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Assistance needed to research removed Video Clips

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posted on Dec, 31 2016 @ 11:42 AM
I would like assistance in Researching the disapearance of Vidio taken by a TV station film crew with an new $150,000 camera in Kalamazoo.
The TV station film crew cut in with a live feed of a UFO taken from a few miles if that from their postion in South Haven Michigan.
The pictures were crystal clear.
They were unzoomed them zoomed maintaining the picture quality.
The TV station was taken off air for many days mid feed.
They only returned to air under new management.

There were law suits filed in Kalamazoo and Michigan Courts as to the oweners of the Videos.
It resuraced again with additonal good quality clips that were taken by the camera mans home.
The craft was on the ground near his home.
The camara man was personally treatoned along with the original owers and supervision of the TV station.
Then all went blank.

I have FCC copys of the owership of the station.
I would like to follow the paper trail threw the courts and the Fcc ownership.
Someone had to record the live broadcast.
It was early in the VCR craze but it aired on a live broadcast.
The station was based in Kalamazoo Michigan.

- Watcher

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posted on Dec, 31 2016 @ 11:59 AM
a reply to: n120by60w

Here's hoping someone somewhere can help and managed to record the live broadcast mate -it wouldn't be the first time footage related to the UFO subject has gone missing (link) but it would of course be very nice to see it.

Will certainly ask around and Professor Michael Swords who's based in Kalamazoo may know something about it - but unfortunately he's not posted on his blogspot for a while now.

The Big Study


posted on Dec, 31 2016 @ 12:03 PM
I bet George Knapp could find out more about this and track down what happened and maybe find the materials.

posted on Dec, 31 2016 @ 12:04 PM
a reply to: n120by60w

Real evidence is disappeared as soon as possible. Good luck with that search.

posted on Dec, 31 2016 @ 12:12 PM
a reply to: karl 12

Thanks for the tip.

- TV broadcast team filmed it after filming at the beach for another event.
- Local police now openly talk about the event.
- Radar tracked it for hours.
It devided into multables over the Allegan forest.

No one has ever tied Video and the other events togeather.

I believe we will find.

Police and profesional interview evidance.
Radar and FCC evidance.
Film and phyisical trace evidence.
Court case fileing and results. (Who filed them would be more interesting than the actual film)
Trace evidance from the later encounters neae Three Rivers. (Vidio within 100 yards)

- Watcher
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posted on Dec, 31 2016 @ 12:16 PM
Fix it before you no longer can.

And through.
Threw is for something sailing in the air. He threw a ball.
I went through hell to get here.
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posted on Dec, 31 2016 @ 12:18 PM
Can you document any of this? The lawsuits about the footage for example? The police who are alleged to be openly admitting something? Any more detail and corroboration actually?

posted on Dec, 31 2016 @ 12:24 PM
a reply to: n120by60w

What excuse was given for taking the TV station off the air? The station being taken under new management sounds like government over-stepping their authority to cover-up exposing some strong evidence that we are being visited. I'm sure many people in Kalamazoo, Michigan who saw the original live feed have their own theories on why the station was taken off the air. This is a UFO related story that should be pursued considering the live feed was seen by many people and was filmed by a professional film crew.

posted on Dec, 31 2016 @ 12:25 PM
a reply to: n120by60w

Assitance needed to resurch removed Video Clips

I think it flew away

Boom, boom!

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posted on Dec, 31 2016 @ 12:39 PM
a reply to: The GUT

The UFO guy from Boston did a fluf TV investigation but they stayed in the Holland Mi area.
It only went there near the end of the event.

I actually downloaded the FCC records of ownership of the TV station before they knew why I wanted it.

I would be too known in the area if I started pokeing around at the Kalamazoo court systems records.
It would be better if someone unknown came at it sideways.
Resurching ownership and Case files contesting owership of the video that started the entire mess anyway.

I will try to get you the name of the guys that did the fluff story on nationwide video.

I spoke to the actual police that followed the object.
They only spoke to one.

I suoppoted some hardware that was used to report and track the object. (Not operations)
I am sure that the 911 tapes and radio tapes still exsist.
They closed local control of 911 in South Haven although so the Expanded Paw Paw PSAP would now have control of the Audio.

- Watcher

posted on Dec, 31 2016 @ 12:44 PM
a reply to: WeRpeons

No weather.
No failures.
Taken off mid broadcast.

The management and editoral staff tried to help the actual film crew camaraman.
I heard that they came after him.
Took his house, income and family.
I do this in his honor.

Just before he dropped off the face of the earth he had a follow up of the UFO that was also made it to air from less than 100 yeads. I dont think we have a chance in hell at getting at that clip.

- Watcher

posted on Dec, 31 2016 @ 02:32 PM
a reply to: n120by60w


You left out a few key details that would help greatly in your search.

First of all what year did this take place?
A $150,000 camera and that it was a live feed does not give us much to go on.

The live feed trucks came in the early 80's. You mentioned that it was early in the VCR craze.

Early to mid eighties.

You mentioned that the camera man zoomed in and out to focus. That is standard with the studio and field cameras I operated when I was a photojournalist from the early 2000's to late 2000's.

Zoom in all the way, focus, pull back out.

I grew up in the world of radio and t.v. news and know how powerful the FCC was.

With the explosion of the internet, their power has diminished somewhat.

My God man, if you have the copy's of the FCC ownership papers post them!

The owners at the time will be named and may still be alive and want to talk.

Believe me, station owners are "newsies" at heart and are always willing to talk. Especially if they got screwed out of their beloved station.

Especially since the FCC did an about face and ruled that a single company can own as many t.v. and radio stations as they want in a market.

It used to be one radio station and one t.v. station per owner per market.

Of course I could be completely wrong in my assumption of the years. But you have the beginning of a paper trail.

posted on Dec, 31 2016 @ 02:37 PM
A quick interwebs search brings up this Local provider:


Looks like there is also a WXMI and a WOOD (station call letters) but WWMT is in Kalamazoo, I believe the two others are Western Michigan TV news.

Any exact dates it was taken off air?
No mention of the incident or sudden off air incident in the Wiki.

Exact dates of the footage you are speaking of. You tube clip? Anything ?

posted on Dec, 31 2016 @ 03:06 PM
however you arent going to find it disinfo agents are very good at their jobs the video you are requesting now is probaly destroied

posted on Dec, 31 2016 @ 04:13 PM

I heard that they came after him.
Took his house, income and family.
a reply to: n120by60w

...and some people think we have nothing to fear from our government. Maybe you should contact Mufon so you're not going it alone and putting you're own life at risk. Would be a great documentary for Mufon's Hanger One series.

posted on Jan, 1 2017 @ 09:33 AM
Without more details, your story is mostly anecdotal and is bordering on sounding like an urban legend.

Do you have any details about the station or the video? Do you know the name of the station or when this happened? What did the actual craft look like? I ask because by the way you described the video as being a crystal clear view of the UFO, it sounds as if you have seen it for yourself.

In a post above, you mentioned the following:

originally posted by: n120by60w
I actually downloaded the FCC records of ownership of the TV station before they knew why I wanted it.

So it sounds as if you know the name of the station. It would help us if you can tell us that station name (and the approximate date/year this happened).

By the way, TV ownership is very public information that is easily attainable. Because local TV is broadcast through the air, and those airwaves are "public", strict records of ownership (including ownership history) are made available to the public. That's why, among other things, broadcast TV stations are required by law to announce "station identifications" several times a day, and also occasionally broadcasts information of ownership. You'll usually see that station ownership identified as part of the credits at the end of a local news broadcast.

If you give us the name of the channel, we can help look into the history of that channel, and we can maybe get some information bout this story -- if there really is anything to this story, and it isn't just an urban legend that you heard attached to a hoaxed video.

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posted on Jan, 1 2017 @ 08:02 PM
a reply to: Box of Rain

I witnessed the broadcast myself.
Both of them.

I am going to start posting the information that I have gathered so far.

News Channel 3
590 W Maple St
Kalamazoo, MI 49008

I will endever to get the date and year next.

- Watcher

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