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Shock & Awe - When the Liberal Media Sold US 'Operation Iraqi Liberation'

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posted on Dec, 24 2016 @ 08:44 PM
It's been perplexing for me seeing the bulk of the Democrat types obsessing over the MSM and the bulk of the DNC platform these days , including their Syrian War spin machine, as if the MSM isn't Corporatist Ruling Establishment smut press and as if the Democrat's shouldn't already know better considering how they sold US the Iraq War. Since everyone seems to have forgotten I hope this may be a wakeup call. I suspect the Republican types could use a reminder too, now that they've seen the flip side of things the past 8 years.

Much of the following list are the article titles in the various "Domestic Propaganda and the News Media" categories in the "History Commons" chronological database. I scoured through pretty much all of the lists is this pursuit. With some extras added in. You can see the full articles loaded with mainstream sources in history Commons, or just the Google. I mostly included the titles that helped make the pattern easy to interpret, while leaving out the numerous Jessica Lynch & Valerie Plame Wilson materials.

-August 11, 1990: PR Firm Creates Front Group to Handle ‘Marketing’ of US Strike against Iraq

-October 10, 1990: False Allegation of Iraqi Depredations against Kuwaiti Children Inflames Public Opinion link

-January 3, 1991: Pentagon Censors War Reporting

May 1991: President Bush Authorizes CIA to Create Conditions for Removal of Saddam Hussein; CIA Hires PR Firm

-May 2001: Public Relations Expert Joins Pentagon

-After May 31, 2001: White House PR Group Successful at Marketing War on Terror, Iraq Focus

-Shortly after September 11, 2001: Pentagon Forms Secret Office to Influence Foreign Governments and Media Organizations

-October 3, 2001: Pentagon Hires Rendon Group to Track and Analyze Foreign Media Reporting

-November 6-8, 2001: Fabricated INC Story of Muslim Terrorists Training in Iraq Electrifies Media, Builds Case for War

-Late 2001 and After: CNN Limits Critical Reporting of Bush Administration Due to Pressure and Patriotic Fervor

-Early 2002 and Beyond: Pentagon Uses Military Analysts to Shape Opinions of Upcoming Iraq War

-January 2002-May 13, 2008: Pentagon Analysts Make over 4,500 Appearances between January 2002 and May 2008

-February 20, 2002: Pentagon Office Designed for Telling Lies Revealed; Declared Closed

-February 26, 2002: Rumsfeld Says Propaganda Office Has Been Closed; but in Fact It Is Closed in Name Only

-April 2002: CIA Officials Tell Case Officers that Bush Administration Is Set on War with Iraq; Proposes Propaganda Campaign for Europe

-August 2002: Top Bush Officials Form Group to Sell Iraq War to Public, Congress, and Allies

-August 19-21, 2002: Poll: Most Americans Believe Iraq Supports Terror, Hussein ‘Personally Involved’ in 9/11Attacks

-August 2002-March 2003: Author: Mainstream Media Slants Coverage in Pro-War Direction; Americans Believe Iraq Responsible for 9/11 and Poses Threat to US

-August 2002-March 19, 2003: Vast Majority of Washington Post Reporting on Iraq Supports Push for War

-June 2002: Wilson: Aggressive Debate Tactics by Neoconservatives Dominating Television Discussions of Iraq

-June 26, 2002: INC Brags to Congress of Planting 108 Fabricated Stories in Western Press

-October 2002: State Department Restarts Propaganda Activities

-September 2002: ’Office of Special Plans’ Created; ‘Stovepipes’ Questionable Intelligence Reports to Office of Vice President

-September 4, 2002: WHIG Decides to Adopt Phrases ‘Smoking Gun’ and ‘Mushroom Cloud’ to Help Sell Iraq Policy to Public

-September 6, 2002: White House Officials Describe How They Plan to Sell Iraq War to Public, Congress, and US Allies

-September 8, 2002: Rice Warns that ‘Smoking Gun’ of Proof of Iraqi Nuclear Weapons May Be a ‘Mushroom Cloud’

-September 8, 2002: Secretary of State Colin Powell Says Iraq Has Chemical and Biological Weapons and Is Building a Nuclear Weapon

-September 8, 2002: Rumsfeld: US Will Make Case Against Iraq; No ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence Needed

-September 8, 2002: Cheney Alleges That Iraq Has Active WMD Program

-September 11, 2002 and Before: Bush Speech Kicks Off Drive to War, Midterm Elections

-September 12, 2002: WHIG Puts Out White Paper On Iraq

-September 18, 2002: New York Times Publishes Slanted Story Suggesting It Is ‘Maybe Impossible’ UN Inspections in Iraq Could Work

-Fall 2002: MSNBC Restricts Anti-War Voices on ‘Countdown: Iraq’ Program

-Fall 2002: US Media Pressures Commentator on Iraq to Support Bush Administration’s Policies

-Fall and Winter 2002: Pentagon Sends Analysts to Networks, Press with Talking Points about Iraq War

-October 2002: Washington Post Fails to Publish Story Raising Doubts about Invading Iraq

-October 22, 2002: New York Times Columnist Accuses Iraq of Collaborating with bin Laden

-December 2, 2002: Bush Officials Launch Discreditation Campaign Against UN Inspections

-December 6, 2002-March 18, 2003: Pundit O’Reilly Flip-Flops on Question of Iraqi WMDs

-December 12, 2002: Washington Post Story Falsely Claims Iraqis Gave Chemical Weapon to Al-Qaeda

-December 16, 2002: Pentagon Considering Propaganda Campaign Against Anti-Americanism

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posted on Dec, 24 2016 @ 08:44 PM
-Early 2003: Analysts Repeat Talking Points about Iraqi WMD While Personally Dismayed at Lack of Evidence

-January 2003: Associated Press Reporter’s Articles about UN Failure to Find WMD Often Squelched by Editors

-Mid-January 2003: Pentagon White Paper Proposes Creation of a ‘Rapid Reaction Media Team’ to Control Iraqi Media

-January 23, 2003: New York Times Publishes Op-ed by Rice on Iraq

-February 2003: Pentagon PR Chief Proposes Idea of ‘Embedding’ Reporters with Troops

-February 1, 2003-February 4, 2003: Powell Refuses to Include Certain Material in His Speech Linking Iraq to Islamic Militants

-February 3, 2003: Britain Releases ‘Dodgy Dossier’ Plagiarized from Grad Student’s Magazine Article, Claims is from "High Level Intelligence"

-February 6, 2003: Media Exposes Plagiarized ‘Dodgy Dossier,’ Notes Information Is 12 Years Old

-February 25, 2003: ’Donahue’ Cancelled by MSNBC for Criticizigng Iraq War Push, Replaced by Clutch of Right-Wing Commentators and Hosts

-February 27, 2003: ABC, Pentagon Air ‘Reality TV’ Series about Afghanistan Fighting

-March-April 2003: Embedded Journalists Face Restrictions on Reporting

-March-April 2003: Some Journalists Criticize Recent ‘Scripted’ White House Press Conference

-March 6, 2003: ’Scripted’ Press Conference Gives Bush Opportunity to Air Talking Points on Iraq War

-March 16-19, 2003: Washington Post Buries Reporting Questioning Evidence Justifying Iraq War

-March 18, 2003: Fox ‘Military Contributor’ Reports False Rumors that French Diplomats Destroying Documents Proving Complicity with Iraqi WMD Programs

-March 19-20, 2003: US Television News Begins Enthusiastic but Inaccurate Coverage of Opening Hours of War; Coverage Hews Close to Pentagon Outlines

-March 19-20, 2003: Networks Begin Extensive Coverage of Military Strike against Iraq; Washington Post Declares War’s ‘First Victim’ to be ABC News

-March 20 - April 9, 2003: Studies Find that TV Coverage of Iraq Invasion Heavily Sanitized

-March 23, 2003: Pentagon Says Publication, Broadcast of Images of Dead or Wounded US Soldiers Violates ‘Principles of Geneva Convention;’ Media Limits Coverage

-March 25, 2003: New York Times Explores Role of Retired Generals as Network Military Analysts

-April 9, 2003: Saddam Hussein’s Government Collapses; US Orchestrates Propaganda Stunt with Toppling Statue

-April 9, 2003: Mainstream Media Reporters Echo Rumsfeld’s Description of Firdos Square Statue Toppling

-April 9, 2003: US Television News Organizations Scale Back War Coverage after Statue’s Fall

-April 14, 2003: CBS News Anchor Dan Rather Says His News Coverage Has Pro-US Bias

-April 19, 2003: Columnist Notes that Pro-Military Viewpont Dominates Media, Aided by Retired Military Officers as News Analysts

-April 20, 2003: CNN News Chief Says Network Sought, Received Pentagon Approval on Choice of Military Analysts

-April 21, 2003: Nation Magazine Finds Military Analysts Have Ideological, Financial Interests in Promoting War

-April 28, 2003: ABC News Anchor Doubts Rumsfeld’s Veracity on Camera, Called ‘Anti-War Agitator’ by New York Post

-April-May 2003: New York Times Reporter Judith Miller Effectively Hijacks US Army Unit Searching for WMDs in Iraq

-May 2003: Study Finds Most Guests on US Television Networks Were Pro-Iraq War in First Three Weeks of Conflict

-May 1, 2003: Bush: ‘Mission Accomplished’ in Iraq

-May 1, 2003: Judith Miller: Ahmed Chalabi Was Main Source for New York Times’ Major WMDs Stories

-May 1-4, 2003: Many in Media Give Enthusiastic Endorsement to Bush’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ Event

-May 7, 2003: MSNBC Guest Lauds Bush’s ‘Manly Characteristic’ during ‘Mission Accomplished’ Speech

-May 25, 2003: Washington Post Ombudsman Blames Use of Anonymous Administration Sources for Errors, Fabrications

-Summer 2003: Pentagon Uses Military Analysts to Counter Bad News of Iraq Insurgency

-Summer 2003-2006: Al-Zarqawi Blamed for Nearly Every Major Bombing of Civilians in Iraq; but Evidence Is Doubtful

-July 16, 2003: Columnist: Bush White House Deliberately Blew CIA Agent’s Cover in Act of Political Retaliation

-August 13, 2003: Press Complicit in ‘Rumsfeld Group’ Efforts to Manipulate Media Messaging on War on Terror

-Autumn 2003: Editor Privately Admits New York Times Was Not Critical of Chalabi Because It Heavily Relied on Him as Source

-September 7, 2003: ABC News Anchor Suggests His Network Has Been Pressured to Be Pro-War

-September 10, 2003: CNN Reporter Says US Media Was ‘Self-Muzzled’ on Iraq War

-September 23, 2003: Former Pentagon PR Secretary Joins CNN as Political Analyst

-Late September 2003: Pentagon Sends Media Analysts on ‘Tour’ of Iraq for Propaganda Purposes

-October 2, 2003: Poll Shows a Majority of Americans Have Misperceptions about Iraq War

-November 27, 2003: President Bush makes a surprise visit to Iraq to have a carefully staged “Thanksgiving dinner with the troops” at the Baghdad International Airport.

-November 30, 2003: New York Times Pundit Friedman Predicts Resolution in Iraq within Six Months

-February 9, 2004: Letter Tying Al-Zarqawi to Al-Qaeda Leaders Makes Front Page News; Later Revealed to Be US Propaganda

-February 26, 2004: Judith Miller Says Reporters Do Not Need to Assess the Quality of Information Given by US Government

-March 18, 2004: Prominent Journalists Criticize US Media’s Coverage of Bush Administration’s Push to Invade Iraq

-March 24, 2004: Bush Makes Fun of WMD Issue at Media Event

-March 25, 2004: Shock, Outrage Follow Bush’s Mockery of WMD Hunt

-April 30, 2004: ABC Airs Tribute to Fallen Soldiers, Conservatives Protest

-June 3, 2004: New York Times Columnist Friedman Predicts Resolution in Iraq within a Week to Six Months

-September 2004: Psychological Study Shows that College Students Gravitate to Bush When Subjected to ‘Mortality Reminders’

-September 2004-September 2006: Defense Department Planting Stories in Iraqi Press

-September 26, 2004: US Commander in Iraq Writes Editorial Praising Iraqi Forces

-October 4, 2004: Report: US Exaggerating Role of Al-Zarqawi to Create Al-Qaeda Connected Villain for Iraq War

-November 28, 2004: New York Times Columnist Friedman Predicts, Again, that ‘Iraq Will be Won or Lost in the Next Few Months’

-2005: Defense Department Controls at least Two Media Outlets in Iraq

-January 14, 2005: Pentagon Official Wants ‘Core Group’ of Analysts Who Will ‘Carry Our Water’ in TV Appearances

-March 4, 2005: Pentagon Military Analyst Program Producing ‘Huge Payback,’ Says Pentagon Official

-March 13, 2005: Fake Government News Segments Used Far More Widely than Previously Reported, Media Finds

-July 11, 2005: Press Secretary Grilled by White House Press Corps over Rove-Plame Revelations

-June 27, 2005: Military Analysts Take Part in Pentagon Media Strategy Sessions

-July 30, 2005: Defense Contractor Plants Story in Iraqi Press

-August 2, 2005: Someone Pays Iraqi Newspaper $1500 to Publish Pro-American Story

-August 3-4, 2005: Military Analyst Fired for Criticizing US Strategy in Iraq

posted on Dec, 24 2016 @ 08:45 PM
-August 6, 2005: Chalabi-Connected Baghdad Newspaper Reportedly Accepts Money to Run Article

-September 25, 2005: New York Times Pundit Again Predicts Resolution in Iraq within Six Months

-October 2, 2005: Broadcast Analyst and Author Submits Commentaries, Articles to Pentagon for Editing Before Release

-November 1, 2005: War Reporter Battles Rumsfeld, Four Other Pentagon Officials Over Iraq Policies

-December 18, 2005: New York Times Columnist Again Predicts Resolution in Iraq within Six Months

-March 2, 2006: New York Times Pundit Friedman Again Predicts Iraq in ‘End Game,’ Situation Will Be Resolved within ‘Six to Nine Months’

-Early 2006: Pentagon Inquiry Concludes that Planting News Stories in Iraq Does Not Violate US Law

-April 10, 2006: US Propaganda Campaign to Exaggerate Role of Al-Zarqawi to US and Iraq Audiences Is Exposed

-May 6-11, 2006: New York Times Pundit Has Predicted Resolution in Iraq ‘within Six Months’ for Almost Three Years

-May 23, 2006: Evidence Indicates Karl Rove May be Involved in Pentagon Propaganda Operation

-July 16-20, 2007: Defense Undersecretary Accuses Clinton of ‘Reinforc[ing] Enemy Propaganda’

-February 11, 2008: US, Allies Engaged in Massive Propaganda Campaign about Iraq, Terrorists, Says Author

-April 14-16, 2006: Rumsfeld Counters ‘Generals’ Revolt’ with Military Analysts

-April 18, 2006: Military Analysts Confer with Rumsfeld on How to Shape Perceptions of War

-June 1-2, 2006: Military Analyst Receives Pentagon Help in ‘Trying to Put the Best Possible Face on’ Shooting of Iraqi Civilians by Marines

-June 11, 2006: New York Times Pundit Friedman Attempts to Explain His ‘Six-Month Resolution’ Predictions for Iraq Made Regularly Since 2003

-August 4, 2006: New York Times Pundit Friedman Finally Gives Up on ‘Six Months’ to Resolve Iraq, Declares Time to Withdraw

-October 6, 2006: Defense Department Inspector General Concludes that Pentagon Contract to Plant Stories in Iraqi Media was Lawful

-October 22, 2006: Study Shows Media Deliberately Chose Shots of 2003 Statue Toppling that Gave Impression of Large, Celebrating Crowds of Iraqis

-Late 2006: Some Analysts Repeat Pentagon Talking Points despite Qualms, Disbelief

-Early 2007: Fox Analyst Asks How He Can Help Promote Surge

-January 2007: General Petraeus Meets with Military Analysts

-April 25, 2007: Former CNN News Executive Recalls Censorship in Months Preceding Iraq Invasion

-April 25, 2007: NBC Political Host Refuses to Say Why Almost All News Stories about Impending Invasion Came from Government Sources

-April 25, 2007: New Republic Editor Says He Promoted Administration Viewpoints during Run-up to War

-May 10-11, 2007: CBS Fires Military Analyst for Participating in Anti-War Advertisement

-January 23, 2008: Bush, Seven Top Officials Made 935 False Statements about Iraq in Run-up to War, Analysis Concludes

-April 29, 2008: Existence of Other Pentagon Propaganda Campaigns Likely, Authors Write

-March 27, 2008: Author Demonstrates Pro-War Bias of National Public Radio Reporting

-April 20, 2008: Pentagon Propaganda Operation Expose Is More Damning for Media than Military, Says Columnist

-April 20, 2008: Pentagon Domestic Propaganda Campaign Revealed; Relies on ‘Military Analysts’

-April 20, 2008: Networks Claim Ignorance of Analysts’ Connections to Pentagon, Defense Firms

-April 21, 2008: New York Times and Washington Post Editorial Page Editors Defend Publishing Articles by Military Analysts

-April 21, 2008: Media Pundit Dismayed at Lack of Response from Media on Pentagon Psyops Campaign

-April 21, 2008: Pentagon Propaganda Operation Still Ongoing, Reporter Notes

-April 22, 2008: Former Military Analyst Says that Networks Focused Too Much on Military Perspective of Iraq War, Occupation

-April 22, 2008: Editorial Compares Pentagon Propaganda Operation to Tactics Used in ‘Putin’s Russia’

-April 22, 2008: Media Willing Participant in Pentagon Psyops Campaign, Experts Say

-April 24, 2008: Six TV News Organizations Refuse to Take Part in PBS Report on Pentagon Propaganda Operation

-April 25, 2008: TV Networks Violated Journalistic Standards, Betrayed Audiences by Participating in Pentagon Propaganda Operation, Say Media Observers

-April 28, 2008: Pentagon Propaganda Operation Illegal by Congressional Law, GAO, and Justice Department Findings, But No Action Taken

-April 29, 2008: NBC Anchorman Defends Network’s Military Analysts

-April 29, 2008: ABC News Denies Involvement in Pentagon Propaganda Operation

-April 29, 2008: General Petraeus’s Connections to Military Analysts Explored

-April 29, 2008: Existence of Other Pentagon Propaganda Campaigns Likely, Authors Write

-April 30, 2008: Press Secretary Claims No White House Knowledge of Pentagon Propaganda Operation; Defense Department Memo Proves Otherwise

-April 30, 2008: For ‘Mission Accomplished’ Anniversary, White House Says that Banner Had Nothing to Do with Bush Speech

-April 30, 2008: White House Defends Pentagon Propaganda Operation

-Late April, 2008: Five Military Analysts Dispute Their Participation in Pentagon Propaganda Operation

-May 2, 2008: CNN Denies Any Involvement in Pentagon Propaganda Operation

-May 8, 2008: FCC Commissioner Decries Pentagon Propaganda Operation

-May 8, 2008: Media Largely Refusing to Report Military Analyst Story

-May 19, 2008: Former NSA Director ‘Shocked’ by Pentagon Propaganda Operation

-May 29, 2008: Former NBC Anchor Tom Brokaw Defends Media’s Coverage during Push to Invade Iraq

-June 9, 2008: Senate Report Ignores White House Propaganda Group

-January 22-23, 2009: Media Repeats Disputed Pentagon Recidivism Figures


ObamaHillaryCo.'s TIMELINE OF TERROR In The Middle East

Manufactured / Scripted FAKE News Reports - Compilation Documentaries, Whisteblowers!

The MSM driven Mass Shooting Contagion Effect - The Most Diabolical 'FAKE NEWS'

Jessica Lynch: One of the Pentagon's ultimate absurdities in the annals of FAKE NEWS

Silly Liberals: you're trying to hand Trump these 'fake news' censorship machinations!

You People don't care that Obama & Hillary 'are' Al Qaeda and it makes me SICK

The Ties That Bind The Bush & Clinton Crime Family's: The CIA's Global Drug & Jihad Empire

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posted on Dec, 24 2016 @ 09:09 PM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

Call the media what it is. Propaganda for the globalist venture to control the population. For example let's think about the diametrically opposites of the 2 party system. A good majority of us can see that they are polar opposites just for one reason and one reason alone, to divide the nation of people they represent so that they can accomplish things the Rothchilds and Rockefellers with their Trillions of dollars can make happen.

On a whole, the division they have created is the only reason they have the power over us that they do! The whole PC movement and the selection of Obama was nothing more than the last nail in the coffin of the Constitution which would allow the globalists to take full control..

Libya, Syria, any nation that upholds the "Gold Standard" has been taken down by the whores of nation states that have sold their people out to serve the money changers.

Simply put? DIVIDE and CONQUER! A very old concept that is being used to this day, to keep those so corrupt in power by manipulating those who have faith in men/women whom are corrupt to the core to represent them.

We have the numbers to defeat them, but we sure as hell don't seem to have the intelligence to realize how they are using us based on religion, color of skin, etc etc (identity politics) to keep their evil machine rolling.....

posted on Dec, 24 2016 @ 09:23 PM
The left wasn't even in power when the Iraqi war started but they get the blame for it even though a republican said to start the crusade.

posted on Dec, 24 2016 @ 09:27 PM
a reply to: buster2010

I didnt realize you're part of the MSM. Good to know!

posted on Dec, 24 2016 @ 09:31 PM
a reply to: seeker1963

Yes. Everything you said, yes. Now they've each got their own "fake news" campaign going...too obtuse to see that they are actually brainwashed, willing, eager little meat puppets and they're all getting jerked around by the same unseen hand. Even when it is pointed out to them. Being that blind and stupid is a choice. There are no victims here. Expendable crew members, all.

posted on Dec, 24 2016 @ 09:32 PM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

...considering how they sold US the Iraq War. Since everyone seems to have forgotten I hope this may be a wakeup call.

Take it away Sir George...

posted on Dec, 24 2016 @ 09:33 PM

originally posted by: buster2010
The left wasn't even in power when the Iraqi war started but they get the blame for it even though a republican said to start the crusade.

I remember Bush pushing the shock and awe, hard, kept repeating "you're either with us, or the terrorists".

How are republicans blame free?

posted on Dec, 24 2016 @ 09:39 PM

originally posted by: buster2010
The left wasn't even in power when the Iraqi war started but they get the blame for it even though a republican said to start the crusade.

There are only two sides, the US Gubment and the American People.

posted on Dec, 24 2016 @ 09:50 PM

originally posted by: IgnoranceIsntBlisss
a reply to: buster2010

I didnt realize you're part of the MSM. Good to know!

What? How does that translate? And, how is propaganda "liberal"?

posted on Dec, 24 2016 @ 10:22 PM
Republicans are just as bad as Democrats. If you think otherwise you are delusional.

posted on Dec, 24 2016 @ 10:25 PM
Lol sorry but are you attempting to say the right wing media didn't push it?.

posted on Dec, 24 2016 @ 10:33 PM
are we rewriting history again???

read my lips....
bush and the neocon republicans started the iraq war!!!
sold us on a bunch of lies...
now, go ahead and blame it on the evil liberals.... that's right....
while you hold dear ole trump up as the country's savior.
but, don't think dear ole trump and gonna be following down the same danged path, heck he is already making his way down it.
adding nukes to it as he goes!!

posted on Dec, 24 2016 @ 10:34 PM

originally posted by: testingtesting
Lol sorry but are you attempting to say the right wing media didn't push it?.

As far as TV goes, for 'conservative media' there's only FOX. And I'm not even a conservative. And across a decade in total FOX is no better at all than CNN.

posted on Dec, 24 2016 @ 10:36 PM
a reply to: dawnstar

Bush, the Neocon's in government. The Pentagon in military. The CIA in intelligence. With the help of the Neoliberal Media (MSM greater) plus FOX (MSM minor).

Clinton had been starving and bombing Iraq for 8 years before that. If you think he wouldn't have attacked Iraq too ___ _____ _____ ___.

posted on Dec, 24 2016 @ 10:38 PM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

Not that I'm saying the MSM wasn't the problem selling us on the Iraq war but to blame only liberal media for it is being completely dishonest about the reality of what led us into Iraq twice, via two George Bushs.

posted on Dec, 24 2016 @ 10:42 PM
a reply to: Swills

Didn't you get the memo? you can now blame everything on the left even when not their fault. Heck make a thread "the left ate my baby" and you will get 100s of stats true or not.
But bring up anything bad about the right and get "blah blah blah fake news!" thrown In your face.

posted on Dec, 24 2016 @ 10:43 PM

originally posted by: dfnj2015
Republicans are just as bad as Democrats. If you think otherwise you are delusional.

I never said either was better or worse.

What I have witnessed all year here and et al since this summer is a general complete and utter obsession with MSM talking points by the Democrat's in general. A total lockstep march with government propaganda, and its liberal media propaganda front. As if the MSM is all truth, and Obama is all good, and the DNC is just aye okay, and the government actually loves us all, and the corporations that own everything are our saviors, and Wall Street is the shiznit, and the banksters are god, and the world is just honkey dorey. Because the MSM says so.

The way I remember the Democrat's from a decade ago, the MSM was the devil for pushing the governments war, America was an imperialist nation that had to be resisted, wars were EVIL, corporations were diabolical and out of control, and so on.

And that kind of transition just because "their" team was "in charge",is frightening. Otherwise I would have framed my rushed intro much differently. But you guys need to MEMBAH who you are; who you were!

posted on Dec, 24 2016 @ 10:50 PM
a reply to: seeker1963

Simply put? DIVIDE and CONQUER! A very old concept that is being used to this day, to keep those so corrupt in power by manipulating those who have faith in men/women whom are corrupt to the core to represent them.

People still have faith in a book that was written some 2000 years ago, fair to say we as people are predisposed to needing faith as a survival means....sadly there are those who will use that to their gain...

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