forgot) it has me wondering is there a agenda to eventually privatize the police? Or a more likely scenario to contract out police work to private security firms?

In any case they seem to be more about dishing out fines than preventing actual crimes these days...
So what do do when they pick on you?

Well first you should know your rights, second don't let them intimidate you, and last but not least don't be confrontational as to give them a viable reason to arrest you. I'm talking about situations of harassment here, particularly when private security over steps their reach.

Here's some good examples I'm sure many will enjoy, and if you can't view the vids, they are essentially about dealing with harassment and knowing your rights.
Here's youtube member Swilliam dealing private security contracted out by the local council to enforce litter picking offenses. His other vids are worth watching too.

Hmm... Well it appears I can only link to one youtube vid at this moment, but I would also recommend looking up youtube user "socialexperimentalist" for more of the same...

In the meantime feel free to add your thoughts, perspectives.
All I'll add for now is be wary of those who claim authority over you!

posted on Jan, 13 2017 @ 02:47 PM
The police lap up the private security assholes.
A few weeks back I had a run in with both.
I was shopping at my local Morrison's in the evening,went through the till and headed towards the exit.
When I got there this security toss pot stopped and asked me what the small bulge was in my chest pocket of my jacket.
I then told him that it was none of his business and was my personal property.
It was actually a small bottle of medication,my business not his.
I was polite at first until he put his hands in front of me and blocked my path,in the process pushing my arms.
I told him he had no right to touch me and move out of my way.
He quickly claimed that he never touched me and that he thought I had stolen property.
Next thing the store manager appears,asks what's happening and after hearing both accounts told him to let me go.
The security asshole then said no it was his business and he would call the police.
I told him don't bother,I was phoning them.
Want to be an asshole,I can be one too.
I then took a seat and waited with the plug still blocking the door.
When the filth turned up I explained the situation that it was none of his business what was in my pocket.
He then accused me of theft and pigsy asks me to open the pocket and it will all go away.
I said no thanks,what happens now?
Pigsy number 2 then cautions me for theft and says he wants to search me.
They never checked any of my shopping bags,only my person.
When they had been through my pockets etc, having totally missed the chest pocket that the security goon was on about I told them " you have missed this pocket that knobsy is on about"
The filth looked shocked and then opened the pocket, looked at the medication bottle label to check it was mine.
He then told me to next time let the security guard search my person and not waste their time!
I told him no chance,I have not done anything wrong.
He then told me same again- let security idiot go through my pockets whenever he fells like it.
No chance was my reply.
Pigsy and security idiot were then basically back slapping each other,not once did he tell him to be more sure you actually witnessed a crime before accusing people of thieving.
Pissed me right off.

posted on Jan, 13 2017 @ 03:23 PM
a reply to: glen200376

Perhaps you stood out, had that certain look the security guard is trained to spot? Or then again maybe he just didn't like the look of you? Either way it's a farce that the police should have to be called out on a vague suspicion of theft, surely the security guy could have someone check the cameras which are everywhere, or had some better evidence than a mere bulge in your pocket? (no pun intended)
Then again you could have just shown him what was in your pocket, but it's your right not too. And rightly so, it all ties in to the invasion of privacy as well, and the idea that if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about attitude, when in reality that security guard probably didn't suspect you of thieving but just wanted to know what was in your pocket in the first place and had to make a big issue out of it by you simply refusing him. Its all social programing at the end of the day. You are expected not to question their authority and if not they think "terrorist"

posted on Jan, 13 2017 @ 03:23 PM
Ah yeah the cigarette butt police, I see them in Bexleyheath a lot waiting anxiously in doorways ready to pounce on some poor unsuspecting member of the public for dropping their fag butt. They stand around on their breaks laughing about how much they've made in fines that day. Nobody likes littering but it takes a special breed of scumbag to do that job.

posted on Jan, 13 2017 @ 03:30 PM
a reply to: glen200376

Shop security are required to wear an SIA badge while on duty, if it's not visible the convo is over and you can tell him you're reporting the shop for the breach.

If he has one on and you don't like the way you're being approached write down his details and make a complaint.

posted on Jan, 13 2017 @ 03:40 PM
a reply to: glen200376

In the US there would have been an Fword and a law suit. That unreasonable search and seizure (4th amendment) is taken pretty serious here.
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posted on Jan, 13 2017 @ 03:56 PM
a reply to: MagnaCarta2015

It's not just about the cigarette butt police though, it's about entire attitudes in general...
Hopefully this video will make it clearer where I'm coming from.

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