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A look back at the unintentionally hilarious First Night 2013 with Jamie Kennedy

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posted on Dec, 30 2016 @ 10:12 AM
I was lucky enough to watch this live that night at the end of 2012, and boy did I not regret it.

So basicly Jamie Kennedy has an idea around thanksgiving 2012 that there should be a west coast New Years celebration. He hastefully throws together sponsors and guests and attempts First Night 2013, possibly the worst New Years show of all time.

Filled with technical issues, horrible stand up by Kennedy, and possibly drunk Macy Gray "singing" performance, crowd members cursing into live mics, a puppet show making light of rape. All culminating in Kennedy starting the countdown ten seconds late because he was unable to find a clock, and finally a fight breaking out on stage as the credits rolled, all brought to you by Carl's Jr.(main sponsor).

My favorite parts were watching Kennedy flop of stage as his punch lines fell flat, you could almost here crickets. The "host" that was in the crowd telling people not to curse into the mic, and the first guy he goes to answers the question "what's your name" with "___ _____ mother f***er". And watching people clammer around the stage trying to figure out when to start the countdown, while for viewers at home it was already counting down from ten in the corner of the screen.

Anyone who's board with the same old New Years special, just find this on YouTube and see how it can all go horribly, fantastically wrong.

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