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George Michael dead...

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posted on Dec, 26 2016 @ 02:34 AM
Rest in peace YOG...

I was never an open fan of Wham or George back in the 80s but I must admit that he had talent and came out with some songs that really made me listen... Loved when he did duos :

Snogged (and other things) a couple of chicks to this too :

Bowie... Prince... Cohen... and now YOG (Yog--which is what my closest friends and family call me--comes from Andrew. He was at my house and heard my sisters or mother calling me Georgios- Yorgos -which they would shorten to just Yorg. And so Andrew went back to school and said, ho-ho-ho, it's really funny round at his house, they all call him Yog. Yog - ho-ho - it's like Yoghurt, innit? So I used to get called Yoghurt a lot too. A lot of my teachers used to call me George-gee-os, which is a dumb English way to pronounce Georgios, and that really annoyed me. But most of my friends, because of Andrew, ended up just calling me Yog.)

More here :

RIP George...

Warmest respects

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posted on Dec, 26 2016 @ 05:31 AM
a reply to: EartOccupant


I predicted his death in a prediction thread a couple weeks ago albeit the predictions were for those to go in 2017 but it's only 5 days away, gotta give me some credit as there was no news whatsoever in the media on anything wrong with him.

Here is the link to my post in that prediction thread:


Having said that... R.I.P

posted on Dec, 26 2016 @ 05:48 AM

I just woke up, this is not news the 80's & 90's kids want to wake up to
Stop killing our childhood, 2016, stop killing our childhood and just f# yourself

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posted on Dec, 26 2016 @ 06:17 AM
a reply to: Nyiah

I understand....

At least he could have, Waked you up, before he Go Goed !!!!.........sod.

Lets hope, he better have Faith.......

And Yesterday too....Didnt He Know its Christmas time again??

I feel like Ive been Whamed too.........

posted on Dec, 26 2016 @ 06:20 AM
a reply to: EartOccupant

This makes me sooooo sad. I have always LOVED George Michael! His music is a staple on my routine commute to work. I jam out to his solo stuff and Wham. I sing at the top of my lungs and I will play "Last Christmas" year round on repeat. I remember having such a crush on him as a kid/teenager. Oh how the video "Faith" made me swoon! Oh those moves and those jeans 😍!

So much of his music I have enjoyed. My favorites are "Last Christmas," "Kissing a Fool" (this song has deep personal meaning right now so it's hard to listen to).

He was only 53, too young! 2016 please stop taking my childhood idols!

posted on Dec, 26 2016 @ 09:21 AM
Rest in peace.

posted on Dec, 27 2016 @ 08:23 PM
There seems to be a discrepancy. The media didn't report this until late in the evening, it was almost midnight when this news broke.

However, Fadi Fawaz, George's partner, says that he found him dead in bed in the morning.

Fadi has said "everything had been very complicated recently", which is a pretty vague statement to give when someone has died.

Why did it take over 18 hours for the media to report this in this day and age if the police were called right away?

If the police weren't called until the evening, why not?

These are the sorts of questions that true conspiracy theorists ask of current events. We look at stuff that doesn't make sense and ask "why not"?

There's plenty here that doesn't make sense.

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