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Is Britain Exporting Dole To Pakistan Because Of A Student Disco?

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posted on Jan, 11 2017 @ 03:31 AM

Surely common sense tells us that giving cash handouts in a country that has its own nuclear weapons and space programmes is simply wrong. Our own UK taxpayers are facing more and more cuts on a daily basis whilst we are providing benefits to the citizens of Pakistan.

The budget for cash transfers has risen from £53 million in 2005 to an annual average of £219 million in the period 2011-15 . . . with £300 million committed to the BISP from 2012 to 2020.

May and his wife, then known as Theresa Brasier, met while students at Oxford University; they were introduced by future Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto at a Conservative Party student disco.

I'm only picking on Pakistan because of the heroin dealing. I'll move on to bigger fish soon.

I've never understood the need for a space programme. I don't even use non-stick frying pans, how has any space programme ever benefited me?

There must be a reason we're sending dole to Pakistan, perhaps the student disco connection is part of it. It would make as much sense as anything.

According to Spiked.

It's now entirely about making Westerners feel good.

Any westerners here feeling good about it?

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posted on Jan, 11 2017 @ 03:42 AM
a reply to: Kester

I think it is the UN's fault. I might be wrong and usually are, but it is expected that first world civilizations like the UK must give percentages to third world nations.

Now the fact that India or Pakistan have nuclear weapons does not make them civilized, in fact, a large percentage of India do not have sanitation and defecate in the street, you do not need to google far to see how poor these nations are.

India decided that a space race makes more sense than properly feeding, educating, providing healthcare and even Roman sanitation, that unfortunately still makes them (and Pakistan) third world.

It is a pity that the money doesnt go to real poor nations who dont have an identity complex, but I am sure that Pakistan and India will make sure they get what they can whilst claiming they dont need it and the UN will suck it up.

I do think that any nation who choses Nuclear weapons and a space race should automatically be disqualified from any type of aid, but unfortunately, we are a hand wringing lefty race of apologetics at the moment.

posted on Jan, 11 2017 @ 03:51 AM
My tax money is spent on some absurd things, I have actually known of this for years, there was a big public case where newly arrived migrants where claiming for child support for children in foreign lands.. As a cash strapped country that cannot afford to resurface roads, employee nurses or give teachers a living wage it makes perfect sense to send millions to Pakistan

Feeling good?? pifff I am fed up having first world guilt put onto me I am over it TBH, No doubt some folks will get around a fire in sandles eating south african peace crips to have a multicultural cricle jerk but in the grand scheme of things you may as well take all those ££££millions and put it on Black..

That money is squandered and will line pockets nothing more..

Just as charities have moved from asking money so "everyone can have a meal" to "everyone has the right to a laptop"....


posted on Jan, 11 2017 @ 03:53 AM
a reply to: Forensick

While giving to these third world/poor ? governments ... the people of those

countries are killing themselves to get to and live in the western nations

posted on Jan, 11 2017 @ 06:52 AM
a reply to: Kester

I think a lot of the Foreign Aid budget goes to fund soft power projects and serves national and corporate interests. It is also a fine business where cash can be creamed off through kickbacks, fine salaries and positions.

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posted on Jan, 11 2017 @ 08:14 AM
If you want a better understanding of what's going on, read the info on these 2 links from the World Trade Organization's website.

Helping developing countries participate more fully in the global trading system is one of the WTO's most important activities. Those developing countries which trade successfully tend to be those which have made the most progress in alleviating poverty and raising living standards. But there are countries, including a large number of least-developed countries (LDCs) where trade is failing to make the contribution that it should be making to economic growth and poverty reduction.

The main thrust of WTO work to redress this is the Doha Development Agenda, but Members have recognized that building trade capacity is an essential complement to the DDA.

There are a variety of ways in which the WTO provides assistance to build trade capacity in developing countries, but instructing developing country delegates on how their countries can gain through the trading system is the central focus of the organization's efforts. The vast bulk of WTO “technical assistance” spending is dedicated towards helping officials better understand complex WTO rules and disciplines so that they can implement WTO agreements in ways which will bolster their trading regimes and negotiate more effectively with their trading partners. Broader and more effective dissemination of such knowledge has facilitated the participation of developing country trade officials in the Doha round and in other WTO activities.

Enhancing trade capacity involves other forms of assistance too, including building more efficient ports and road networks, providing customs officials with automated equipment and teaching entrepreneurs how to take advantage of business opportunities in the global marketplace. Work of this nature is largely the responsibility of other international organizations like the United Nations and the World Bank. Some programmes, particularly those involving infrastructure, require significant funding not only from international organizations but also direct contributions from national governments. To be truly effective, any programme of trade capacity building requires all these elements to come together in a co-ordinated fashion. For this reason many WTO activities in this area involve close co-operation with other international organizations.

WTO: Building trade capacity

Aid for Trade helps developing countries, and particularly least developed countries, trade. Many developing countries face a range of supply-side and trade-related infrastructure obstacles which constrains their ability to engage in international trade.

The WTO-led Aid for Trade initiative encourages developing country governments and donors to recognize the role that trade can play in development. In particular, the initiative seeks to mobilize resources to address the trade-related constraints identified by developing and least-developed countries.

WTO: Aid for Trade

In fact, I'd advise anyone to take a day or 2 to look through their site, the IMF's site (HERE), the World Bank's site (HERE), and the World Health Organization's site (HERE). Whether you agree with those groups or not, learning about them will explain a lot of our governments' foreign policy decisions.

posted on Jan, 11 2017 @ 09:51 AM
Foreign Aid is a joke.

And its disgusting its been ring fenced from cuts while our police, healthcare, education system and social care are in shambles.

So much of that money is wasted on countrys that dont need it, countries that hate us or is diverted so some tin pot dictator in bongo bongo land can have gold toliet!

posted on Jan, 11 2017 @ 10:16 AM
I seem to remember(I can't find the article) a few years back India telling David Cameron the they did not need the British foreign aid package, but Mr Cameron forced them to take it.

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